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Evidence of the Attachment Theory
EVIDENCE OF ATTACHMENT THEORY Why do some children cry on their first time at daycare while others are completely at ease the entire day? Is it the uncertainty of being in a new environment that drives some college students to tears the moment their parents leave? Both of these situations can be clarified by looking at the...
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The Effects of Body Image Displays on Self Esteem
Abstract This study was interested in investigating how viewing images of different body types affects self-esteem. It was predicted that seeing images of models with western-idealized body types would be related to lower self-esteem scores in comparison to those who did not see those same images. To test this, forty-five...
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Jealousy and Its Negative Effects on Our Emotional and Mental Health
Jealousy Essay Jealousy is defined as an emotion and typically refers to the
negative thoughts and feelings of insecurity, fear, and anxiety over an
anticipated loss of something that the person values, such as a
relationship, friendship, or love. Jealousy usually takes place in human
relationships, and consists of m...
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The Origin of Self-Actualization Theory of Abraham Maslow and Its Application in Real Life Situation
Abstract This paper is going to discuss the origin of the self-actualization theory, how Abraham Maslow came up with the theory and the applicability of the theory in real life situation. The paper will also include the personal background of Maslow and the view of other researchers in regard to the theory. The format of t...
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A Research on the Relation Between the Success of Self-Regulation and Self-Esteem
Unlike past research linking success of self-regulation to levels of self-esteem, the central idea of Crokcer et al. in the present research is that self-regulation is negatively affected by just the concern about self-esteem. Self-regulation is the willingness to make the effort to reach one’s goals while learning from fai...
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Self-Determination Theory: Three Types of Motivation
Self-Determination Theory concerns itself with examining not only people's inherent tendencies to grow and succeed as well as their innate psychological needs, but also the socio-contextual conditions that foster versus hinder them. According to Ryan and Deci, there are three basic needs for optimal functioning and ultimate...
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The Importance of Truth in the Development of the Personality of the Future
“A fake calm rooted in inner dullness is nothing to be envied. It is likely to make us a weak and an easy target to any kind of influence” (Horney, 1950). One’s personality can be argued to be this fake calm. Personality can be defined as a set of individual traits and characteristics that make up a person's character. How...
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An Analysis of the Role of the Self in Psychology
Almost everything we do as humans, we analyze ourselves with our inner critic. We compare our inner values and standards to our actions and react accordingly. This is called the self-awareness theory. Recently there are have been many things I have evaluated myself through the self-awareness theory with, but the main thing...
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The Career and Accomplishments of Ruth Howard, the Second African American Women with a Doctorate in the Field of Psychology
Ruth Howard was the second African American women to receive a doctorate in Psychology. However, her achievements go well beyond that. I enjoyed hearing how she gained interest in psychology because it was a long process for her. Her dad was a minister, so she grew up watching him and helping him serve the community and sh...
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The Kardashian Sisters and Alder's Birth Order Theory
The Kardashian Sisters and Alder’s Birth Order Theory German psychotherapist Alfred W. Adler lived from 1870 to 1937. His research emphasized the importance of the feeling inferiority and how it plays on the development of personality. Adler believes that when an individual is encouraged, he or she tends to feel capable,...
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An Analysis of the Psychological Impact of Video Games on Children and Young Adults
The Psychological Impact of Video Games on Children and Young Adults In 1961, Albert Bandura’s famous “Bobo Doll” experiment illustrated the impact of the concept of “monkey see, monkey do” on children--particularly in relation to violent media. In the experiment, when children witnessed an adult beating the inflatable c...
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A Study on Breaking a Habit by Defining It, Identifying Its Triggers and Reinforcements, and Its Replacement on a Particular Activity
Abstract A habit is a form of action that is stimulated through repetition and
past experiences. Psychologists continue to study habitual phenomena in
order to further understand how to break them. The advancement in these
studies is significant because it helps behavioral interventions better
understand their patient...
