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The Health Issues with High Fructose Corn Syrup in the Food Items at American Grocery Stores
The Issues With High Fructose Corn Syrup It is well established that sugar is the one of the main culprits of
many health ailments. A survey of processed food items at American grocery
stores found that 68% of them had added sugars. One type of added sugar,
high fructose corn syrup, has been singled out by health adv...
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An Evaluation of Food Safety Education Programs in Observation Versus Self-Report: Validation of a Consumer Food Behavior Questionnaire
Evaluation of Report Done on the Validation of Consumer Food Behavior Questionnaire Abstract The article, “Observation Versus Self-Report: Validation of a Consumer Food Behavior Questionnaire,” seeks to evaluate food safety education programs by comparing self-reports done by consumers and their observed behavior in...
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Why People Should Choose Homemade Food Instead of the Unhealthy Fast Food
It's not a secret that fast food is bad for you. Society is focused on
the convenience and how good it tastes, but if people took the time to
learn a little more about their "drive thru meal", maybe fewer people would
consume fast food and make healthier choices. Fast food is far from healthy
and a known contributor...
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The Disadvantages of Fast Food Overpowering the Advantages
Fast food saves time. Today many people have a busy schedule and do not find time to cook. Taking away some ready made food is convenient for them. The media has made it known that fast foods are bad but after along day at work, the fastest way to satisfy your hunger is fast food. You do not need to stand in front of a cook...
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A Reflection on a Friend Making a Cup of Tea, and the Processes of Growing and Distributing Tea
I observed my friend make a cup of tea as she was settling down for the night. As I watched her I realized that there was more involved in completing that task than what might meet the eye. She began by reaching up to a high shelf that contained the hot water heater and the tea. As a short person, she needed to stand on the...
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The Agriculture in America Should Change to Become Sustainable
People tend to scoff at the mention of global warming for whatever reason, but it really is a huge problem that we’re facing today in contemporary society. Climate change is rapidly becoming a Real Actual Thing™. Jason Samenow reports in The Washington Post that this year’s summer was recorded as the hottest summer ever acc...
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An Examination of the Argument of Standage on Identifying the History of the World by Using Beverages from Different Periods
In the book, Standage’s argument says that it is possible to tell the history of the world by using beverages from different eras. By doing this, he says it is all right to compare a person’s behavior to what that person may or may not drink. To support his argument he uses different glasses of beverages, which contains alc...
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A Case Study of the Changing Food Culture in San Diego County
Changing Food Culture in San Diego: A Case Study For our final project, we decided to investigate food-related issues in the San Diego Area. This required us to limit the scope to a certain extent, and we did so my honing in on the topic of how the land, agriculture, and the human relationship to both have evolved over the...
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The Struggle of Eating Right amidst the Ambiguous Food Culture
Consuming in a Minefield: Eating “Right” in a Morally Ambiguous Food Culture In a society characterized by fast-paced lifestyles and dominated by large corporations that prey on our cravings and desires for heath and ease, deciding what to eat is not an easy task. The grocery store shelters us from the earthly origin of fo...
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The Importance of Accepting Change in a Tolerable Pace
Change, One Bite at a Time There is no such thing as a simple look at today’s food economy. Whether considering the components that create it, or the moral implications of our membership in it—a barrage of issues and conflicting ideologies will, without a doubt, assault you. However, when looking toward the future of food,...
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