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A Report on Density and Buoyant Force
For our group project, we are trying to see if an object will float or sink
in certain liquids. If the density of an object is greater, then the
buoyant force should increase. If the density of an object it lesser, then
the buoyant force should decrease. Our three major terms for our project is
density, mass, and buoyant fo...
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The Smallest Building Blocks of Matter Known to Man
Atoms are an important part of studying life. Atoms are everywhere and make up all the matter that scientists have studied. For the longest time it was believed that protons, neutrons, and electrons were the smallest particles but recent studies show that there are many smaller particles, seventeen smaller particles so far...
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The Characteristics, Methods of Finding, and Uses of the Center of Mass
Center of Mass The center of mass is the unique point where all of the mass of an object is concentrated. In other words the balance point of an object is known as the center of mass. Not all objects balance the same way. If the object is irregular the center of mass will be closer to the heavier end. Take a broom for...
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The Methods of Succeeding on the Advance Placement Physics Exams
AP Physics Writing Assignment Within the second section of the exam, there are 5 free response questions. There are 3 categories: one experimental design, one quantitative/ qualitative translation, and 3 short answers [3]. Experimental design requires the student to design, observe, and analyze a hypothetical experiment. Q...
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A Plan to Portray the Production of Plutonium and Life at the Hanford Site during the Manhattan Project
Room three will be dedicated to how to production of plutonium during the Manhattan Project brought people to the Tri-Cities. The Hanford Site brought thousands of workers to the Pacific Northwest for employment and laid the foundation for the current Tri-Cities we know today. Room three will also explore the everyday life...
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A Research on Determining the pKa of Picoline Using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
pKa of Picoline Found through Chemical Shifts using NMR Abstract Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy is used as a determination of Keq and pKa of a picoline sample by analyzing the chemical in solutions of varying acidity. By measuring the chemical shift of the picoline at different pH solutions the degree in which...
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A Lab Experiment of Taking Measurement Under High and Low Power
I learned how to measure objects under both high and low power in this lab. I learned how to calculate the magnification of the low and high power, and I also learned how to calculate the area of the field of view. We are able to take measurements under high and low power. I learned that the low power has a smaller field...
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The Definition of Heat Fusion and Heat Vaporization
A curious occurrence, where we have the energy required to change a gram of a substance from the solid to the liquid state without changing its temperature, often is referred to as the ‘Heat of Fusion.’ “This energy breaks down the solid bonds, but leaves a significant amount of energy associated with the intermolecular for...
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Discovering and Understanding the Other Aspects of Gravity
One of the most influential concepts of physics is that of Gravity. Of the many aspects of physics, gravity is one of those that applies to many aspects of the science. Gravity is considered to be a force that tries to pulls two objects together. Gravity was first thought to exist in the middle ages, but not until Einstein...
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A Study on the Concept of Moment of Inertia on the Idea of Maxwell's Wheel
Introduction The idea of Maxwell’s wheel is basically a giant, fancy yoyo: we observed a wheel unwinding from a string under the influence of gravity. To minimize the force of friction, however, this yoyo was attached to two strings instead of just one. The wheel (disk with an axle in the center) was wound up a certain num...
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