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The Myths, Fear, and Awe Concerning the Aurora Borealis
The aurora borealis, commonly referred to as the Northern Lights, is a phenomenon that appears in the most northern parts of the world. It is a brilliant light that ignites the atmosphere in color, drawing people from around the world to see the dazzling display. However, when the aurora was first discovered, it was not an...
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An Experiment on the Proper and Safe Disposal of a Substance
INTRODUCTION When dealing with the disposal of certain substance there are very important questions that must be addressed in order to be certain that it is being disposed of properly and safely. Some of the basic questions addressed in order to determine if it can simply be thrown in the trash include; is it an element or...
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The Impact of Storm Events in the British Isles
Discuss the impacts of storm events in the British Isles and evaluate the responses to them. The UK has experienced numerous storm events throughout history, however one of the most memorable and powerful storms to ever affect the British Isles was ‘The Great Storm’ that occurred on the 16th October 1987. It was the wors...
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Understanding the Process of Desalination
Desalination California is sucking millions of gallons of water from the ocean. The purpose of this is for a process known as desalination. The basis of the process of desalination is to get clean drinking water in places where there are a lot more people than in other parts of the world. The process of desalination is a g...
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An Analysis of the Problem of Orbital Debris
Orbital Debris Orbital Debris is an unknown problem in the world. Most people don't know that there are thousands upon thousands of pieces of junk in the atmosphere. People don't know that having the junk in the atmosphere is very dangerous for satellites, the earth and future space launches, therefore it should be remo...
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