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A Literature Review on the Benefits and Controversy of Stem Cell Research
Stem cell research is certainly a controversial issue. With the same individuals and politicians claiming a pro-life ticket taking issue with the fact that this type of research is solely dependent on the use of human embryos, the topic is bound to be divisive all around the world, and more particularly within the United St...
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A Toy Car Lab to Determine the Mathematical Models for Two Different Cars' Motions
Toy Car Lab Purpose: To determine the mathematical models for two different cars’ motions. Variables: Independent variable: The progression of time. Dependent variable: The distance the car travels. The more time there is, the longer the car will have to travel. The distance in which the car travels is depend...
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An Examination of the Need for Prosthetics in Our Modern Society in the Article Prosthetics: A Career that Changes Lives by John R. Platt
Abstract: Advanced engineering and technology has solved many of society’s modern-day complications such as losing a limb or two. have allowed us to fix such a problem. An article is in Today’s Engineer called Prosthetics: A Career that Changes Lives that was written by John R. Platt (an American biophysicist and science...
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The 5 Steps of the Engineering Design Process
Engineers use their science and math knowledge to explore all possible options and compare many designs. This is called open-ended design because you don’t know what the best solution will be. The engineering design process has 5 steps: ask, imagine, plan, create, and test. In this class we used this process twice. Ask.Th...
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A Research on Designing a Sustainable, Reusable, Low-Cost Single-Stage-to-Orbit Spacecraft (SSTO)
The topic of research that this bibliographic essay is meant to assist
with is that of designing a sustainable, reusable, low-cost Single-Stage-To-
Orbit spacecraft, also known as an SSTO. An SSTO is a form of rocket that
makes its' orbital ascension without dropping off empty tanks or used-up
engines. Common problems enco...
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Producing an Image of a Celestial Object From Data Acquired From a CCD Camera
In order to produce a usable image of a given celestial object from data acquired from a CCD camera, the equation is utilized. P represents the actual photons emitted by our target object, and gives the final image that we intend to produce, while QE and G are values fundamental to the camera that we use, and S, B and T ar...
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The Life and Contributions to Science of Nikola Tesla
Tesla, Nikola (July 10, 1856 – January 7, 1943), inventor and electrical engineer, was born in Smiljan, Croatia and died in New York City, New York, the son of Milutin and Đuka Tesla, both of which were Orthodox priests. His mother Đuka invented small household appliances, which triggered Tesla’s interest in invention; howe...
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An Experiment to Determine the Unknown Resistance of a Resistor Using a Wheatstone Bridge
-Abstract- The purpose of this experiment is to use a Wheatstone Bridge to determine the unknown resistance of a resistor. -Theory- A Wheatstone Bridge is an electrical circuit used to measure an unknown resistance by balancing two legs of a bridge circuit, one leg which includes the unknown component. A Wheatstone Bri...
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A Discussion on the Limitations in the Contemporary Recording Medium
However annoying they can be, limitations foster creativity and encourage and facilitate learning. Limitations have been used in every artistic medium - music composition, writing, cooking, any type of design - as exercises to explore creativity. This makes a lot of sense as with no rules and no limitations, the set of poss...
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An Analysis of the Article Green Internet of Things for Smart World
PurposeThe purpose of this memo is to analyze the article “Green Internet of Things for Smart World” from the journal IEEE Access by evaluating if the article is a well-written technical document and if the authors have proven their thesis using scientific methodologies. SummaryThe article “Green Internet of Things for Sma...
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