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A History and Profile of the Sunnyside Neighborhood of Portland
When choosing a Portland neighborhood to research, I had no idea what to expect. Since I’m not from the area, I began my research by investigating web reviews of the Sunnyside neighborhood. Most praised it for it’s perfect echo of the Portland spirit of individuality, while others highlighted the various shops and restauran...
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A Comparison on the Question of Equality in the United States and in the Middle-East
The title of this unit, social inequality, suggests that there is an inherent sense of unequal status that exists within social groups. Do you agree or disagree that societies are, by nature, unequal or do you think that can become equal? Why or how? Defend your position using examples of our own society or ones we discusse...
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A Study on the Effect of Business Cycles on Divorce in Judith Hellerstein, Melinda Morrill, and Ben Zou's Business Cycles and Divorce: Evidence from Microdata
The Effect of Business Cycles on Divorce Rates There have been several papers published that have studied the effects of business cycles on divorce, mainly using unemployment as a variable of interest. One of these is Business Cycles and Divorce: Evidence from Microdata by Judith Hellerstein, Melinda Morrill, and Ben Zou...
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Shoba Narayan's Experience of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Assimilation in American Society
Every culture has advantages and disadvantages when the person decides to embrace, or enfold themselves into their cultures unique and remarkable attire. That being said, Shoba Narayan experienced several advantages, and disadvantages while exhibiting her with a Sari for a whole month. Shoba was often tired of trying to f...
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Cell Phones Should Be Allowed in Schools
Cell Phone Rights Cell phones nowadays are now viral to use in high school. Teachers and parents have a different point of view how students use their phone in class. As a student, I am defending by supporting cell phones to be used in class, The reasons why cell phones should be allowed in school is students can...
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Preserving Identity While Assimilating in America
Immigrants entering our country face a daunting challenge: maintain their cultural identity from the country which they hail from, while simultaneously attempting to be accepted as “American.” Each task is equally difficult. For many immigrants, their religion can act as a solution to both the issue of assimilating to ame...
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High Density Populations Lead to Instability
High Density Populations Lead to Instability Interpretation (31 Words) Population density has been seen to have a correlation with instability in the Middle East. Populations are growing all over the world at alarming rates, increasing the population density and instability. Analysis (431 Words) One of the biggest...
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An Analysis of the Factors Affecting the Social Class Today
Structure of Social Class Our modern day society is faced with so many different problems and social stands that people disagree on. A very common disagreement among our society is the status of your social class and how you are situated within society’s lay out of importance. With one single mention of where an individ...
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A Profile of the Community in the City of Miami, Florida
The city of Miami, Florida, has grown significantly from the humble beginnings as a tiny settlement along the Miami River to the large international city it is today. Initially, it was inhabited by the Paleo-Indians. Several millennia later, they were driven out by the Tequesta Indians who settled in the subtropical region...
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An Essay in Favor of School Dress Codes and Uniforms
School Dress Codes and Uniforms The age old question of whether or not schools should intervene with what student’s wear has been a part of this society for decades now. More than ever it has started to become a controversial phenomenon. The controversy primarily adapts from the bias foundation and the freedom rights that...
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