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The Benefits of Cognitive-Behavioral Approaches in Reducing the Stress of the Mother of a Child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Abstract In order for a child to be diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), the child must have symptoms for 6 months, must begin showing symptoms at younger than the age of 7, be hyperactive, and the child must have a different level of development than they would without these symptoms (1). This...
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An Overview of Stanley Milgram's Experiment on Obedience
Assignment 3: Forty Studies How much will one do under the orders of an authoritative figure? Stanley Milgram wondered just this over fifty years ago while working at Yale University. In 1963 he set up an experiment that would become one of the most well-known studies in psychology and has been documented in nearly every...
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An Analysis of an Article on the Effects of Oxytocin Administration on Spirituality and Emotional Responses to Meditation
What is the title of the article? Who wrote the article? When and where was it published? The title of the article is “Effects of oxytocin administration on spirituality and emotional responses to meditation” and was written by Patty Van Cappellen, Baldwin M. Way, Suzannah F. Isgett, and Barbara L. Fredrickson. It was pu...
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The Difference between Correlational Studies and an Experiment
Question #2 When comparing correlational studies to doing an experiment, one can argue that they both have advantages and disadvantages, and can often work hand in hand. A correlational study simply involves observing two variables and seeing if any relationship appears between them. Correlational research is even often...
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A Reflection of the Experiment on the Behavior Patterns of Chimpanzees
Have you ever wondered anything about who your ancestors were and what their behavior patterns were like? Well, if you go way far back in the family tree, you will see a chimpanzee. Chimpanzees are one of the closest related animals to humans. In fact, there are only 2 differences in their DNA codes. Scientists have done la...
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A Study of the Impact of Rispedirone on the Cognitive Performance of Children
Introduction The study was conducted by Michael Aman and 16 other researchers. The tests were conducted in 5 different locations. The overall purpose of the study was to determine whether or not the use of Rispedirone can have a negative impact on cognitive performance for children. The authors explain how other studies th...
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An Analysis of the Reasons Behind the Guards' Actions in the Stanford Prison Experiment: Nature or Nurture?
The “Stanford Prison Experiment” led to a debate on whether the guards’ actions were due to nature or nurture. Nature is based on genetics and nurture is based on the environment. In “Stanford Prison Experiment” by Saul McLeod, he discusses an experiment conducted by Philip Zimbardo, a psychologist. In this experiment, peop...
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A Study of the Effects of Dog Ownership on Mental Health
Dogs Effects on Mental Health Abstract The reason for this research project was to determine if dog ownership has a strong correlation on mental health. This project was a data analysis research paper that did not collect any data independently. The collected data from multiple articles discussing animal assisted therapy...
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A Study on the Effect of Video Games on the Behavior of an Average Person
Step 1: The issue I’m planning to study is the effect of video games on the behavior of the average person (both children and adults) I chose this top because I used to play video games quite frequently and I believe that it would be interesting to see the potential effects it had on me My independent variable is the ga...
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An Essay against Competition and Happiness, an Essay by Theodore Isaac Ruben
Response essay Theodore Isaac Ruben, former president of the American Institute of Psychoanalysis, asserts in his 1980 essay “Competition and Happiness” from the book “Reconciliation: Inner Peace in an Age of Anxiety,” that competition serves as an unnecessary barrier on people’s ability to live happy and meaningful live...
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