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The Incorporation of Philosophy into Different Aspects of Science
Introduction Process philosophy involves the major change in thinking that greatly affects the way a human being thinks, works, lives, socializes, loves or lives. This kind of change in the way of thinking has affected many spheres of the American society. However, there are two major forms of modern civilization that have...
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An Analysis of the Correlation between Control and Power
We are domesticated slaves in the sense of power in the modern era by abiding certain influences and types of power. As human beings we are often subjected to differentiated types of power that can be innately classified in this day and age. One may even state that these echelons of power go unnoticed to an unwilling eye. T...
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A Presentation of Descartes' Meditation on First Philosophy
“Today, then, since I have opportunely freed my mind from all cares…I will at length apply myself earnestly and freely to the general overthrow of all my former opinions.” – René Descartes (Meditation 1) René Descartes lived during the heart of the Scientific Revolution. Taking place during the 16th, 17th and 18th centuri...
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An Examination of the Theories of Nietzsche and Descartes on the Relation of Body and Mind
“Life itself has been defined as a more and more efficient inner adaptation to external conditions” (Nietzsche, p. 79). Nietzsche’s outlook on life can seem quite bleak. He writes about the nausea and sickness that humankind has for itself and about the ways we have tried to combat that bleakness. In this paper, I will jux...
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The Importance of Faith in Validating an Evidence
Human beings areon an unending search for their originsto come to an understanding of all the phenomena that occur at natural levels among them.They may never fully understand these phenomena. Therefore, they are tempted to make assumptions. The logical processesthat aid in the development of scientific laws shape the under...
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Philosophy Essay: Teletransportation vs. Space Travel
Teletransportation vs. Space travel What is it that makes you, you? This question may at first seem to have an obvious answer, but when seriously considered, it quickly becomes very complex. Many of humanity’s greatest philosophers have attempted to answer this question. The scope of this topic is so broad, it has allowed...
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The Importance of Simplicity and Accuracy in Math, History and Natural Sciences
Before we start the essay itself, it is vital that key terms are defined. Simplicity, in my opinion, is the quality or condition of being easy to understand or do. It is when no thinking is needed. All that is needed is your prior knowledge and common sense. In my essay, there will be the use of two types of accuracy. Abso...
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A Comparison of the Value and Applicability of the Knowledge of Art and the Knowledge of Science
TOK IA "Without application in the world, the value of knowledge is greatly
diminished." Consider this claim with respect to two areas of knowledge." At the core of this question lies two fundamental principles: the
application and value of knowledge. Depending on the area of knowledge in
which it is used, the appli...
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Understanding Deductive Reasoning from Aristotle's Point of View
Part I Question One The attempt to find explanation for any given thing must be based on some form of reasoning; two of these notable mediums of understanding nature are deductive and inductive reasoning. Deductive reasoning has served since it’s “induction” by Aristotle as a form of logic based argument that rests on...
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Human Interaction and Evolution of Our Technology in Superintelligence and Singularity by Ray Kurzweil
Ray Kurzweil discusses in his essay “Superintelligence and Singularity” the human interaction and evolution of our technology. Kurzweil first demonstrates the way in which our current level of technology is progressing towards a singularity, and then goes on to explain the implications this singularity may have upon civiliz...
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An Argument Against Physicalism by Introducing Qualia
In his 1982 paper, Epiphenomenal Qualia, Frank Jackson argues against Physicalism by introducing qualia. He does so by presenting different arguments against Physicalism. In this paper, I will be attempting to explain Physicalism, and reconstruct one of Jackson’s strongest arguments against the view: the Knowledge Argument....
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An Analysis of Natural and Human Science
In what ways may disagreement aid the pursuit of knowledge in the natural and human sciences? First we must ask ourselves there are other factors that contribute to the pursuit of knowledge other than disagreement. The word disagreement refers to actual logic of arguments. Disagreements can be linked to two possible ways o...
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An Analysis of the Essence of Humanity as a Reason or Logic or Any Process That An Artificial Intelligence Can Achieve
Can a Machine Become a Human? The essence of humanity isn't reason or logic or any process that an artificial intelligence can achieve; it is intuition, sensuality, and emotion, while machines are mechanical beings programmed to simulate understanding. However, the human brain is composed of organic neurons that are design...
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