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Discrimination of the African American Soldiers
Discrimination and stereotyping occurred in several different ways. The Army War College, African Americans were "careless, shiftless, irresponsible and secretive" and "unmoral and untruthful." This was documented and presented as facts and reinforced the treatment of African American Soldiers. Consequently commanding offic...
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The Use of Memory in Preliterate Societies
Memory in Modernity Sequences of instructions and program state data in computers are stored in electronic structures figuratively known as “memory,” which are crucial for a proces...
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Fighting Hunger and Poverty as a Volunteer at the Second Harvest Food Bank
For the Community Service Learning Project I volunteered at the Harvest food bank for a total of 4 days and 11 hours and 35 minutes. The days that I volunteered on are 11/6/2015, 11/11/2015, 11/13/2015 and 11/20/2015. The Second Harvest food bank is dedicated to ending world hunger and is one of the largest food banks in th...
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Examples of Gwen Ifill's Reports
Gwen Ifill reports the Virginia killing of two reporters from the WDBJ news station. The criminal, Bryce Williams, was a previous news reporter at the same station, and he said that his motive was because of racism and harassment during work. However, the WDBJ president said that Bryce was an angry person who put the blame...
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The Negative Effects of Police Militarization in America
The events of Ferguson are fresh in all of our minds. The complete and total oppression of protestors by an unflinching police force seems unjust to all of us- because it is.The question on many minds was “Why do local police have that kind of military gear?” If you ask them, they’re likely to say that it’s because they do...
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A Feasibility Study on the North Star Childcare Center in South Carolina
North Star Feasibility Study: Part I “Research has shown time and time again that infants who receive the high-quality child care and early education programs do better in school, have more developed social skills, and display fewer behavior problems.” Judy Biggert Product Description Daycare and other chi...
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Living the American Dream in Gated Communities in the United States
Buying a home and living in a privatized high-class residential community is a popular dream among many people in the United States. These communities are also called gated communities when surrounded by a privacy gate or fence separating it from the rest of the communities. Gated communities have been defined by many pers...
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An Analysis of the Nature of Individuals to Choose to Be in Society
The Struggle Between Stressing the Individual and/or the Community While human beings are individualistic and self-preserving animals, all humans belong to societies that have communal aspects to which they could not live without. Many thinkers believe at their root, humans are selfish creatures, but others counter that wh...
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The Role and Importance of Motivation in the Life of a Soldier
Picture this, a bleak, slow, rainy, day at work…People are counting the minutes until they are able to “punch out” and leave. What makes someone want to stay at work? Motivation does. Motivation inspires people to do many things include finishing their job for the day, even if they do not like it. Motivation is a cure for t...
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The Benefits of Civic Engagement for the Community
Many people believe that they should only help themselves, so that they can succeed, and leave those who need help in the dust. If we were to live by this disgraceful ideology, we would be the worst generation in our history. It would leave many people that have serious problems to die and starve; those not strong enough to...
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