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Topics in Demography

America's Attitude Towards Immigrants During the Gilded Age
If one were to say that the United States was completely integrative and accepting towards immigrants during the Gilded Age, that person would be wrong. And, that person would also be wrong in saying that there wasn’t a huge schism between blue-collar and white-collar works during the same time period, even if they were Ame...
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Why Poland is the Most Suitable Country to Live In for Ukranian Immigrants
Thesis: Poland is the most suitable country to live for Ukrainian immigrants compared to Italy and the Czech Republic, because of the possibility to obtain work permits, study opportunities and safety. Introduction: Many Ukrainian immigrants have found new homes in Poland. One reason why Poland is a preferred destination...
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The Experiences in the Chinese Migration to Australia
Chinese Migration Experiences China stood as one of the leading civilisations for centuries, however in the 19th and 20th century endured civil unrest, military defeats, foreign occupation, and major famines. This subsequent in many Chinese leaving their homeland in search of economic surety in countries like Australia....
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The Challenges Faced by Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Australia and the Strategy of the Government
Future Challenges for Australia Outline An asylum seeker is a person who has fled their home country as a political refugee, and seeks protection in another. Asylum seekers and refugees are frequently perceived as “queue jumpers” and “illegals”, and it is due to this negative stigma surrounding them that asylum seekers...
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The Preservation of Italian Identity in America
Introduction Two handfuls of flour go flying into the empty mixing bowl on the freshly washed counter. Three eggs crack against the lip of the bowl, the yoke flowing out. A pinch of salt lands on the freshly cracked eggs as olive oil oozes out of the bottle. The bowl is placed under the running fossett for a few second...
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Immigrants and the History of the Emerging American Identity
The American history in the nineteenth century was attributed by nationality and ethnicity. The debate of the emerging American identity and the makeup of the nation is in flux (Chmaj 75). In the recent years, many immigrants moved to American changing the taste of sports activity, literate, music and economic activities. A...
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The Need to Change the Individualistic Mentality of Our Society
With the speed of time and as per the norms of 21ST century, the world is exponentially moving forward in terms of development, science and technology, creating a competitive market for youngsters to showcase their creative potential, the much required skill and their academic competency. We cannot argue that this rapid pro...
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The Advantages, Disadvantages, and Effects of Cultural Appropriation
Cultural Appropriation is the adoption or use of elements of one culture from members of a different culture. There are many advantages and disadvantages of cultural appropriation and they vary depending on if you're having your culture imitated or if you are the one imitating another's culture. The effects of this vary a...
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A Study of Negative Population Growth
Negative Population Growth According to the Population Reference Bureau, the top five countries with a negative natural increase rate are: Ukraine, decreasing 0.8% annually, Russia, decreasing 0.6% annually, Belarus, decreasing 0.6% annually, Bulgaria, decreasing 0.5% annually, and Latvia, decreasing 0.5% annually...
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An Overview of the Lives of People in the Blue Zones
People that live in blue zones live on average twelve years longer than
people living in the United States. Currently, five blue zones have been
identified and they are Sardinia, Italy; Acciaroli, Italy; Okinawa, Japan;
Icaria, Greece; Loma Linda, California; Nicoya, Costa Rica; and a region in
southern Sweden. Researchers...
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An Overview of the Three Dominant Globalization Fonts: Economic Globalization, Political Globalization, and Cultural Globalization
Introduction Globalization is more dependent on political decisions than on technological advancement. Globalization is an interrelationship based process, amongst nations that integrates different companies and government policies through international investment and trade and aided by improvement in information technolo...
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The Ugly Truth Behind the Wealth of the World
Data Sheet Reflection Essay This World Population Data Sheet was really eye-opening and shocking to us because it plainly laid out the dramatic differences between so-called first-world, second-world, and third-world countries, in terms of different data points, like the crude birth rate (CBR) and crude death rate (CDR)....
