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The Patriarchal Promises of God in Genesis
The Patriarchal Promises There’s a word in rhetoric called epimone. It is the process of repeating a phrase or question to dwell or stress a point while speaking to someone. I believe that God uses this a version of this for clarification and emphasis in the passages of Genesis 26:1-5, Genesis 26:23-25, Genesis 28:10-22,...
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A Study on Intermarriage and Impurity in the Hebrew Bible
Intermarriage and Inauthenticity in the Hebrew Bible The various laws and commandments in the Bible against intermarriage, many of which seem arbitrary and trivial, are puzzling as to their purpose. Ancient scholars and multiple present-day followers believe and attempt to explain that these laws were established by God fo...
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Historical Actions and Spiritual Lessons in the Book 1 Kings
The Kings of Israel and Judah The role of the Hebrew Bible, also called the Tanakh or the Old Testament, as scripture to teach morality and religious practice often supercedes its role as a historic record in popular consciousness. In fact, many people often dismiss the Bible’s role as history entirely because of its relig...
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A Look at the Relationship Between the Hebrew God and Man
Hebrew God & Man Relations The various relations between god and man differ for each religion. Monotheistic and polytheistic religions vary in not only how the gods interact with one another but how gods act towards humans. When dealing with the relations between Hebrew god and man, certain characteristics distinguish this...
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A Different Perspective of God Through the Scriptures of Hosea in the Hebrew Bible
Hosea gives a different view of God than other passages of scripture can afforded us. Hosea’s God is not a solely a god of justice, rather, one of divine mercy and compassion as well. As angry as Israel’s promiscuous behavior with idolatry causes Him to be, God ends each of Hosea’s warnings with a glimpse of hope. This h...
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An Analysis of Religious Doubt and Faith in the Book of Exodus
The Book of Exodus: Illustrating Doubt and Faith Disparities Through Acts of GodIn a time before the biblical rise of Jesus Christ, there was a far more primal form of faith and scripture that the oppressed were developing. The term “primal” should be explained, as it does not denote its synonym, “primitive.” A primal relig...
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An Introduction to the Analysis of Deuterinomic History
Deuterinomic History I was assigned Joshua 24 as my passage to discuss in Deuteronomic
History. In this passage, Joshua is renewing the covenant with the
Israelites at Shechem. He knows that it is time for him to pass on, and he
issues final warnings and words of wisdom to the Israelites before he does
so. Joshu...
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An Introduction to the Analysis of Chronistic History
Chronistic History I was assigned the passage 1 Chronicles 13. In this passage David
gathers the assembly of Israel to bring back the Ark of the Covenant. He
has just been crowned king over Israel, and David is filled with excitement
(I think) to bring honor and glory to God. In his mind, what better way
than to move...
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A Description of How Delilah Brought Agony in Samson's Life in the Hebrew Bible
Blame the Woman that You Gave to be with Me The biblical character Samson was one of the many people chosen to fulfill God’s calling in the book. Despite the divine blessing bestowed upon him, John Milton’s poem Samson Agonistes (2011) explores the causes of Samson’s agony through important characters in his life; based on...
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An Analysis of the Theme of Suffering in the Book of Job in the Bible
Why Suffering Response Free to Suffer “You will never learn that God is all you need until He is all you have” (Adrian Rogers). Job learned the value of God’s presence in his life, but the hard way. Job was a God-fearing man who was entirely and completely faithful to God. God had blessed Job with good health, family a...
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God Created Man in His Own Image and Likeness
May 7, 2013 Final Paper Created in One Image In Genesis 1:27, the creation story, one can read, “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female created He them”. Why did God create us? Individually God created us as humans because He loved us so immensely and intensely an...
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An Analysis of the Most Important Teachings from the Book of Genesis
In Scripture, the book of Genesis touches upon a number of things we can learn today through some of the early stories of creation. These include the natural world, human identity, human relationships and human civilization. The beginning of the book of Genesis says “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”...
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A Literary Analysis of the Book of Esther
Esther The book of Esther is fairly easy to date, probably first written soon after the close of the reign of the king connected with the recorded events in 465 BCE. The author is anonymous, so it seems as if authorship would not be that big of a deal. There is nonacademic speculation that Mordecai could have authored th...
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