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A Portrayal of the Overwhelming Fast Food Culture in America in David Zinczenko's Don't Blame the Eater
“Don’t Blame the Eater”, Don’t Blame Me, Either David Zinczenko’s essay “Don’t Blame the Eater” paints a vivid picture of what it’s like to live in America’s overwhelming fast food culture. From a personal account, to facts and statistics, Zinczenko highlights seen and unseen aspects of America’s fast food industry and th...
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The Demanding Task in the Fast Food Industry
The fast food industry is a very useful thing in today’s world. Most people eat at fast food chains every day, if not every day at least during the week when on their lunch breaks. Life is fast today and people just don’t have the time to prepare lunch and dinner every day like they used to. Honestly, where would we be with...
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The Process of Making a Great Steak
Making a great steak involves picking a good cut of meat, seasoning it well, frying it and making delicious gravy.Picking the best steak is one the most key parts of this process. Seasoning the steak is also very important. The process of frying the steak gives it a nice texture. The final step, the gravy, is the key that t...
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The Benefits of Going a Vegetarian Diet
Vegetarianism Solution Meat is making the world harder to go round. Vegetarianism is the solution to many of the world’s issues. Crops are easier to grow, and there is much more variety and abundance. Something very important about eating that people tend to forget is that one of its main purposes is being a source of nutr...
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Food Should Be Inspected More Often to Ensure the Safety of Consumers
Reflection #2(Food Inc.) I know my assignment was to watch the full video titled “Food Inc.”, but I could not bring myself to complete the video past 36 minutes and 27 seconds after learning that a 2-year-old child had died because of the food industry neglecting to inspect and properly clean and test their product. Afte...
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Is Being a Vegetarian or a Vegan a Sustainable Lifestyle or a Utopian Ideal
Vegetarian Problems Is becoming a vegetarian/vegan a realistic expectation of our society or even future societies? Is it even a truly sustainable life style or is a simply a utopian ideal conjured by the middle and upper class? As always the reading this week presented a very intriguing dichotomy. Michael Pollan in t...
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The Problem of the Excessive Consumption of Fast Foods by People in America
Who would like to suffer from sicknesses rather than being healthy? In America, obesity has been increasing, and has been a major issue that needs to be solved. It is important for us, human-beings, to identify the type of foods that would not be beneficial to our health, and to get rid of them. There is nothing wrong with...
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The Benefits and Risks of Genetically Modified Organisms
Genetically Modified Organisms – Beneficial or Harmful? Genetically Modified Organisms, otherwise known as GMOs, are organisms which genome has been modified in a certain way through several engineering techniques. From these GMOs, food is produced and taken onto thousands of tables in homes and restaurants. Nevertheless,...
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The Advantages and Cultural Value of Entomophagy, the Consumption of Insects
Imagine sitting down to the dinner table and being served a bowl of thick, slimy larvae. It's enough to make most Americans' stomachs turn. But in other countries that same meal makes people's mouths water. Entomophagy—the consumption of insects—has been around for thousands of years in some cultures. Today, it is estimated...
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Medieval Bakers: A Portrayal of the Medieval Ages
Medieval Bakers: a Portrayal of the Dark Ages It seems almost like a fashionable trend nowadays to open a bakery, more of a novelty than a necessity. Take a look at the popular, widespread Panera Bread. Walk into any of the 2,000 chain cafes in the U.S, and you will see the same enticing pastries, artisan breads, and cooki...
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