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The Core Arguments of Bassam Tariq on the Treatment of Muslims in the United States of America
Bassam Tariq sheds insight on the stories and traditions of Muslims within the United States. He argues that Muslims have always had to fight the actions of one. He shares an anecdote where he cheated on an Astronomy test. Tariq says “If the world new I cheated on this astronomy test, then the 1.7 billion Muslims would b...
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A Comparison of Culture and Experiences in Look We Have Coming to Dover! by Daljit Nagra and The Furthest Distance I've Travelled by Leontia Flynn
Nagra describes immigrants in a very pessimistic way to highlight the thoughts and feelings of British citizens, and how it is in Britain’s culture to provide for immigrants. He uses zoomorphism to portray immigrants as insects when he says how there are ‘swarms of us’, and this produces a hyperbolic image of thousands of p...
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The Demographics of Blacksburg, Virginia and the Wealth Gap Between Beverly Hills and Radford
When looking into my hometown of Blacksburg, Virginia (24060), there were not any demographics that really surprised me. There were a lot of different demographics but for the most part they revolve around the university that is in that town. The population shows the university population, as the most common demographic is...
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The Consequences of the Executive Order Against Immigrants from Several Different Countries
Senator Thom Tillis, President Trump recently signed an executive order that places a restriction on immigrants from several different countries (Brown, 2017). The executive order is problematic for several different reasons. For one, it is unethical to discriminate against immigrants on the basis of where they are from. A...
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The Flaws of This Generation
This generation seems to care more about themselves than they do about anything else. We have gone from flip phones and more human interaction, to smartphones and less human interaction. This generation is more self-centered because technology has advanced over the years, therefore causing teenagers to care more about the...
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The Impact of Sexuality in Society
What’s the big issue? One of the most interesting topics in our youth is that of sexuality. Generally the teen years are the time in which sexual maturity is met and curiosity begins. Sex consumes the minds and conversations of our youth. While teen pregnancy and STD prevention are said to be thoroughly discussed through e...
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The Chaos Brought by the Influx of Immigrants in America
Throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the United States saw an influx of immigrants from across the globe, but mainly from countries of Spanish origin. The country then found itself in an identity crisis, a dilemma in categorizing the Latin American immigrants from Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and other countries...
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An Examination of the Main Trends in Births and Deaths in the United Kingdom Since 1900
Examine the main trends in births and deaths in the United Kingdom since 1900 Since 1900 there has been a decline in the birth rate as well as a decline in the death rate. Birth rate is defined as the number of live births per 1000 of the population per year, and death rate is the number of deaths per 1000 of the populat...
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A Discussion on the Threat of Terrorism and the Lack of Trust Towards Immigrants
Introduction: I wish I could say that the topic of terrorism was like a theory or something that happens in places far away from home, but that is not the case at all. Unfortunately, terrorism has become our everyday reality and a struggle in keeping our society in order. Lack of trust towards immigrants and each other has...
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The Importance of Having a Consensus
“The Importance of Consensus” Before reading the links and watching videos I only thought there was only one way of coming to a decision and that was flipping a coin or majority rules. I also thought there was just wrong and right that there was always going to be that one person who got out ruled and was going to be upset...
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An Attempt to Uncover the Reason Why Teens Are Influenced Easily
"Why are teens easily influenced", my group and I have been studying this question through the biological perspective. This question represents a big issue for youth. Researching and studying this question with the biological perspective is based more on facts rather than opinions. Our hypothesis is, If you're easily influe...
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The Struggles of Syrian Refugees in Greece Attempting to Not Return to Turkey
Difficulties for Syrian Refugees in Greece Walking into the meeting, there were students occupying every chair and even spilling out onto the floor. Now whether these students came for the actual subject or for a required grade, like me, I was unaware of. The speaker walked up and introduced himself as an immigration lawye...
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The South Korean Obsession With Looks
The South Korean Obsession with Looks The sound of blaring trumpets and screeching violins play as young Korean high school graduates run over to proud parents. “Congratulations! Did you decide on which procedure you want as your graduation gift?”. In South Korea a common high-school graduation gift is either a rhinoplasty...
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