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Evolutionary Psychology and Mate Preference
Evolutionary Psychology and Mate Preference Dating, the search of a significant other is an undoubtedly major part of almost everyone’s life. Since everyone has different tastes and preferences, they tend to look for different personal qualities in a partner. But what lead people to prefer some traits over the others? Evol...
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The Characteristics, Types and Causes of Bipolar Disorder
Thesis: Bipolar Disorder Bipolar disorder is perhaps one of the most tragic mood disorders today, because it virtually taunts with the affected person's mind. Bipolar disorder also known as manic depressive disorder is a mental condition in which the person alternates between feelings of mania and depression. Types of...
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A Research on Autism Spectrum Disorders and Their Relation to Culture
Introduction In 1939, George Devereaux argued that schizophrenia was “functionally related to the development of culture only,” culture defined in this case as “the sum of all techniques which are not biologically transmitted. Schizophrenia only exists according to the pattern or “skeleton” of a culture; some cultures reco...
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The Issue of Psychological Disorders: The Example of Jim Carrey Diagnosed with ADHD
American society is one of the few developed nations to not extend proper psychological treatment for those suffering from psychological discord. Psychological discord: a problem that not only affects lower class members of society, but it also affects the famous celebrities and stars. Psychological abnormalities are actual...
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The Symptoms, Detection and Prevention of Depression
Depression is defined as “a mood state that goes well beyond temporarily feeling sad or blue” (Grohol). This disorder affects more than 25 million American adults every year (NAMI). It can span months, years, even lifetimes. As one might expect, depression can present itself as feeling sad or “having the blues”. However, sa...
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The Importance of Correctly Diagnosing ADHD in Children
Is the A.D.H.D diagnosis helping or hurting kids Attention-deficit/hyperactive disorder (ADHD) is a brain illness marked by an ongoing outline of inattentiveness and hyperactive –impulsivity that affects the development of functioning where inattentiveness is when an individual is wondering off task, in persistence, and pr...
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The Mental Condition of the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a chronic mental condition that leaves a permanent imprint on the victim’s brain, similar to a tattoo. The cause of PTSD is prompted by a terrifying traumatic event that can cause great harm physically, emotionally, and mentally. There are numerous types of trauma, however as stated...
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An Examination of the Nature of Clinical Psychology, the Role of Research and Statistics, and the Differences Between Clinical Psychology and Other Mental Health Professions
Psychology is a wide-ranging field that is divided into some branches of study. In psychological specialty clinical psychology provides complete and continuing behavioral and mental health care for people and their families; consultation to communities and agencies; education, well training, and care, and research-based pra...
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The Treatments for the Common Mental Illness, Depression
As estimated one in ten Americans suffer from depression, an illness that affects both physical and mental well-being. Most mental health specialists agree that the best natural treatment for depression is talking or sharing. Depression is the most common type of mental disorder effecting about 340 million people worldwide....
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A Comparison of the Cultural Psychologies of America and the Rest of the World
Of the two articles, one would agree with Jensen Arnett disposition that American psychology is not generalizable to other cultures. In his thesis, Arnett point outs that psychologists basing their research on fundamental human processes that are universal to the human race to come up with the universal conclusion of human...
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