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The Rebirth of Kabala in the Western World and Its Influence on Cultural Identity of a Modern Jew
Everyone is doing it. Madonna, Paris Hilton, Mic Jagger, they have all been interested in Kabala, the religion based upon Jewish mysticism. The ideas and practices of kabala were one under lock and key of the Jewish peoples, but now have been thrust into the public eye and well received by the famous and wealthy and thus by...
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Kabbalah: Popularization, Misunderstandings and Use in Hollywood Blockbusters
Kabbalah is a school of thought in Judaism that focuses on Jewish mysticism and also studies the idea of demons and ghosts in Judaism, called “Dybbuks” and golems. The teachings of Kabbalah are meant to look at the relationship of humans to God and the universe and analyze the different stories in relation to these ideas. K...
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An Analysis of the Story of Abraham
Judaism was believed by scholars to have been founded in the year 500 BCE, and was believed to be a way to keep their national identity while in captivity in Babylon. However, rabbis claim this to be false, and says that Judaism has it has its roots much further back. It started with one man, and that man’s name was Abram,...
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