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The Issue of Mental Illness in Corrections in the United States of America
Mentally Ill and Corrections The issue of mental illness has been an ongoing dilemma in Corrections in the United States. This problem is still growing and as of 2012, there was an estimated 356,268 with severe mental illnesses in jails and prisons (Stohr & Walsh, 2016). The hardships of imprisonment amplify the difficulti...
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A Study on Women in Abusive Relationships and Its Effect on the Development of Mental Health Problems
Rogers and Follingstad conducted a study in 2012 that looked to see if women who were in abusive relationships developed mental health problems. The researchers were able to conclude that while psychological abuse does predict mental health outcomes, perceived negative changes in one’s traits, problematic relationship schem...
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An Understanding of Mental Illness and the Psychotherapy Treatments in Asylums
Personally, I feel after taking this class, I can better understand people with mental disabilities and I feel people even nowadays could become a bit more understanding about what goes on inside the mind of someone mentally ill instead of labeling them as “crazy”. Historically, people weren’t sure what to think of the ment...
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Evolutionary Psychology and Mate Preference
Evolutionary Psychology and Mate Preference Dating, the search of a significant other is an undoubtedly major part of almost everyone’s life. Since everyone has different tastes and preferences, they tend to look for different personal qualities in a partner. But what lead people to prefer some traits over the others? Evol...
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The Characteristics, Types and Causes of Bipolar Disorder
Thesis: Bipolar Disorder Bipolar disorder is perhaps one of the most tragic mood disorders today, because it virtually taunts with the affected person's mind. Bipolar disorder also known as manic depressive disorder is a mental condition in which the person alternates between feelings of mania and depression. Types of...
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Psychological Distress and Mental Disorders Among GLBT Individuals According to a Study by Susan Cochran, J. Sullivan, and Vickie Mays
It’s a simple notion that gay, lesbian, and bisexual individuals face challenges that their heterosexual counterparts don’t. But to what extent do these challenges bring about psychological distress and incidents of mental disorders? Susan Cochran, J. Sullivan, and Vickie Mays in their study, “Prevalence of Mental Disorde...
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A Research on Autism Spectrum Disorders and Their Relation to Culture
Introduction In 1939, George Devereaux argued that schizophrenia was “functionally related to the development of culture only,” culture defined in this case as “the sum of all techniques which are not biologically transmitted. Schizophrenia only exists according to the pattern or “skeleton” of a culture; some cultures reco...
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The Issue of Psychological Disorders: The Example of Jim Carrey Diagnosed with ADHD
American society is one of the few developed nations to not extend proper psychological treatment for those suffering from psychological discord. Psychological discord: a problem that not only affects lower class members of society, but it also affects the famous celebrities and stars. Psychological abnormalities are actual...
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The Symptoms, Detection and Prevention of Depression
Depression is defined as “a mood state that goes well beyond temporarily feeling sad or blue” (Grohol). This disorder affects more than 25 million American adults every year (NAMI). It can span months, years, even lifetimes. As one might expect, depression can present itself as feeling sad or “having the blues”. However, sa...
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The Importance of Correctly Diagnosing ADHD in Children
Is the A.D.H.D diagnosis helping or hurting kids Attention-deficit/hyperactive disorder (ADHD) is a brain illness marked by an ongoing outline of inattentiveness and hyperactive –impulsivity that affects the development of functioning where inattentiveness is when an individual is wondering off task, in persistence, and pr...
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The Mental Condition of the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a chronic mental condition that leaves a permanent imprint on the victim’s brain, similar to a tattoo. The cause of PTSD is prompted by a terrifying traumatic event that can cause great harm physically, emotionally, and mentally. There are numerous types of trauma, however as stated...
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The Role of Research and Statistics and the Differences Between Clinical Psychology and Other Mental Health Professions
Psychology is a wide-ranging field that is divided into some branches of study. In psychological specialty clinical psychology provides complete and continuing behavioral and mental health care for people and their families; consultation to communities and agencies; education, well training, and care, and research-based pra...
