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The Psychological Damage Caused by Sexual Abuse and Rape in Someone Else, an Essay by Chris Offutt
Chris Offutt’s essay, “Someone Else,” is intelligently constructed and simply captivating. The story entertains and sympathizes with the readers yet ultimately informs the public of psychological damage resulting from sexual abuse and rape. Though this story is written to satisfaction, we as the audience only know what th...
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Mental Illnesses in Teenagers and the Support We Can Provide
Have you ever watched your younger brother walk away from you to spend the next few days in a mental institute? I have. When my brother was in sixth grade he was diagnosed with a form of anxiety that included intrusive thoughts that led him to thinking about harming himself and others. It got to the point that he was placed...
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Phobias and the Impact on Teenagers
Abstract Several teenagers have a phobia and it’s not an uncommon thing to see. Phobias impact teenagers greatly in many different ways. Phobias are anxiety disorders and there are main types of phobias that categorize all the hundreds of types of phobias. They are ‘specific phobia’, ‘Panic disorder’, ‘social anxiety disor...
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A Reflection on Lesson Learned Concerning Teaching Children with Autism
Educating children varies depending on the individual but there is a common attitude you can take to address every child all together. Unless you are educating an autistic child. I learned that teaching kids with autism is very different and a little more challenging than teaching those without autism. Communicating is the...
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The Different Perspectives in Psychology on the Causes and Treatment of Anxiety
In psychology, there are many different perspectives, each with different views on disorders and their treatments. For the causes of anxiety, they also vary. Behavioral psychologists believe that anxiety is learned through conditioned associations. An example of this is the Little Albert experiment in which the little boy...
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The Different Types of Personality Disorders
Personality is a pattern of relatively permanent traits and unique characteristics that give both consistency and individuality to a person’s behavior. Each person has their own unique personality that is associated with them through genetic makeup and/or life experiences. Due to every individual person being unique in thei...
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The New War Against Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Caused by the Vietnam War
The Vietnam War was viewed by a great deal of people as useless and caused traumatic experiences to the people who served in the war. Many of the soldiers in Vietnam were still teenagers and forced to flee their homes and take to the jungles of Vietnam. While in Vietnam, soldiers were encountered with many traumatic exper...
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Self-Harm: Reasons, Treatments and My Experience with the Issue
Self-harm has increased in frequency in the past years; however, it is still being treated as if it were a new occurrence. There is still very scarce research done on it because of the controversy behind the condition. Self-harm is not as simple as cutting. It is as complex as the individual who relies on it. There differen...
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An Analysis of the Psychology and Childhood of Serial Killers in Order to Determine Whether They are Born or Made
The Psychology and Childhood of Serial Killers: Born or Made? Dennis Raider, Ted Bundy, Charles Cullen, Jeffrey Dahmer, and Gary Leon Ridgeway– these men are more well recognized by their serial killer names: BTK, The Crazy Necrophile, The Angel of Death, The Milwaukee Cannibal, and The Green River Killer. (Mehrotra & Sc...
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The Issue of Depression and Suicide in College Campuses in America
Depression, mental illness, and suicide; these are words that are constantly heard and talked about, but not completely understood. The word “depressed” is thrown around with such a light connotation in every day conversation, that people have forgotten the realness of the issue and the seriousness behind the word. The true...
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Eating Disorders: The Consequences of Incredible Body Image
Body Image leading to Eating Disorders I realize that this topic is probably beat to death but I am going to write my paper on it because I believe that it is a growing problem that continues to shape who we are, psychically, emotionally, mentally, and socially. I know that society is becoming much more accepting of di...
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The Symptoms, Treatment, and Combination of Therapies for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a prevailing mental illness that prevents an individual from achieving an optimal, quality of life. An individual diagnosed with OCD experiences uncontrollable obsessions or irrational intrusive thoughts, which is associated with high levels of anxiety. In order to get rid of their dis...
