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Religion in the Wealthier Countries in In God We Must, an Article by Julian Baggini
This article discusses how many of the more developed and wealthier countries possess a less religious population, except for the U.S. It contains many different personal stories to discuss how being an atheist have negatively affected their family, social lives, and even careers. Many big cities have accepted the freedom t...
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The Challenges of Christianity in Like Water for Chocolate and a Grain of Wheat
Concerning the spread of ideologies and theological constructs, no religion has had success that can parallel that of Christianity; over the course of its life, Christianity has spread to every corner of the globe. While this is now a peaceful process of conversion, it was not always this way. In the case of Kenya and Latin...
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The Use of Psalms in the New Testaments Showing the Fulfillment of the Prophecy
During Jesus’ life on Earth, He quoted the Psalms many times. He was taught the Psalms at a young age and they became an essential part of His prayer. Having a sound understanding of the context in which the Psalms were written, He always used them within this context. He meant for the words of the Psalm that he quoted t...
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A Discussion on the Issue of the Christians Confronting Their Religious Integrity by Living Simultaneously With the Rest of the Society
Christians in today’s society are faced with many challenges surrounding what is considered the norm. While living simultaneously with a culture that appears to function in opposition, Christians are confronted with their religious integrity. One area this can be seen in question, is in the case of cohabitation. Cohabiting...
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Karl's Sins and Relationship With God
What I find most intriguing about Simon’s story is the fact that the SS soldier, Karl, automatically believes that he can be forgiven and that he has that right. What grants him that right? He is on his death bed and he decides that it’s time to regain his relationship with God and that he wants to be resolved of his sins....
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The Condemnation of Wealth in the Teachings of Jesus Christ
In Matthew, Jesus seems to repeatedly condemn wealth, but is he really asking one to throw away all his possessions and live a life similar to that of John the Baptist, where he fed on locusts and wild honey? Is it possible to strictly follow what he says about wealth in life today? Jesus tends to hold a position of condem...
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The Teachings of Jesus Christ to Go and Help Others
Jesus preaches to go and help others, even if society doesn't necessarily approve due to ideological reasons or societal rules, would I still be able to follow his teachings? In Luke, Jesus tells the parable of the good Samaritan, where a man was beaten, robbed and left to die on the side of a road. A priest and a Levite(t...
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An Account of a Family Losing Faith in the Church and God
To myself it is quite understandable why people like Moshe the Beadle and Elie Wiesel himself would decide to distance themselves from the church after experiencing the travesty of humanity that was the Holocaust and the concentration camps. As the PBS movie so eloquently stated that God had breached his covenant with the p...
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Religious Teachings on the Divinity of Christ
The Divinity of Christ As all Catholics know and believe, Jesus was a fully human and fully divine person. He performed miracles, but also suffered a humanly death by crucifixion. As expected, scholars and skeptics do not dispute the human nature of Jesus. They fully accept that Jesus was born, lived, and died as a human....
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The Dual Nature of Jesus
The Nature of Jesus Over the years, much debate has surfaced about the nature of Jesus. Was he human, or divine? Scholars and skeptics alike found it hard to accept the fact that he was both. His full divinity and full humanity sets the basis for our salvation. The main point we need to recognize, is that God took the hu...
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