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The Role of Religion and the Beliefs on Power in Ancient Rome
Ancient Roman religious’ beliefs resulted in religion being a dominant influencing factor in all Roman’s lives. The ancient Roman’s unlike us were vulnerable to the wrath of nature. Ancient Roman religions was filled with many divine and semi- divine spirits, all attributed to different aspects of their lives. All aspects o...
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A Discussion on the Concept of Religious Tolerance in Ancient Rome
Religious Tolerance in Ancient Rome The polytheistic and polymorphic nature of Roman Religion makes it an extremely flexible one from the outset. The lack of dogmatic ritual and rigid structures meant countless forms of spiritual practices could be found. Nevertheless, elites dominated the discourse which drew the boundari...
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A Study of Apollo- The God of Light, Music, Medicine and Archery
When you hear the words “Greek gods”, what is the first god or goddess that comes to mind? Some people may say Zeus or Hera, but as for me, my brain instantly brings Apollo to mind. Now when most people hear Apollo, they think of Apollo 11, but that is not fully correct. Apollo is the god of light, music, medicine, and ar...
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