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A Research on Measuring the Correlation of Bipolar Personality Disorder (BPD) Symptoms in Couples
Methods The research team utilized 172 newlywed couples that met their criteria. The couples participated in the research for 10 years, where each couple had to take part in the experiment every six months for four years of the experiment. For every time they participated in the experiment, each couple was instructed to e...
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An Analysis of the Correlation Between the Major Depressive Disorder and Nightmares
This research paper overviews three research articles on adults suffering from Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) and nightmares to figure out their relationship. Due to the fact that there were not many current articles (10 years and younger) on the association, two of the articles discuss the relationship between depressed i...
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The Issue of Only One Sex for the Matter of Convenience in Guidelines for Avoiding Sexism in Psychological Research and Avoiding Heterosexist Bias in Psychological Research
In the article, Guidelines for Avoiding Sexism in Psychological Research, one of the problems that could occur in the research portion of a study is the selection of research participants being of only one sex for the matter of convenience. The article states that this can be fixed by using “research participants of both se...
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Music as a Form of Therapy for People with Psychological Disorders
Music has been used in many different ways throughout history. It can be used for worship in all different religions, it can be used for freedom of expression, but most recognizably it is used for entertainment purposes. This paper delves into what many people don’t know about how music can be used. Music can also be used a...
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An Analysis of the Effects of Student's Emotional Growth
Annotated Bibliography Lukianoff, Greg, and Jonathan Haidt. "The Coddling of the American Mind." The Atlantic. Atlantic Media Company, 10 Aug. 2015. Web. 16 Oct. 2015. This article describes the use of trigger warnings and microaggressions that students are exposed to in college and how it can affect their emotional growt...
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The Causes and Effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder
The Causes and Effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder When setting the clocks back each November for Daylight Saving Time, many who struggle from the "seasonal blues" will start to notice symptoms. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that affects a variety of people due to the decreased amount of su...
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The Causes of High Rates of Depression and Suicide among Adolescents: The Pressure of Finding One's Self and the Stigmatization of Mental Issues
After reading the passages about the high rates of depression and suicide, I cannot say that I am that surprised. Adolescence is a period of drastic changes biologically, emotionally, and socially. I believe that one of the main causes of the high rate of depression in adolescents is due to the overwhelming pressure to find...
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Finding the Correct Stimulus to Battle Ornithophobia, the Fear of Birds
Specific Phobia Explanatory Paper I chose specific phobia as my psychological disorder because I have a specific phobia to birds. My bird phobia (ornithophobia) has become worse in the past year, and I thought it would be beneficial for me to have a better understanding of what I go through everyday by researching the di...
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The Difference between Autism and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Syndrome
Differences between Autism and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Syndrome (ADHD) Tim Burton, Jim Carrey, Terry Bradshaw, and Susan Boyle have something in common, but neither money nor fame or talent unites them. The truth is that each of them has been diagnosed with either autism or ADHD. As of 2014, the US Centers for Dis...
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A Discussion on Combating the Serious Mood Disorder, Depression
Understanding the Fight Against Depression For my particular paper I have chosen to discuss depression. It is hard to describe the feeling of depression so unless you have had it, it can be hard to relate to someone who has been through it or is currently struggling with depression. It is best defined as a mood disorder th...
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Post-Traumatic Amnesia in Life and the Media
A man wakes up one day, feeling that everything is normal; but when he goes to the bathroom to start his every day routine, he sees that his body is covered in tattoos that he has absolutely no memory of getting. They piece together a story of his revenge on the man who killed his wife and what he has found out about him al...
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Defining and Understanding the Dissociative Identity Disorder
Frey, Haycock, &Willingham (2012, pg. 514) define Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), previously known as Multiple Personality Disorder, as a condition in which those affected experience more than one distinct identity or personality state. There are at least two personalities or alters who are constantly fighting to con...
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The Necessary Actions in Addressing Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Introduction Autism spectrum disorder is quickly becoming one of the most prevalent developmental disabilities, yet, research on the disability has barely scratched the surface. Understanding the differences between children with autism and typically developing children is key to taking the next step in finding the best me...
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