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A Discussion on the Two Limit Cases of Sin
There are two limit cases of sin, and they serve as complements to one another. One limit case of sin is when an individual acts sinful, but his inward intentions are not sinful; this may be because he is not in control or is unaware of the sinful nature of his actions. This is known as a material sin. In this case, it is n...
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A Debate Over Tattoos and Markings from a Religious Perspective
Ink and the Cross; a Human Predicament Think about the people around you and the people you’ve seen and met – surely, you’ve seen at least one person who is “tatted” and has elaborate designs on various parts of their bodies. Tattoos are so common nowadays, and it can be quite difficult to find someone without a marking...
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A Research on the Relationship Between Paranormal Belief and Life Satisfaction
This research proposal seeks to find out the relationship between paranormal belief and life satisfaction. The research seeks to find out what are the different paranormal beliefs that are embodied by the contemporary society and to what extent does belief in the paranormal influence the life satisfaction of an individual?...
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Picking up the Pieces of Religion after Evolution
The word "tree" is not a tree, nor is it a symbol or representation of a tree. The four symbols that make up "tree" have absolutely no association with a physical Quercus alba (white oak) other than the fact that English uses them in conjunction to talk about a tree. To discuss how "rtee" is incorrect and "tree" is correct...
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Important Topics and Lessons in The Scriptures, the Cross, and the Power of God by N. T. Wright
Persistent, focused study of one piece of writing, no matter how short, can provide a volume of knowledge that would otherwise not be expected. The function of this paper is to outline and discuss a number of important topics and lessons encountered when reading through N.T. Wright's work, The Scriptures, the Cross, and the...
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An Analysis of Praise Music Called Taste of Eternity and How He Loves
The chapel for this week began with a prayer, thanking God for the time and space to hold chapel in. After which, the praise band performed "Taste of Eternity" and "How He Loves". During these songs, some of these lyrics raised a question with me. So often in prayer and song do the words "You are worthy" appear. I find...
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The Positive and Negative Connotations of Religion
Religion To be human, is to be many things. To limit what being human is, is like trying to limit how deep the universe may be. When thinking to be human is to be religious, one would have to define religion to be specific. When talking in terms of the belief in a God, or Gods, one would instantly have to discount a lar...
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An Analysis of the Transition of Prophets in Judaism
From One Prophet to Another A foundational part of Judaism is that the Jews, descendants of Abraham and Isaac, are God’s chosen people. But upon examination,most of the Bible is comprised of the Prophets, where God’s messengers admonish the Jews for disobeying the laws of Moses. The most common of these offenses was the...
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A Discussion on Different Religions in One Nation Under Gods by Peter Manseau
Peter Manseau Reflection Peter Manseau’s One Nation Under Gods, his in class discussion, and his speech in Kay Spiritual Life Center were all very intriguing. I had never previously considered some of the religions he had discussed, even though it makes logical sense based on the countries that colonized the Americas. Part...
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A Reflection on the Documentary Chaplains
Chaplains Reflection The documentary, Chaplains was extremely interesting. I had only ever considered chaplaincy in a military context, and had only ever thought of them in as religious leaders rather than general counselors as they were portrayed in the film. Connecting Chaplains to the study of religious history was in...
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