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The Neglect of Mental Illnesses and Disabilities in Society
Mental Disabilities in Society “Mental illness refers to a wide range of mental health conditions — disorders that affect your mood, thinking and behavior” (Mayo Clinic). Society as a whole is ignorant to the causes and effects of mental irregularities, and the ways in which to care for and support them. Mental disorders...
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The Lives of the Deaf Population
Every moment of our lives is centered around thought. You had to think just to read that sentence. Most of our everyday thoughts consist of words; from talking, to our friends to taking notes in class, language dominates our minds. But what if you had never heard a spoken word? What if you had never heard anything? How wou...
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Instruction to Riding in a Wheelchair
In order to drive in a wheelchair, you must use hand controls (EMC). In order to be certified to use hand controls, you must take driving lessons with an instructor. Each lesson is about $250. To make things more difficult, the nearest driving instructor is in Richmond, VA. For his travels, it adds an extra thirty dolla...
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The Struggles of Autistic Students to Fit in to Society
Introduction: The struggle to fit in to society, understand what is happening at the pace of an average person, and beat the typical assumptions autistic students are struck with is known to only a few average people. Autism does, in fact, last a lifetime and the only “cure” is social interaction and learning which can cha...
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The Causes of Suicide in Latin Teenagers
Yager’s article “Trapped between Wolds, Some Latina Teens Consider Suicide” explains the possible causes of Latina teenagers’ suicide attempts. The author suggests that the battle of Latina mothers to maintain their daughters’ virtues and therefore the families’ values while the girls are adapting to a new culture is one pr...
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An Examination of the Prostitution and Pimping's Unconventional Means of Earning an Income Through Various Theories
Prostitution and Pimping is often seen as an unconventional, unattractive means to earn income. People who choose to live the lifestyle of the pimp are often misunderstood. By using criminology theories, one can come to understand and justify their means of living and be more accepting of the lifestyle of a prostitute and p...
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The Consequences of the Deinstitutionalization of the Psychiatric Hospitals and Asylums in the United States
The main issue presented in the film The Released from PBS was that the criminal justice system did/does not do enough for the mentally ill, both preceding and post incarceration. Of 700,000 people released, over 50% of them were known to be mentally ill in some capacity. That means there were at least 350,000 people with n...
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The Stigma of Mental Illness
The Stigma of Mental Illness On December 14th, 2012 in Newtown, Connecticut, a young man entered into Sandy Hook Elementary School carrying multiple guns and proceeded to shoot and kill over twenty individuals in the building. It was later discussed in the media that this young man was suspected to have Asperger’s, a form...
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An Examination of the American's with Disabilities Act Case of Sears
Back in 2004, one of Sears’ workers, John Bava, was injured and given worker’s compensation leave as a result. Although Bava attempted to return to work multiple times during his leave, he was fired instead of being given any reasonable accommodations for his new disability. This caught the eye of the EEOC(Equal Employment...
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A Personal Narrative on Gaining a New View of People With Disabilities
When I first started this semester I was not expecting any changes to my views on people with disabilities. I work at Chariton Valley Association for the Handicapped and I work with a select group of consumers who are labeled as lower functioning than most and my brother and I both have Asperger’s and we had a friend who l...
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