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The Treatments for the Common Mental Illness, Depression
As estimated one in ten Americans suffer from depression, an illness that affects both physical and mental well-being. Most mental health specialists agree that the best natural treatment for depression is talking or sharing. Depression is the most common type of mental disorder effecting about 340 million people worldwide....
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A Comparison of the Cultural Psychologies of America and the Rest of the World
Of the two articles, one would agree with Jensen Arnett disposition that American psychology is not generalizable to other cultures. In his thesis, Arnett point outs that psychologists basing their research on fundamental human processes that are universal to the human race to come up with the universal conclusion of human...
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Negative Behavior and Attitude Should Be Abandoned in the Course of a Treatment
Mentality is very influential on behavior. A negative outlook can cloud judgment and make people feel dissatisfied with their lives. By contrast, an optimistic perspective may keep people from feeling overwhelmed by all of their responsibilities. This line of logic is at the core of cognitive-behavior therapy, discussed at...
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The Use of Video Games in Therapy of Mental Illnesses and Disorders
Therapy Ever since the launches of the first home video game consoles Odyssey and Atari, video games have been looked at as simple forms of entertainment. Of course today, there are several games and gaming systems that have changed the purpose of video games and their consoles, expanding video games to forms of learning (...
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A Discussion on How ADHD Is Defined and Why It Is Pathologized
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is the label used to define a set of behaviors that actually fit into the normal spectrum of childhood behaviors, and a different style of learning that does not fit into the traditional methods of the current education system. So why is ADHD pathologized? To pathologize something...
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An Analysis of Counseling Disposition in Psychology
|Disposition |Description of how the disposition is met |
|Self-awarenes|One cannot be a good counselor without self-awareness |
|s |because in order to help a client, one has to have a |
| |comprehensive understanding of their sense of morals, |
| |trust, ethical...
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Early Intervention Programs for Children
Table of Contents
Introduction................................................................ ................. 3 Discussion.................................................................. ................. 3 Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) .......................
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A Study of Addiction through Ice Dependency Experiment
Ice Dependency --or ICD for short is the ice cube substance abuse stimulation/ experiment that I partook in. The ice cube addiction exercise started off very awkward. It felt very unnatural and also very uncomfortable. I felt this way because I had to sneak around all the time to get my “drug.” During this exercise, I felt...
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How Dendophilia Developed Among Human Beings
Tracking the Potential Evolutionary Incentives towards How Dendrophilia Developed among Human beings By year 2015, the prescription of mental health drugs is so prevalent to the extent that 1 out of 5 American adults now take at least one mental health drug on daily basis. (Medco 2011, 1) This is but only one hint that,...
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A Discussion on a Career in Psychology
A career in Psychology Clinical psychology is one of the largest specialty areas within psychology. Having a passion for discovery, learning, and listening are part of what it takes to be successful as a psychologist who delivers clinical or counseling services. Psychologists are trained to provide clinical services work...
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An Analysis of George Byron's "The Power of Thought - the Magic of the Mind"
"The Power of Thought - the Magic of the Mind!" (Lord George Byron.
Cited by K.L. Roberts, 1940). How true, the human mind is undoubtedly
quite magical. Its complexities stretch beyond our own horizons of
comprehension and reach out into the mystic of the unknown. The mind
possesses powers unr...
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A Discussion on the Relationship Between Stress, Anxiety and Phobias
Discuss the relationship between stress, anxiety and phobias and describe how you would treat these issues with hypnotherapy No. of words: 2013 words NHS (2013) purport that stress is associated with too much pressure, either from an external (workload, financial worries or relationship problems) or internal (low self-e...
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An Introduction to the Psychiatric Comorbidity in Treatment Seeking Substance for ADHD
Annotative Bibliography Emmerik-van Oortmerssen, Katelijne, et al. “Psychiatric Comorbidity in Treatment-seeking Substance Use Disorder Patients With and Without Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: results of the ISAP study.” Addiction 109, no. 2 (February 2014): 262-272. SPORTDiscus with Full Text, EBSCOhost (acces...
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