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A Research on the Positive and Negative Aspects and Beliefs About the Vegan Diet
Thesis: A research article that explains different aspects and beliefs about vegan diet, evaluates both the positive and negative sides of it and strengthens my position about the topic in presence of supportive arguments and information. Audience: My audience is anyone who is concerned about healthy diet, interested to le...
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An Annotated Bibliography on Vegan Diet and the Importance of a Mixed, Balanced Diet
Vegan Diet: An Annotated Bibliography Vegan diet is getting more popular day-by-day because of containing lower amount of calories, fats and cholesterol which is good for both body and cardiovascular health. Plant based diet provides us with higher amount of vitamins and minerals those are essential for body. Vegan diet...
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An Analysis of the Positive and Negative Aspects of Vegan Diet
A Critique of the Vegan Diet The article "Would We Be Healthier With a Vegan Diet?" by T. Colin
Campbell and Nancy Rodriguez was published in The Wall Street Journal on
September 18, 2012 that deals with both the positive and negative aspects
of vegan diet. T. Colin Campbell claims that vegan diet is healthier than...
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The Role of Calorimetry in Proper Diet
Lots of people have been on diets to lose weight, but they do not do the right techniques to figure out what is the most efficient way to lose all the excess fat. Some people will have a high carbohydrate diet, while others will start a diet that is mostly proteins. Many do not realize that part of losing weight is dependin...
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Fruit of the World Organization and Their Attempts to Limit the Number of the Banana Weevil
The non-governmental organization, Fruit of the World, works with vulnerable communities in developing countries that are struggling with their banana production programs. We have been hired for a project in West Africa, specifically the Ivory Coast, to help with Banana Weevil issue. The organization believed we could aid i...
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A Study of the Diets of the Brown Family, Aboubakar Family and the Ukita Family
A countries industrial development, social, economic and political standing, climate and geography affect the way people eat and how they value food. Food is an extremely important part of culture, which differs greatly from country to country. I studied three different families from very different countries around the wo...
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Study Shows the Hazards of Eating Red Meat
There’s been recent findings to suggest that red meats actually are a probable carcinogen. So I went and looked up an article from a reliable website and found a very detailed one on NBC’s website. In the article they start off blatantly letting us know, the world health organization(WHO) has declared that processed meats d...
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A Study on the Food Preferences of the Students of Douglas County High School
The lunch ladies of Douglas County High School, provide the students with a meal everyday for lunch. Serving pizza, Chick-Fil-A, Subway and the regular school food to people that buy lunch. Although, upperclassmen have the privilege to go out for lunch, but are all the students satisfied? Although, there is Chick-Fil-A and...
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What Foods Keep One Physically and Emotionally Healthy
What Does Food Do For Us? “Eat this! It’s good for you.” Or so say the countless TV commercial ads that demonize loose carbs and make the average American look like a lousy slob for eating the way they do. There is, however, some truth behind this mentality, and that is to think about what to eat and know the effects. Some...
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The Importance of Researching before Beginning a New Diet
With organic foods and dieting becoming more popular, it can be hard to distinguish exactly what approach works best and how to go about doing it. I have always had the idea that simplification is the easiest way to solve problems like this. Often times with modern diets we are asked to go to extreme measures such as a liqu...
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