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An Analysis of the Experiment on the Genetically Modified Food
The purpose of this lab was to test a food to determine whether it is genetically modified using a polymerase chain reaction (PCR). We chose to test whether a watermelon was genetically modified. My group and I hypothesized that the watermelon is probably genetically modified because it is seedless, which is not natural for...
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The Benefits of Going Gluten Free
Going Gluten Free Gluten became a component of our diets when we switched from hunting to farming. We have been eating gluten for thousands of years but recently, a major change has occurred. Gluten free diets have been used to either solve dietary issues or lose weight, and this has led to a controversy. People did not c...
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An Analysis of the Gluten-Free Diets
Gluten-Free Diets Approximately 1% of the world’s population and 7% of Americans suffer from celiac disease, a disease in which the small intestine has difficulty digesting food when gluten is ingested. Because of this, they survive off of gluten-free diets. Gluten is a substance present in grains, especially wheat,...
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Leche's Instructions on Eating Fruit Properly
Who would have thought there were rules for eating fruit? Obviously, there are some guidelines, such as peeling a banana before you eat it or not eating the core and seeds of an apple, but according to Leché (2012) there is one: eat fruit on an empty stomach. She doesn’t say how much you should eat, but she does say that “f...
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The Career of a Dietitian
Family and Consumer Sciences has many different options underneath their name. Some of the options include; dietetics, hospitality, Textile and design, and so many more. One that really stands out when it comes to the Family and Consumer Science is dietetics. Dietitians first came around in the mid nineteen hundred. During...
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The History, Origins and Benefits of the Kiwi Fruit
Supermarket Botany: Kiwi When wandering through the produce section of my local grocery store, I have a tendency to gravitate toward the same everyday fruits. Apples and bananas are my usual choice, but for this assignment I decided to go with a slightly more exotic fruit that I still thoroughly enjoy eating, this fruit be...
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A Study of My Daily Food Consumption
Nutrition is the basis for a healthy life. It really is true that you are what you eat, and having a well-balanced diet ensures that you can live a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle. Representing all of the food groups in a meal is an easy and familiar enough task, but on a deeper analysis of a diet, it can be surprising how...
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Vegan Lifestyle Is More Expensive but Not Healthier
Vegans are people who do not consume meat or anything that comes from animals. Their diet is mainly whole grain foods, fruit, and vegetables. In addition to not eating anything from animals, they also don’t wear materials that come from animals. After speaking to several vegans, I have learned that most of them chose to bec...
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The Reasons Why Stricter Regulations and Warnings Should Be Placed on the Marketing of Fast Food to Children
Should regulations be placed on the marketing of fast food to children? As members of the modern world, advertisement is all around us. It is on our televisions, smartphones, and in articles we read. This type of marketing can have remarkable consequences, especially on an audience so young and impressionable as children...
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A Research on the Positive and Negative Aspects and Beliefs About the Vegan Diet
Thesis: A research article that explains different aspects and beliefs about vegan diet, evaluates both the positive and negative sides of it and strengthens my position about the topic in presence of supportive arguments and information. Audience: My audience is anyone who is concerned about healthy diet, interested to le...
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