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The Reasons Why Science is Value Neutral
Short Paper 1: Is Science Value Neutral Over the course of time, the purpose of science has shifted. Rather than researching science to satisfy one’s curiosity, scientists now research in fear of not pleasing the public. As Kitcher would say, science’s values are restricted to “justification” rather than “discovery”, meani...
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Philip Kitcher and the Philosophy behind Science
Philip Kitcher is one of the major figures in the philosophy behind science. He has brought up the point that science nowadays is now progressing for the sake of public concern, and not for the curiosity factor. Such examples are global warming and the resulting climate change, and people want science to address these issue...
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The Different Aspects of the Chaos Theory
Chaos Theory is one of the most complex sciences. It deals with phenomena that are hard to understand making it difficult to predict and control. It teaches people to expect unexpected occurrences within the universe. This is important because if scientists can begin to study inexplicable events then events that could harm...
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The Life and Contribution of Emilie Du Chatelet and Voltaire
Revolutions were a tremendous influence on how we perceive the world today. From political to societal revolutions, these forces were able change society’s views on a wide array of topics. The Scientific Revolution played a big part in what we understand to be, “basic science.” One of the many people involved in this revolu...
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Four Theories of Motivation
Motivation is the thing that keeps people going throughout life, helping them achieve their goals and further their causes. Undoubtedly, this interesting phenomenon has been thoroughly studied, however, there’s no single concept that accurately describes why people feel motivated. That being said, there are still four leadi...
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An Examination of Different Growth Patterns in a Variety of Media Used in the Cultivation and Maintenance of Microbial Cultures in the Laboratory
Lab Report 2: Media Purpose: The following procedures are done to examine the different growth patterns in a variety of media used in the cultivation and maintenance of microbial cultures in the laboratory. Three different media, basic growth containing broth, slant, and plate or agar, and variations of nutrients are exa...
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Aseptic Technique and Inoculation Methods
Lab Report 3: Aseptic Technique and Inoculation Methods Purpose: A variety of medium will be inoculated with S. epidermis as the model organism for the practice of these inoculation methods. This is done to guarantee the microbes are transferred in the most sterile manner manageable. This will be practiced to create both...
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A Critique of the Case against Perfection, an Essay by Michael J. Sandel
Critique of “The Case Against Perfection” In his essay “The Case Against Perfection,” Michael J. Sandel, a Harvard political philosophy professor, addresses the highly controversial topic of genetic engineering and does not ignore the fact that the advances in the field present both “promise and peril.” He argues in opposi...
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The History and Application of the String Theory
One of the most widely mentioned but oft misunderstood concepts in physics is that of String Theory. What is String Theory, and why is it so misunderstood, misquoted and misused? Essentially, String Theory is an attempt by theoretical physicists to create a single theory that applies to and explains all of the forces in nat...
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The Life of Rachel Carson
The various sources of conflict throughout the history of man always seems to gravitate towards self-destructive human behavior, namely, greed; whether a lust for power or for resources, humans are driven to act out of greed. Sadly, those same acts are by and large affecting the Earth’s environment in a negative way. Humani...
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