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The Use of Classical Conditioning in the Treatment of Entomophobia
A common phobia amongst people is entomophobia, also known as the fear of bugs. This fear is often caused by a bad experience with bugs in the past, such as being stung by a bee or bitten by an ant. I myself have this phobia, and I avoid bugs as much as possible. If a bug gets close to me, I tend to flinch and my skin tingl...
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A Critical Analysis of the Strange Situation, a Study by Mary Ainsworth
One study into individual differences in attachment was conducted by Mary Ainsworth in 1970 and was called ‘The Strange Situation’. The study was conducted on a sample of American middle class infants and their mothers. The infants were aged 1 year to 18 months and were placed in a laboratory playroom consisting of a play a...
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Leaders' Paradigms in Building Politics Into Psychology: The Misconception of Threat by Janice Gross Stein
Module 5 Response Leaders are humans. As humans, leaders do not act with full rationality at all times. As Stein addressed in Building Politics into Psychology: The Misperception of Threat, “leaders’ fears, needs, and interests” could be attributed to states’ “motivated error and the consequent misperception of threat” (24...
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A Research on the Definition of Intelligence
What is intelligence? It is defined as the “mental quality consisting of the ability to learn from experience, solve problems, and use knowledge to adapt to new situations.” But many questions can be asked about intelligence such as is emotional intelligence a product or heredity or environment? Are children born with the a...
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Stress Management and the Effects of Stress on the Mind and Body
Abstract Stress, is known as one of the most common topics discussed between friends, family and co-workers. Most of us understand that stress can effect our health, but do you really understand the effects stress has, if left unchecked? Did you know stress cause issues with your mind and even your body? When you are fini...
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A Discussion on Midlife Crisis as Defined by Various Psychologists
Abstract “With age our knowledge, emotions and the way we behave mature. The commonly held view of mid-life crisis is that it is an emotional state of doubt and anxiety in which a person becomes uncomfortable with the realization that life is half over. It is a potentially stressful period as it usually involves reflection...
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A Research on the Negative Stigma of Loneliness and the Effects of Age on the Degree of the Stigma
A study was made in an attempt to examine the negative stigma of loneliness and to analyze the effects of age on the degree of the stigma. Seventeen participants (7 male, 10 females) who are all Psychology undergraduates participated in the study. The independent variable of loneliness state had the levels of lonely and non...
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An Examination of Unconscious Cognitive Processes and Its Influence on the Expression of Emotion on Individuals
The Influence of Unconscious Cognitive Processes on the Expression of Emotion Emotions are states elicited by rewards and punishers, or by instrumental reinforcers, and they are produced by the delivery, omission, or termination of rewarding or punishing stimuli. Formulated in this way, the concept offers an evolutionary...
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An Examination of the Long-Term Effects of Trauma Through the Works of Dr. Lenore Terr
Abstract The subject of trauma and its effects on individuals throughout their life is often ignored. Most of the issues surrounding trauma involve the immediate effects and coping, while ignoring the long-term effects. This paper will briefly examine some of the long-term effects of Trauma, including physiological effects...
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A Comparison of Carl Von Clausewitz's and Su Zi's Approach to War
It is a complex task to definitively determine whether the Cold War resembled more of a Carl Von Clausewitz approach or a Sun Zi approach to war. Firstly, the war itself was complex, as it involved multiple players, differing policies, a number of proxy wars, and dragged on for the best part of 40 years. Secondly, both Clau...
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