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The Positive Effect of Genetically Modified Organisms
Genetically modified organisms are living organisms whose genetic material has been manipulated artificially in a lab. Basically, GMO is a type of science that uses combinations of traits found in nature to benefit society. For example, there is cross breeding of different traits found in different organisms to yield the wa...
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An Analysis of the Genetic Engineered Humans
Is it Worth the Risk? Do you ever just look in the mirror and wonder what would happen if you were exactly how you wanted to be? Just think possibly now and in the future, you can somewhat create an offspring and have them look exactly how you want them too. These days, Genetic Modification of Humans or Genetic Engineering...
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Past Knowledge Should Be Reinvented or Discarded as New Discoveries in Areas of Knowledge in History and Natural Sciences Advances
“That which is accepted as knowledge today is sometimes discarded tomorrow.” Consider knowledge issues raised by this statement in two areas of knowledge. As technology has advanced, our ability to make new discoveries in areas of knowledge such as history and the natural sciences has also advanced. However, as new informa...
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A Study on the Methods of Fingerprinting, DNA Typing and Gene Mapping in the Research Related to Human Identity
Humans possess the innate need to simplify and categorize the complexities of human identity. For the purposes of this paper, fingerprinting, DNA typing and gene mapping are modern day manifestations of the idea that identity is located on the skin and in the blood. These methods of determining one’s character, propensities...
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A Literature Review on the Benefits and Controversy of Stem Cell Research
Stem cell research is certainly a controversial issue. With the same individuals and politicians claiming a pro-life ticket taking issue with the fact that this type of research is solely dependent on the use of human embryos, the topic is bound to be divisive all around the world, and more particularly within the United St...
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The Successful Creation of an Algorithm to Increase Fuel Efficiency of a Flight Management System
In the research paper “Flight Trajectories Optimizations Under the Influence of Winds Using Genetic Algorithms” submitted to the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics the authors, Roberto Salvador Félix Patrón, Aniss Kessaci and Ruxandra Mihaela Botez, analyze the flight patterns of aircrafts and create an algo...
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A Toy Car Lab to Determine the Mathematical Models for Two Different Cars' Motions
Toy Car Lab Purpose: To determine the mathematical models for two different cars’ motions. Variables: Independent variable: The progression of time. Dependent variable: The distance the car travels. The more time there is, the longer the car will have to travel. The distance in which the car travels is depend...
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An Examination of the Need for Prosthetics in Our Modern Society in the Article Prosthetics: A Career that Changes Lives by John R. Platt
Abstract: Advanced engineering and technology has solved many of society’s modern-day complications such as losing a limb or two. have allowed us to fix such a problem. An article is in Today’s Engineer called Prosthetics: A Career that Changes Lives that was written by John R. Platt (an American biophysicist and science...
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The 5 Steps of the Engineering Design Process
Engineers use their science and math knowledge to explore all possible options and compare many designs. This is called open-ended design because you don’t know what the best solution will be. The engineering design process has 5 steps: ask, imagine, plan, create, and test. In this class we used this process twice. Ask.Th...
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A Research on Designing a Sustainable, Reusable, Low-Cost Single-Stage-to-Orbit Spacecraft (SSTO)
The topic of research that this bibliographic essay is meant to assist
with is that of designing a sustainable, reusable, low-cost Single-Stage-To-
Orbit spacecraft, also known as an SSTO. An SSTO is a form of rocket that
makes its' orbital ascension without dropping off empty tanks or used-up
engines. Common problems enco...
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Producing an Image of a Celestial Object From Data Acquired From a CCD Camera
In order to produce a usable image of a given celestial object from data acquired from a CCD camera, the equation is utilized. P represents the actual photons emitted by our target object, and gives the final image that we intend to produce, while QE and G are values fundamental to the camera that we use, and S, B and T ar...
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The Life and Contributions to Science of Nikola Tesla
Tesla, Nikola (July 10, 1856 – January 7, 1943), inventor and electrical engineer, was born in Smiljan, Croatia and died in New York City, New York, the son of Milutin and Đuka Tesla, both of which were Orthodox priests. His mother Đuka invented small household appliances, which triggered Tesla’s interest in invention; howe...
