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A Study on the Effects of the Predisposition of Genes on the Aggressive Behavior of Male
Are some men more aggressive than others? Could it be due to a predisposition in their genes? Additional or missing sex-chromosomes are said to have an impact on behaviors and characteristics of the individuals to which they belong. Scientists have spent over the past 50 years conducting studies to test the behavior associa...
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The False Use of Embryology by Evolutionists
The use of embryology by evolutionists to defend their beliefs is
ridiculous, not grounded in fact, and unfortunate. There are three main
facets to the folly of these beliefs, and this paper will be entirely
refuting the deceiving use of embryology to support evolution. The first
place evolutionists go wrong is in accepting...
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The Importance of Hydrogen Bong in Biology
A hydrogen bond is very important for biological concepts. It involves an interaction between a partial negative charge on one atom of a polar covalent bond with a partial positive charge on a hydrogen atom in a different polar covalent bond. A dashed line, found in water molecules containing two hydrogen atoms and one oxyg...
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A Study on Synaptogenesis
The sensory and motor systems that compel the lives of organisms are governed by the synaptic connections made by neurons. Synaptogenesis, the generation of synapses between neurons in the nervous system, occurs during critical periods of development and continues even in the adult nervous systems. Pruning of excess synapti...
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A Research on the Pathways and Reaction Time of Visual and Auditory Stimuli on Human
Audio and Visual Reflexes Lab Report INTRODUCTION This research is intended to study the pathways and reaction time of basic visual and auditory stimuli on human. We are trying to see if alterations in the pathways of visual and auditory stimuli would have an influence on the reaction time. In this research we proposed...
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The Concept of Human Regeneration
“The human organism. Unique in all the universe in its complexity. The product of three billion years of evolution. Perfect in every way, except one. Like all machines, it wears out. For years, the idea of replenishing the human body has been at the forefront of science.” This quote from the movie The Island describes a lon...
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A Lab Report on the Effect of Temperature on the Bacterial Amylase Thermophillusaquaticus and the Fungal Amylase Aspergillusoryzae
Abstract In this lab we experimented the effect of temperature on enzymes. We used the iodine test to show the digestion of starch to maltose and we were able to see the enzyme activity. We did a series of water baths to observe at which temperature the amylase worked best and most efficiently. The optimal temperature for...
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A Report on the Characteristics of Reaction Time, a Measure of the Speed of an Organism's Response to Stimulus
Reaction time is one thing that is very valuable to human beings in being able to catch a dropped phone or catch a ball that has been thrown at you. When an item falls or is thrown, how fast do you react to catch it? Reaction time is a measure of how quickly an organism can respond to a particular stimulus. Reacti...
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The Controversy of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis and Its Effect on Social Morality
A parent’s love for his or her child is said to be unconditional. However, when children turn out to be less than perfect, that “unconditional love” becomes questionable. To what extent would preimplantation genetic diagnosis, a solution for parents who do not wish to pass on certain traits to their offspring, be creating a...
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A Summary and Response on the Evolutionary Biological Implications of Human Genetic Engineering, an Article by Russell Powell
Introduction In “The Evolutionary Biological Implications of Human Genetic Engineering”, Russell Powell describes how genetic engineering could potentially affect humans and discusses whether we would increase various risks to the population if genetic engineering were commonplace. Powell examines human biological variatio...
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