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A Look at the Misinformation on Islam
IN AN ELECTION CYCLE where fear-mongering and anti-Islam rhetoric are seemingly at an all-time high, swept under the rug are intellectual conversations about certain issues, resulting from an also all-time high fear of being reprimanded, or worse, sued, for pondering a topic. No, this is not some holier-than-thou diatribe c...
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An Analysis of Muhammad from the Sources of World Civilization Textbook in Relation to Islam
Having a Muslim mother, I have learned throughout my life that Islam, unfortunately, happens to be a misunderstood religion. Many people haven’t been given a good source of info regarding the religion, as well as of the founder himself – Muhammad. Some students, including me, were assigned to analyze Muhammad from the Sourc...
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A Discussion on the Presence of Islam in America's Black Community
Islamic Center Reflection Our visit to the Islamic Center was an interesting look into another culture which I had very little experience with. Of course, it is not entirely accurate to refer to Islam as another culture in this particular instance. While several of the men that came in to pray were wearing religious garb o...
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The Pre-Prophethood Life, the Makkan Life, and the Madinah Life of Prophet Muhammad
Agreeing to Islam, there were easily over one century and twenty-four thousand prophets that were instructed by God to instruct humanity. Every prophet came with his own laws, but followed the regulations set by the prophets before him. The first prophet, who is believed to be Adam in most religions, was the first human on...
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The Meaning and Usage of the Phrase "Allahu Akbar"
The phrase “allahu akbar” has existed in Arabic culture for thousands of years, almost as long as recorded Arabic culture has existed. In modern times, the saying invites visions of radical extremists, bomb vests, TSA screenings, and nervousness towards a motto that few truly understand. In this paper, I will examine Allahu...
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A Response to Brockopp's View on Islam and Interpretatations of Qur'an
In this reading by Brockopp was of particular interest to me. The thesis of this writing is that there are many interpretations of the Qur’an, some good some bad, some violent and some peaceful. It is up to the reader to determine how religion is portrayed in these stories and event. This becomes an increasingly challenging...
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An Analysis of the Muslim Law in the Book Persepolis
Persepolis IO No. 2 A fundamental aspect of Islamic culture is purity. As such, it is a
driving force behind many of the conflicts found in Persepolis. In the
book, the main goal of the Fundamentalist reforms was the make the people
pure again in the eyes of Allah by driving out their sins and impurities.
In Islamic c...
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The Different Ways to Attain Spirituality According to Imam Ali and Jalal Al-Din Rumi
Spirituality in Islam Religion is often minimized to a set of rule and regulations followed by a group of people. Being religious is often defined as attending group congregations and publicly following a religious doctrine. However, Muslims have tried for centuries to expand the meaning of religion to encompass more th...
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The Spread of the Religion of Islam All Over the World
Islam has had touched many different cultures and influenced those and had helped development in the Mediterranean world and beyond. The explanation of how Islam influenced others is mentioned in fine detail in Peter Stearns’ book “Cultures in Motion: Mapping Key Contacts and Their Imprints in World History”. The ideas of I...
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The Religious Beliefs of the Islamic Faith
Webster’s dictionary defines “faith” as, “something that is believed, especially with strong conviction, and especially a system of religious beliefs.” Islamic faith differs from the way faith is viewed in the United States. Americans view religion as having a personal relationship with God and view it as a spiritual experi...
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