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The Characteristics of the Nudibranch, a Seafood Delicacy
The nudibranch is a soft-bodied marine mollusk that has no shell
(Rudman, 2013). Nudibranchs were named after the Latin word nudus, which
means naked, and the Greek word brankhia, which means gills. The kingdom
is Animalia, the phylum is Mollusca, the class is Gastropoda and the order
is Heterobranchia. In Asian countrie...
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The Artistic Side of Food
Food is an art form which is both simple and minor. However others may argue that it is not an art form at all, and still others will argue it is a complex and major art form. Those that will argue that it is not an art form will make claims that it is meant to be eaten and therefore cannot be art or it does not last long e...
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The Benefits of Cooking and Eating at Home
Families are deciding whether to cook at home or to eat out regularly with the family at restaurants like Pizza Hut, Longhorn Steakhouse, or Tin Pan Galley. But which is the smarter choice ? Some people choose to eat out regularly, while others choose to cook at home. But for a family, cooking at home is a better idea than...
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The Art of Cooking Mac and Cheese
Mac and Cheese For a good reason, I find it crazy that people can so trivially disregard making a box of mac and cheese as an art. Granted, it might not be as painstaking as painting the Sistine Chapel, (thanks for that, Michelangelo) but the act of preparation of mac and cheese is still elegant and precise. From choosin...
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A Critique of Chef's Table, an American web series
In the documentary series Chef’s​ Table, each episode focuses on one head chef and their restaurant, but more specifically, their story. With the episodes we watched, we got to gain a perspective on how both chefs Massimo Bottura and Dan Barber see food and its importance in the world. Every person has an opinion on certain...
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Lobsters Should Not Be Included on the Menu
You Know, Lobsters Have Feelings Too! Have you ever wondered how a lobster reacts to pain? The most accepted belief is that they don’t, but they have ways to feel, and they are not human, so their senses are different. Lobsters have complex nervous systems and exquisite tactile sense, and they lack forms of pain instigatio...
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A Description and Comparison of Different Cooking Techniques
Similar to other art expressions, the culinary arts are enriched by the different techniques and styles that every chef posses. This, in turn, was also one of the key aspects of the 20th century revolution that became the Nouvelle Cuisine movement. Given the aspirations of chefs to strive for excellence, the making, use and...
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The Benefits of Tea Dregs of Stale
Do not Discard the tea dregs Tea is one beverage that is often consumed by people. Tea is consumed because it contains good for health. Part of tea consumed by the people, namely tea extract obtained from tea leaves filter. And what about the tea dregs? Many people after the tea will remove the waste. However, there are ma...
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Japanese Aesthetics and Cuisine
Japanese aesthetics are essentially a combination of Shinto and Buddhist beliefs. The combination endorses the fact that although ultimately this world is not enough (a recognition of impermanence known as muujo), while we’re on this Earth we should try to enhance our lives with as much beauty as possible. The harmony of al...
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An Examination of the Puerto-Rican Food Pastele, That Serves as an Example of the Relation Between Food and Culture
Most people, no matter their ethnic background, eat the food that is aligned with their cultural history. Somehow, what we eat, when we eat, and how we eat it is reflective of our cultural background and it says something about its importance to not only ourselves but the rest of the world. Cultural foods can be eaten at an...
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