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An Argument against The Standford Prison Experiment
The Stanford Prison Experiment is in some ways an experiment gone wrong. While we did learn some pretty valuable information from it, I believe there were more ethical ways to achieve the same results. While watching the video, I thought “there is no way this was at all ethical”; Mostly due to the emotional and physical str...
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Does the Intelligence Test Measure What It Claims to Measure
Validity of intelligence tests Validity of tests refers to the question of whether the test measures what it claims to measure. In the context of intelligence tests we can ask, do intelligence tests measure intelligence? Well, within one context they do; if we answer the question, ‘Do intelligence tests measure what...
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An Analysis of the Psychology of Male and Female Serial Killers
Abstract What is the psychology behind a serial killer? Are they mentally ill, or do they simply enjoy the act of killing for what it is? Everyone has a different genetic makeup, so maybe that’s where the answer lies? We will delve deep into the minds of serial killers to find what exactly it is that makes them kill. We wi...
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A Reflection on Emotional Intelligence, Methods of Managing Emotions, and the Personal Results of The McGraw-Hill Irwin EQ Test
“Emotions can be defined as short-lived psychological – physiological phenomena that represent[s] efficient modes of adaptation to changing environmental demands,” says Hurley (2012). Emotions are a response to a trigger that happens in a fraction of a second, she continues (Hurley, 2012). Salcedo and Kaufman from Intellige...
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The Different Methods of a Psychological Research
Psychologists use many different methods for conducting research. Each method has advantages and disadvantages that make it suitable for certain situations and unfit for others. Case studies, correlational study, and experiment are examples of research methods. Using these methods, researchers can describe different events,...
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The Definition, Origin, Triggers, and Massive Role of Humor and Comedy in Human Culture through the Theories of Relief Theory and Incongruity Theory
Most people would agree that humor is one of the best aspects of life. It brings us immense joy and can release stress. Friendships can be started over a single joke, funny stories are remembered vividly and fondly, and laughing can ease even the most tense of situations. Humor can also allow us to wrap our brains around di...
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A Psychological Assessment for the Possible Treatment of Bill
Abstract In this paper, I will cover what Bill’s main/ primary problem in life is based on my hypothesis of his problems. Then it will be identified what method of therapy should be used in order to help Bill with his primary problem. The different approaches for how to help Bill with his primary problem will also be addre...
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A Study the Effects of Arousing and Relaxing Background Music on Cognitive Performance on Mathematical Tasks
Abstract This study aimed to investigate how arousing background music affects cognitive performance on mathematical tasks compared to relaxing background music. This experiment utilized an independent samples design on 25 participants taken via opportunity sample from a Geometry class in a suburban United States public hi...
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Milgram's Experiment on American Children to Determine if They Would Perform Immoral Actions if Influenced by Their Teachers
The Milgram experiment is an experiment that researched if Americans would perform immoral actions if they were instructed to do so by instructing the teacher to inflict pain onto another person. I think that this study is controversial first of all because the participants were not aware of the true nature since they were...
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A Study on Dreams and the Process of Dreaming
[email protected]: When you long for a hug from your mom. Tuesday 8:34PM,” was a statement I shared on my twitter account. I was having a stressful week and longed for the comfort from my mother. Later that night, I experienced a tangible hug from my mother in a dream. I walked towards her open arms and felt the reassuring warmth of...
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