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The Life and Influence of Martin Luther
Throughout history there have been many influential people in Europe that have either made things better or worse in our modern day.  Despite whether or not the outcome of the important figure’s actions were good or bad history does tend to have a domino effect and anything the person did would affect how we live in modern...
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An Analysis of the Claims of Aquinas on the Variations of the Gravity of Sins in the Book Summa of the Summa
Aquinas makes the claim in Summa of the Summa that the "gravity of sins varies according to their objects." He determines that since some sins affect our souls rather than our bodies, some sins must logically be graver than others. This stems from the fact that it is far more important for a man to have a whole soul than a...
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A Literary Analysis of the Book Institutes of the Christian Religion by John Calvin
Institutes of the Christian Religion In Calvin's book, Institutes of the Christian Religion, there are a myriad of images and references to other books, the Bible, or to creation. He writes, “We must realize that the glory of God’s face . . . is a sort of maze from which we cannot extricate ourselves without the Word to...
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The Concept of People Pleasing in the Book of Her Life by St. Teresa and in My Life
Historically, problems arise when people are selfish. The Confederacy selfishly wanted to keep their slaves, Hitler selfishly annihilated millions, and Lenin selfishly drove an entire country to starvation. It is a universal fact that in order to promote peace, we must cease being selfish. However, in light of Book of Her L...
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Understanding the Foreknowledge of God and Its Influence in Free Will and Predestination
One of the most significant aspects of God being all-knowing is that with that power, He still allows evil to happen in the world. If He is all-powerful and all-knowing, He should be able to control everything, and therefore evil would never occur in the world. God could just be a puppet master in heaven, letting us all liv...
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An Exploration of the Religious Beliefs of Ancient Egyptians
From the Predynastic period to the reign of Alexander the Great, ancient Egypt saw a vast evolution and refinement of its art forms. Being the pre-eminent civilization of the Mediterranean in its time, Egypt’s monuments, sculptures, wall paintings, and extensive pictographic inscriptions have earned it an entire field of st...
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The Role of Temples in Ancient Egypt
The Temples of Ancient Egypt The temples of Ancient Egypt were constructed for the official worship of the gods and the commemoration of the pharaohs, in both the mainland and in regions under Egyptian control, The temples, built of stone so that they would last forever, also had many other functions, acting sometimes as f...
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The Concept of Giving Up What You Love As an Allusion in Biblical and Modern Literature
Biblical Allusions: Abraham and Isaac In Genesis 22 God commands Abraham to sacrifice his only son, Isaac. This itself is a horrific task, but is magnified by Abraham and his wife, Sarah’s, preceding anticipation for their son Isaac. Sarah was barren up until an old age, way past child-bearing years, and God promised them...
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The Reaction of the Roman Empire on the Rise of Christianity
One would think that the harsh persecution and severe treatment of any group would serve to discourage many, if not all, people from joining the ostracized group. However, the switch from a physical focus to the priority of the metaphysical and the resulting Roman oppression allowed early Christianity to obtain prominence,...
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The Daily Life Experiences, Routines, and Expression of Beliefs in God and Predestination in The Secret Diary of William Byrd of Westover by William Byrd
In "The Secret Diary of William Byrd of Westover" William Byrd writes
about his daily life experiences, routines, and expresses his beliefs in
God and predestination. Throughout his writings the reader can see that
his days were very repetitive and consistent from the what he eats every
morning to the same exact prayer he...
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