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The Death and Martyrdom of Saint Thomas Becket, a Beloved Archbishop of Canterbury
A beloved archbishop of Canterbury, England has his blood spilled across the steps of the Cathedral on December 29, 1170. Henry II was best friends with Thomas Becket, but was soon offended by Becket, resulting in Becket's gruesome murder. Becket went against the King's wishes numerous times after he became archbishop of Ca...
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An Analysis of the Jesus Christ's Dauthers in the Exodus and Genesis
Jesus Christ sacrificed himself for the sin of man. Enduring agony, scorn and death itself, the messiah rose above the devil’s handiwork to provide eternal life for all. Such is the tale told time and time again to Leah, Adah, Rachel and Ruth May Price, hammered in from birth by a bible-crazed baptist preacher for a father....
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The History and Issues of Baptism in Becoming a Christian
Introduction Growing up in a Baptist church, baptism was concomitant with “becoming a Christian”. If someone got saved, they were baptized quickly thereafter. If not, they were heavily questioned about the delay, (which I do not believe is very loving…we should not pressure people into faith, otherwise their house is built...
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The Good and Bad Stewards of Money and the Seven Pillars of Wisdom's Financial House
Finances Finances is a word that you will groan when you hear it or you will
smile brightly. It's a huge subject that needs to be talked about. The word
money is mentioned 1,600 times in the Bible. When God mentions it that many
times there must be something we should be paying attention to. Around 90%
of marriages today...
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The Three Divisions of Levites, One of the Twelve Tribes of Israel Coming from One of the Sons of Jacob; The Gershonites, Kohathites, and Merarites
The Levites The Levites were one of the twelve tribes of Israel. The tribe called
the Levites came from one of the sons of Jacob (later called Israel[1]).
The son's name was Levi. There were three different divisions of Levites; the Gershonites,
Kohathites, and Merarites. The first division of the Levites are the
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The Impact of Syncretism in the Formulation of Christianity
Topic: Syncretism and how it was involved in the formulation of Christianity as a separate religion from Judaism. Syncretism is the practice of mixing elements from different religions. The Roman Empire made use of syncretism as a means to create unity among the empire and to pacify citizens. Syncretism often combined reli...
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A Discussion on the Relationship Between the Christianity and the Church in the First Four Century of the Existence of Christianity and Constantine's Impact on the Church
Discuss the relationship of the state to Christianity in the first four centuries of its existence. Evaluate the impact of Constantine on the Church. Was it positive or negative? Do you think his conversion was genuine? Being a Christian had been a difficult since the beginning. Many had been killed for practicing differ...
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A History of Augustine's Attempt of Converting People to Christianity and the Separation Between the Church and State That Followed
Toward the end of the early middle ages there was a separation between church and state after Augustine decides to proceed with compelling people to convert to Christianity using the government troops. He believed the government was corrupt because it is run by man, therefore with the ways of the church of Christianity ther...
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A Discussion on the Types of Jesus' Followers
I wasn't aware that Jesus has many types of followers. He had not only just Jews, but also the tax collectors that also drained the citizens of their cash so they could make an extra dollar instead of being honest to their job description. It surprised me that even though Jesus told them to be not only loyal to him, but to...
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Prioritizing Inspiring Conversion over Instilling Belief of Inconsequential Givens Influenced by His Puritan Faith in Johnathan Edward's "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"
What is Conversion without Belief? In most of the literature this semester, God has been depicted as a beacon of hope. He’s been the reason timely and fortunate events occurred, the saving grace in perilous times, and the arbiter of perfect karma. But in Johnathan Edwards’ “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”, he paints...
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