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The Conflict of Natural Law with Religion
Religious Studies A-level exam essays ‘Natural Law is incompatible with religion’ Discuss. (15 marks) One way in which someone could agree with this statement is that Natural Law goes against what Jesus was promoting: doing the right thing because one is convinced, not for the reward. Natural law is based on developi...
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An Analysis of the Compatibility between Natural Law and Christianity
Natural law is an absolutist, deontological and legalistic theory, linked to the idea that a person must obey a religious law in order to gain eternal life. There are many ways in which natural law is compatible with Christianity, one of which being the importance of the primary precepts. The primary precepts reflect the ma...
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Benjamin Libet's Experiments Exploring the Issues of the Existence of Free Will
Libet’s Experiments and Free Will’s Existence Benjamin Libet conducted a series of experiments to explore issues of free will in humans. The experiments involved measuring what is called the “readiness potential,” a slow electrical charge that is detectable on the scalp. This readiness potential (RP) precedes certain types...
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The Role of Scripture in Religion: A Comparison of the Followers of Hasidic Rebbes and the Jesus Christ Church of the Latter Day Saints
Early scholars of comparative religion sometimes emphasized the importance that religious scripture takes on different levels in religious movements and traditions. This however is not always case, showing that there does not always need to be such a high importance placed on written texts. Comparing the American converts t...
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The Ultimate Reality and Devotional Practice in Buddhism, Hinduism and Daoism
I personally believe that the goals of understanding ultimate reality are compatible with devotional practice within the traditions of Buddhism, Hinduism, and Daoism even though there are a lot of differences. To examine though whether they are or not, one must start off by defining what ‘ultimate reality’ is. However the d...
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An Overview of The Practice of Monotheism in Judaism, Christianity and Islam
Many of the major religions practiced in today’s modern world can be characterized with monotheism. Monotheism as opposed to polytheism is the doctrine or belief that there is only one God. Religions that follow monotheism include Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and many others. An Abrahamic religion can be defined as a relig...
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The Different Factors That Influence Religiosity
INTRODUCTION: Many factors influence the religiosity of an individual or society. Of course, socioeconomic factors will have an impact on religiosity, as it impacts most other areas of life as well. Socioeconomic factors are very broad and encompass many areas. Some of the socioeconomic factors that affect the religiosity...
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A Study on the Doctrinal Controversies in the Early Church and the Debate on Gnosticism
As one study’s the history of the church it is clear that the early church had many different major doctrinal controversies in the early church. Some of the men who were the earliest theologians struggle to define what was “orthodox” and what “heresy” was. This was important issue to the early church as they were trying to...
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The Three Aspects of the Doctrine of Providence
In this reading Herman Bavinick helps unpack the difference between preservation, concurrence and government. The providence of God, is the distinguished from God’s knowledge and decree and maintained against pantheism and Deism, “the almighty and ever present power of God by which he upholds, as with his hand, heaven and e...
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The Origin and History of the Pharisees
The purpose of the gospel is telling of Gods plan to rescue and the redemption of his fallen people. However, sometimes people miss other truths and lessons that God may want to teach his people though the different Gospels. Such subjects like the Pharisees who were very commonly seen interacting with Jesus throughout the G...
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