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Topics in Gender and Women's Studies

Why Women Have the Right to Vote
Imagine a world without women. Without women, the human race would be extinct, and the world would be a cruel, lonely place. Now imagine a world where there are both men and women, but women aren't allowed to vote or fight in the army. Between the middle and end of the nineteenth century, one of the biggest debates was wome...
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The Different Forms of Sexism in the Workplace as a Woman Social Worker
For years women have had to overcome obstacles and prejudice. However, women have made great strides, particularly in the 20th century. Through fighting and advocating, women have been able to receive the right to vote and do actual work. Women can go to school and go on to be financially independent, no longer just looking...
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The Argument of Judith Jarvis Thomson on Abortion as Morally Permissible Depending on the Situtation
Abortion has been a controversial topic for years. Some people believe it is absolutely impermissible to get an abortion regardless of the situation. Others believe it is absolutely permissible to get one. In Judith Jarvis Thomson’s “A Defense of Abortion”, she takes a more logical and thought-out approach to abortion. Acco...
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The Consequences of Women's Quest for the Perfect Body in Add Cake, Subtract Self-Esteem, an Essay by Caroline Knapp
Over the past thirty to forty years, the desire to be perfect has become most women’s number one concern. Having the perfect body is seemingly every woman’s dream. Through media influence, expectations of male desire, and the expectations of peers, women, particularly young and pre-teen women, have been overtaken by this ov...
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The Changes in Family and Marriages in the United States
Abstract The look of families in the United States has changed dramatically over the years. There is a significant decline in marriage rates, and opposing, a higher increase in divorce rates. There are many economic benefits of being a family rather than being separated. A family is not just mom, dad, sister, and brothe...
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A Perfect Male Spouse is Dependable, Religious, and Patient
The Perfect Guy A perfect man. What does that look like? Some people may think that perfect man is tall, strong, good looking etc. But most don't think of the different attributes associated with a perfect man. Looks aren't everything. There are three main attributes to a perfect male spouse. These three are dependable, r...
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Lack of Communication, Infidelity, and Marrying Too Young as Three Well-Known Causes of Divorce
Causes of Divorce in Today’s Society Marriage is a beautiful thing and something that most people plan on doing within their time here on this earth. However, what most people don’t plan on doing is getting a divorce. In today’s society, divorce is something that is way too common. There are many causes of divorce in the...
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My Solution on How to Avoid Gender Stereotypes in the Future
Men are strong, logical, and brave, while women are weak, emotional, and need to be protected. This is a prime example of the hegemonic male that the world idolises, and the damsel in distress that society marginalises. Throughout history, there has been a tradition of dominant males and submissive females. In this essay, I...
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Why It is Believed That Women Dont Fit Professions Such as Construction, Engineering and Aviation
The expectations around gender roles are basically based on gender stereotypes other than any natural or inherent gender differences. From a personal point of view, women are expected to be nurturing, friendly and passive as opposed to men. However, in terms of employment opportunities, women are most often not likely to be...
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The Factors Fueling Gender Inequality at Home
Gender inequality in the family setting is one complex area of key interest to feminist scholars. Whilst most people argue that women’s dependence and men’s social dominance is the root cause of gender inequality at home, most scholars believe that the family as an institution plays a key role in fostering the inequality. A...
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The Deminishing of the Organic Version of Feminism Explained in Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture by Ariel Levy
For many years, women have been expected to fill certain roles. Women have been in charge of cooking and cleaning and making sure the men around her are content. As time has gone on, feminism has taken a turn. In the beginning of the movement, feminists stood tall and represented what feminism actually stood for. As the yea...
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The Goals and Ways of Achieving Gender Equality
Also known as gender egalitarianism or sex equality, gender equality is a standpoint that every individual should be treated equally in all life aspects (health, education, employment, leadership) without any discrimination on the basis of gender(Jayachandran, 2014). Under the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, one...
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The Issue of Pornography in America and the Negative Impact on the Treatment of Women
America is considered one of the most diverse countries in the world. It is made up of many different kinds of people, with various backgrounds and ways of life. Yet, with all of our unique differences, there is one specific similarity we share: freedom. We all have the freedom to vote, freedom of religion, freedom to be...
