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The Career and Educational Philosophies of Friedrich Wilhelm August Froebel, a German Pedagogue
Friedrich Wilhelm August Froebel, born on April 21, 1782 in Germany, is commonly known as the “Father of Kindergarten.” A student of Pestalozzi, a Swiss education reformer, Froebel’s philosophies and ideas on education have shaped not only modern-day kindergarten, but modern-day education altogether. Froebel’s philosophies...
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A Study on the Fear of Appearing Incompetent Scale by Erik Erikson
Fluctuating Fears of Incompetence Introduction: Erik Erikson developed the idea of competence as a result of adequately learning to cope with the environment through industriousness and inferiority. The Fear of Appearing Incompetent Scale was published in the 1970’s to assess how well this crisis was handled in the respo...
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The Influence of John Taylor Gatto, Joel Westheimer, and Joseph Kahne on My Perspective in Life
Final Paper Education is something so integral to the formation of both being a better human being and citizen. Throughout this semester we have spoken about philosophers such as Greene, Lock and Noddings, but to me two philosophers that I could resonate so well with were philosophers John Taylor Gatto and Westheimer an...
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A Discussion on the Morality of the Stanford Prison Experiment
Stanford Prison Experiment It is difficult to discuss the morality of the Stanford Prison Experiment without feeling conflicted to some degree. It appears to be undeniable that the experiment was hugely important for the field of psychology. There is a reason that it is cited in psychology classes like this one around the...
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