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Attaining Liberation When Death is Near in the Tibetan Book of the Dead
The Tibetan Book of the Dead There are a series of phases one must face to attain liberation when
death is near and occurs. According to the Tibetan Book of the Dead, the
teachings of "Liberation though Hearing" is the most effective way to help
an individual reach liberation while in the state of the bardo. There ar...
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The Concept of Impermanence in Tibetan Diaries by Geoff Childs
Impermanence of Nubri Valley Many individuals in this world will never grasp the concept of
impermanence. Many people believe the wealth they acquire, the family and
friends they have, and maintaining healthy bodily habits will prove
beneficial at the time of their death. For one to seize the notion of
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An Interpretation of Two Analects on the Betterment of Self
The Master said: Do not be concerned that no one recognizes your merits. Be concerned that you may not recognize others’. (1.16) The Master said, If one sets one’s heart on ren, there will be none he hates. (4.4) For this essay, I wanted to choose two closely related analects. I highly respect eastern reli...
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An Academic Discussion on Genze Riyaku in the Book, Practically Religious by Ian Reader and George J. Tanabe, Jr.
The goal of Practically Religious, by Ian Reader and George J. Tanabe, Jr. is to open up an academic discussion on genze riyaku. The name of the book is actually a good summation of the arguments about worldly benefits of religion. On the one hand, there are those who believe that buying talismans and burning ema to obtain...
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The Life and Contribution of Kuan Yin in Chinese Buddhism and Taoism
Kuan Yin was a bodhisattva considered the embodiment of compassion in Chinese Buddhism and Taoism. She is also known as Guanyin, which is short for Guanshiyin, meaning, “Observing the Sounds of the World” (Doré). The word “sound” in this translation can also be read as “cries.” The compassionate nature of Kuan Yin truly com...
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A History of Daoism in China
History paper In our society religion has been very influential in regards to shaping and supporting various political systems. For example, Daoism was a religious/philosophical movement that seemed to challenge the political system of China. The way the political system was challenged can be seen through the beliefs and...
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An Analysis of the Religion and Philosophical Practice in Daoism
Daoism Daoism is one of the world's largest religions and philosophical practices. It is seen as both a religion and a philosophical practice because in Asia they are not seen as opposed ideas. The philosophical aspect takes a more natural approach when trying to answer major questions of importance such as: should human...
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The Beginning of Toleration of Religions in the East
Beginning of Toleration of Religions in the East Religion is possibly one of the greatest causes of wars worldwide to this day. Over the course of this class there have been many examples given of different religions evolving and interacting with each other, most of them ending in warfare or disagreements. Over time in cer...
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