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An Experiment to Determine the Unknown Resistance of a Resistor Using a Wheatstone Bridge
-Abstract- The purpose of this experiment is to use a Wheatstone Bridge to determine the unknown resistance of a resistor. -Theory- A Wheatstone Bridge is an electrical circuit used to measure an unknown resistance by balancing two legs of a bridge circuit, one leg which includes the unknown component. A Wheatstone Bri...
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A Discussion on the Limitations in the Contemporary Recording Medium
However annoying they can be, limitations foster creativity and encourage and facilitate learning. Limitations have been used in every artistic medium - music composition, writing, cooking, any type of design - as exercises to explore creativity. This makes a lot of sense as with no rules and no limitations, the set of poss...
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An Analysis of the Article Green Internet of Things for Smart World
PurposeThe purpose of this memo is to analyze the article “Green Internet of Things for Smart World” from the journal IEEE Access by evaluating if the article is a well-written technical document and if the authors have proven their thesis using scientific methodologies. SummaryThe article “Green Internet of Things for Sma...
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An Examination of the Risks and Benefits of Genetic Engineering
Genetic engineering can be just defined as the capacity to separate
DNA pieces that have particular genes of other species. Biotechnology is
the science of genetic engineering. Since the 1970s, the rise of this
genetic engineering in the biological field has been imminent. The area has
been successful with plenty of signifi...
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The Processes and Application of Thermoforming in Various Ways and Methods
Abstract This paper goes over the processes and application of thermoforming in various ways and methods. The information presented within the text was retrieved from the internet via articles and trusted informational websites. Also, a good portion of the information presented was also taken from the lecture slides given...
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The Single Person in Tamish and Rajiv Mukerherjee
Two-For-One Special: The Problem of the Mukeherjee Brains “Doctor Jagadhish Parsa, who assisted yesterday in the birth of a baby born with a rare malformation causing him to have two distinct brains crammed inside his head, claims that the newborn could be a unique case of two separate minds sharing a single head and body”...
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Measuring the Length and the Width of the Classroom Tabletop Using a Meter Stick
Introduction/Procedure The length and the width of the classroom tabletop were found using a meter stick. Ten arbitrary measurements were made to calculate an average area of the tabletop. The dimensions to a set of dowels were also calculated using: a.) A ruler b.) Vernier calipers. The masses were also recorded. Thes...
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An Understanding of the Field of Engineering Through the Perspective of a Student
In a world of systems becoming faster and more intricate, engineering is one of the most crucial professions to the global modernization of technology. Engineers create, implement, and improve the designs of products and systems in countless industries worldwide. Because the discipline of engineering relies on knowledge and...
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An Experiment to Determine the Baseline Rate of Genetic Recombination in Sordaria Fimciola
INTRODUCTION Sordaria fimciola has been found in different strains amongst the North-Facing Slope and South-Facing Slope of the Evolution Canyon in Israel. Strains of wild-type spores in the south-facing slope have shown increased frequencies of recombination due to harsh environmental conditions. When studied in the lab...
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A Lab Assignment Involving the Recreation of Medieval Weaponry With Nothing Other Than Office Supplies and Candy
In this assignment, I recreated medieval weaponry with nothing other than office supplies and candy. The catapult that I had built had gone through many “prototypes” as I built it. My thoughts were that I needed to have enough power to launch the Skittle, yet not too much, that will launch it extremely far. The farther the...
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A Report on the Entire Learning During Industrial Placement at Kenya Power
The aim of the report describes the entire learning during industrial
placement undertaken at Kenya Power from 11th May 2015 to 31st July 2015.
The report covers three main departments including operations and
maintenance, design and construction, and protection. Data contained was
collected through observation, experimenta...
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Possible Results of Extending Lifespan and Immortality
Over the past few decades, the field of genetic engineering has undergone radical advancement. One of the advancement repercussions has been the scientists desire to extend human lifespan by altering genes that result to ageing. The fact that cell replacement therapies have actualized have increased the prospects of extendi...
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An Overview of Motion Estimation
Literature Review Motion estimation is a process used to determine vectors of motion which describe the transformation of one image to another from frames which are adjacent in a video sequence(Brox& Malik, 2011 p.506). The methods of working out vectors of motion are grouped into pixel based and feature based method. Pixe...
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