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The Different Facets of My Personality
IPIP-NEO Response Essay The first facet I want to write about is anxiety. For this facet I scored a 98, meaning I often feel like something dangerous is about to happen and I am generally fearful. I think this score for me is true in a lot of ways. Sometimes I will find myself worrying about things that are unnecessary,...
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My Journey to Self-Actualization and My Transition into an Adult Life
Throughout the course of my life I have been in and out of different psychologists and psychiatrists just trying to get me through my teenage years and the strange transition of being thrown into an adult life without much warning. The road to recovery and getting through my issues that started as a young adolescent has bee...
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How to Deal with Depression
Discussion Question: You’re the boss of a company that sells cars. One of your best sales employees is named Sally. She has worked for you for the past 17 years, is 44 years old, and married, with two teen-aged children. Over the past few months, you notice that her productivity has declined sharply, and you are simply un...
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The Importance and Difficulties of a Therapeutic Alliance between Therapist and Client
Discuss the Importance of a Therapeutic Alliance between Therapist and Client The therapeutic alliance is an essential bond formed between a
therapist and a client in order to achieve successful therapeutic outcomes.
This is regarded essential because without a therapeuti...
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The Scope of Mental Illnesses in America
To start by defining mental illness, I went to the psychology textbook to see what the authors had to say. Interestingly enough, the term “mental illness” was nowhere to be found. The textbook refers to mental illnesses as mental disorders, which in itself may be a more accurate term. If you think about it, a person is not...
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Self-Justification and Understanding Mistakes in the Book Mistakes Were Made (but not by me) by Carol Tavris and Elliot Aronson
Self-Justification and Understanding Mistakes When thinking about the theory of self-justification, it can be easy to deny that it exists, mainly because most people are uncomfortable admitting that many of the choices they have made or opinions they have had are based on a self enforced lie. But if understanding this theo...
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The Reasons Why I Identify Myself as a Pervert
I identify myself as a pervert, found in the psychical clinical structure.In each of the six categories of identifying which psychical critical structure I most described myself in, seemed to be the one of perversion. Fetishism, totality of the unconscious, the idea that “nothing is missing”, deconstruction of words, the id...
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The Impact of Socialization with Family and Peers on the Formation of Personality
It is a popular belief that one can determine their own path in life; in other words, it’s possible to pick and choose the traits one exhibits or their personality and character. However, there are many factors of a personality that is out of the control of the person. This is due to socialization, the lifelong process of i...
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An Overview of Personality Using the Five Personality Dimensions
Personalities There are currently a little over 7 billion people in the world ( Every single one of us act differently than one another. Everybody is unique. We each have our own personalities that define us. But what is a personality? A personality according to Merriam Webster is “the set of emotional q...
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Theories About the Purpose of Dreams
The study of sleep is a relatively new area in psychology. It’s said that all we know about sleep has been discovered in the last 25 years. However, that statement is not completely true, as sleep and were studied as far back as the 19th century, for example, by Freud. His theory about dreams was that, by providing a “psych...
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The Benefits of Learning the Different Personality Types
Four Letters to Describe You The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator-or MBTI-is a personality evaluator based off of Carl Jung’s theory on how humans experience the world. The test expresses different personalities with specific letter combinations as it decides whether you are an extravert or introvert, sensing or intuitive, a...
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Stress and Its Effects on Parenting Style
Parents juggle a lot of responsibilities between their kids, house, finances and work. With all of these responsibilities that parents have with everyday life, they are bound to be stressed out. Sometimes, when parents are stressed or overdone, they tend to take out their frustrations on their children. So this raises a que...
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The Five Categories of My Personality
My Personality Everyone in the world has his or her own unique personality type and traits. There are innumerable possibilities and combinations. While I numerous personality traits, I have chosen five categories in which to describe my personality. These five categories are Response Style, Relating to others, Conscientiou...
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