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Why I Have My Love for Dutch Culture and Food
I have a multi-national family, my father a proper British gentleman, and my mother was born in the The Netherlands. Even while being raised in the small South American country of Suriname, she always considered herself Dutch. She’s almost annoyingly proud of her country and her culture, and brings the life of Holland every...
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A Brief Presentation of Gordon Ramsay, a World-Famous British Chef
Gordon Ramsay This first presentation is going to be based on the world-famous British chef, Gordon Ramsay. Born in Scotland in 1966 and later moved to England at the age of 5, Gordon Ramsay had an interesting start. He actually had a love for sports, especially soccer. Or what they call football. When he was fifteen he...
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Are Food Deserts Good or Bad?
Food Deserts Good or Bad? America today has a variety of food to choose from. You can be driving to Colorado and stop by three fast food restaurants on your way. You probably did not have the time to make your own food before your trip. There are many reasons as to why most Americans eat fast food, and one of them is that...
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The Process of Making Almond Milk
Isn’t Almond Milk Hard to Make? Honestly, almond milk is the simplest thing to make next to 3-minute ramen; you just need a little prep time and a couple of tools. Making homemade almond milk gives you control of how you want your almond milk to come out. Though there aren’t many ways to make it different from store bought...
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Theme Analysis in Eating Animals by Jonathan Foer and Animal Liberation by Peter Singer
What separates the animal from the plant is the fact that the animal have a much more highly developed sensory and nervous system. The difference between the human and nonhuman species is however less pronounce. The difference in intellectual capacity and the ability to create spoken language are two of the most cited reaso...
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The Impact of the Crock Pot on Home Cooked Meals and the Eating Experience
“An Economically Efficient, Healthy, and Delicious Dinner Fostered by the Crock Pot and Various Technologies of Cooking” A study of food culture from “A Thousand Years of Food” by Peter Ford, “Benefits of the Dinner Table Ritual” by Laurie Tarkin, “How does a Slow Cooker Work?” by Sunbeam Enterprises, and “Food Cul...
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The Three Favorite Foods I Love to Eat
Every person in the world has a favorite food that they want to eat.
It can be from their native country or from somewhere across the other side
of the world. Some people crave to eat some good old pasta food like
lasagna with some ravioli. Then you got the people who want to eat a bowl
of hot soup. Even when there are thos...
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The Characteristics of the Nudibranch, a Seafood Delicacy
The nudibranch is a soft-bodied marine mollusk that has no shell
(Rudman, 2013). Nudibranchs were named after the Latin word nudus, which
means naked, and the Greek word brankhia, which means gills. The kingdom
is Animalia, the phylum is Mollusca, the class is Gastropoda and the order
is Heterobranchia. In Asian countrie...
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The Artistic Side of Food
Food is an art form which is both simple and minor. However others may argue that it is not an art form at all, and still others will argue it is a complex and major art form. Those that will argue that it is not an art form will make claims that it is meant to be eaten and therefore cannot be art or it does not last long e...
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The Benefits of Cooking and Eating at Home
Families are deciding whether to cook at home or to eat out regularly with the family at restaurants like Pizza Hut, Longhorn Steakhouse, or Tin Pan Galley. But which is the smarter choice ? Some people choose to eat out regularly, while others choose to cook at home. But for a family, cooking at home is a better idea than...
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