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Racial Indifference in America in The New Jim Crow, a Book by Michelle Alexander
Racial Indifference and the New Jim Crow Recently, I had to design a poster for my art class. The guideline was that it should relate to military or dystopian propaganda. I wasn’t quite sure what to do, so the professor explained that people would argue today that we are already living in a dystopia. He said that we could...
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A Speech on the Different Types of Personality
Ladies and gentlemen, good evening. In this particular evening I would like to talk about the forth topic, People. When I mentioned this word of People, you may come across to think about the existence of the people in this world. I may assure you are thinking about the character and community around you. Moreover, you may...
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Mary Collier's The Woman's Labour and Wilkie Collin's The Moonstone: The Expectations of Female Servants and Crossing Social Boundries
The Expectations of Female Servants and Crossing Social Boundaries Mary Collier’s, “The Woman’s Labour” and Wilkie Collin’s, “The Moonstone” are two texts that highlight the role of woman as servants in society. They both consist of the servants’ perspectives which allows the reader to understand how they feel about their...
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The Presentation of Women in Mass Media and Its Impact on the Women's Body Image
It’s considered a common American practice for girls and women to shave their legs. However, this was not always the case. Females shaving their legs became popular around World War II when icon Betty Grable shaved her legs for a pin-up photo. This photo became very popular with men and women who wanted men’s attention soon...
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Guaman Poma's Illustration of the Gender Complementarities in the Andean Society
Guaman Poma and Illustraion of Gender Complementarities "Andean gender was (and is) constructed in relation to an opposite,
and no particular construction of gender is ever meaningful without its
compliment" (Dean 148). Guaman Poma describes a culture based on the
interdependence of men and women. It...
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The Increasing Participation of Women in the Field of Entrepreneurship
The term ‘female’ is generally recognized as the wife, daughter, mother and sister of a male. The dictionary meaning of female describes female as sex that can bear offspring and produce eggs. From the past, women have proven themselves in almost every field and they are not just offspring’s producers or homemakers. In the...
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The Different Types of Gender Discrimination Faced by Women in Modern Society
“You know what? I will not eat potato chips anymore. I need to lose weight before I graduate, or I won’t get a job easily back in China. You guys are lucky; you don't need to do that because you are men.” These words are from a close female friend of mine, Ying-Ying Wang, who has always expressed her inferiority about her l...
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The Struggles of Women in Society and the Breaking of Gender Stereotypes by Margery Kempe, Catherine Tekakwitha, and Malala Yousafzai
Girl power: Breaking gender stereotypes Is the struggle of women versus men ever going to be resolved? Who knows? Men have overshadowed women’s role in society. Women have been denied rights and opportunities in all fields, solely based on gender bias. Although it has been an unceasing dispute, a small number of females...
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The Effects of the Media's Use of Violence, Gender Roles, Body Image, and Sex on Women
Imagine a world where everyone loved themselves and their bodies. A world where our bodies were our own sacred temples. A world where no one, not even big corporations and companies can make us feel terrible about the way we look. Unfortunately we live in a completely opposite world where it is okay to objectify women and p...
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Hilary Clinton and Her Advocacy for the Equal Rights Amendment
Equal Rights Amendment is an extension of the Nineteenth Amendment in the United States Constitution (Pavlich, 2014). Proposed in 1923, it advocated for equal rights and treatment of all United States Citizen, regardless of the sex. It also advocated for use of necessary power and influential tools to ensure that the right...
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The Issues of Bullying and Sexual Objectification of Women Due to Breastfeeding in Public Places
Thesis: Sexual objectification of Women has led to increase in Cases of Breastfeeding Bullying Bullying due to breastfeeding in public places has become more rampant and requires to be properly addressed as most of those bullying believe that it is indecent exposure of the mother’s sexual organs in public. A woman exposing...
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A Narrative of My Gender Socialization from Childhood to Adulthood
Introduction Gender is a social construct meant to explain the biological differences between male and female. In this case gender is being man or woman. Even though it is determined by sex of the individual, gender defines masculinity and femininity. Gender ultimately dictates gender social roles of the different sexes;...
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