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Creative Thinking and College Admissions
Ever since I was a child, I was always taught that the most successful people were lawyers, scientists, or even doctors like my father. However, I never had a strong urge to pursue any of those professions. Rather, my dream was to become a singer. I may have been dreaming too big, but I knew that what I wanted to pursue was...
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A Comparison between Two Studies on Adolescents Seeking Professional Help Due to Dating Issues and the Impact on Their Mental Health
Adolescence is often looked at as a time of exploration and experimentation to find oneself. In addition to trying to establish a sense of self and identity, adolescents also begin to experiment with romantic relationships in this stage of life. Romantic relationships serve a variety of functions; from satisfying sexual and...
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The Different Theories Explaining the Reason for Genocide
In Search of an Explanation of Genocide For centuries, humans in all areas of the world have engaged in a specific type of mass murder called “genocide” - defined as “the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group or nation”. Since it is a repeating tragedy, several peop...
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A Study on the Relations Between Anxiety Levels, Colors, and Academic Performance
A number of considerable research, have demonstrated connections between anxiety levels, colors, and academic performance (Skinner, 2004). Anxiety, a well-known phenomenon, could enhance the probability of one to accomplish a set of tasks, or hinder the completion of such tasks. As mentioned by Badhorn, Holroyd, Westbrook,...
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A Study on the Professional Competence of Mental Health Professionals Working with Veterans and Military Families
Leppma, M., Taylor, J. M., Spero, R. A., Leonard, J. M., Foster, M. N., & Daniels, J. A. (2016). Working with veterans and military families: An assessment of professional competencies. Professional Psychology: Research And Practice, 47(1), 84-92. doi:10.1037/pro0000059 Mental health professionals are being studied to see...
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A Study on the Role of Power in Organizational Relationships and Its Effects on Group Performance
Tarakci, M., Greer, L. L., & Groenen, P. F. (2016). When does power disparity help or hurt group performance?. Journal Of Applied Psychology, 101(3), 415-429. doi:10.1037/apl0000056 This study reviews power and its role in organizational relationships by trying to figure out whether or not it helps or hurts group performan...
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The Characteristics and Process of the Adlerian Therapy
The human existence is filled with many steps and pathways of growth to wisdom and maturation. These pathways often consist of detours or roadblocks that require construction. There are various types of construction work that are very effective. The most effective construction work done on my pathway of human existence pres...
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A Thesis on Effects of an Authority Figure on Obedience
Abstract We conducted this study to test if findings from previous studies of obedience would generalize to college students working in a lab. We collected data from a sample population of 50 college students interested in psychological research. We randomly split the participants into two groups, one group worked with a “...
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The Mentality of Timothy Treadwell, whose Life Is Documented in Grizzly Man
The Mentality of Grizzly Man There is a lot to be said about a man who willingly travels out alone into the Alaskan wilderness for grizzly bears, whether or not people find him brave or stupid. Inside the mind of someone so willing to go would present a different picture to the outside world compared to what Treadwell may...
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A Comparison of the Differences Between Choking and Panicking in the Article The Art of Failure by Malcolm Gladwell
Choking and panicking are words that often have the same meaning in today’s world. While these two terms are very often used interchangeably, they do indeed have two separate meanings. Malcolm Gladwell writes about the major differences in his article, The Art of Failure. According to Gladwell (2000), “Choking is about thin...
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