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The Three Types of Services: Military Service, Volunteer Work, and Being Kind to Others
The Definition of Service Service means giving of oneself, selflessly, for the betterment of another person or of a situation. There are many different kinds of service. For example, there is military service, in which one is willing to risk their life to defend the freedoms of their country. This is a career choice, and...
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The Exemptions of Nonprofit Organizations Such as Churches from Paying Taxes and Its Benefits to Such Organizations
In Matthew 22: 21, Jesus said, “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s” (NIV). Jesus was talking about taxes, something that applies to us today. Our modern-day Caesar, the government, requires taxes of us which we may not like to pay, but certainly like to reap the benefits of. Some organizations, cal...
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A Discussion on the View That Working-Class Children Under-Achieve Because They Are Culturally Deprived
Using material from Item A and elsewhere, assess the view that working-class children under-achieve because they are culturally deprived Generally, children from middle class families perform better on average than working class children. For example, 77% of children whose parents have higher professional jobs achieve 5...
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The Citizens Should Be Aware to Protect the Commons
Sometimes, when it’s cold outside, I want to get to my car a little but quicker, so I cut through the grass to stay out of the cold more than I have to. When one person cuts through the grass, it really is not a big deal, but when everyone cuts through the grass, eventually the grass will die and not be there for us to use...
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The Use of Ethos and Logos in Illustrating a Point of View on Pragmatism In "Why Women Still Can't Have It All" by Anne-Marie Slaughter
Pragmatism in the Ranks of Women In Anne-Marie Slaughter’s article, “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All,” she addresses having a high class job and being a mother in this modern day. She uses her own personal experiences along with other high ranked female officials to convey why women cannot really have it all in regards t...
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An Overview of the Color Line and Its Effects on Community
Final Essay Draft: Is the color line still a problem? The term “color line” was used in reference to the racial segregation that transpired in the United States after the abolition of slavery. In the life we live today, the color line is still a major problem. DuBois writes about the idea of double-consciousness resting...
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An Examination of the Effects of the Presence or Absence of an Individual Waiting in Line on the Speed of Transactions at ATMs
This paper explores how the presence or absence of someone waiting in line affects the speed at which a transaction occurs at ATMs. Previous research has indicated that people will take longer to leave parking spaces and public phones when someone is waiting, and the basic theories behind this research can apply to this stu...
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An Overview of Neighborhood Organizing According to Robert Fisher
Neighborhood Organizing: The Importance of Historical Context "Neighborhood organizing has a history as old as the neighborhood
concept itself. It is certainly not simply a product of sixties dissent.
New Social Movement theory argues that community-based resistances --
around geographic communities such as a neighbo...
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The Positives and Negatives of Multicultural Community Organizing
Multicultural Organizing I don't believe there are any downfalls to multicultural organizing, but
there are many positive things that come from it. Some strengths of
multicultural community organizing that come to mind are that it helps the
organizer understand the community and culture, which strengthens the
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Discrimination of the African American Soldiers
Discrimination and stereotyping occurred in several different ways. The Army War College, African Americans were "careless, shiftless, irresponsible and secretive" and "unmoral and untruthful." This was documented and presented as facts and reinforced the treatment of African American Soldiers. Consequently commanding offic...
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