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Topics in Human Behavior

An Individual's Character is Based on Influences Due to Surroundings and Past Experiences
In life, at least once, everyone has wondered why they are the way they are. How they don’t react to certain situations like that guy. That’s out traits and characteristics, we can’t choose or change them. Some people say that our character is what we choose to make of it while others believe the opposite. Character is base...
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Peter Blau and George Homans' Views on the Effects of Exchange on Social Behavior
Peter Blau and George Homans both provide a unique perspective on how social behavior is facilitated through exchange, both at the micro and macro level. To this end, this work will consider these sociological theorists by their levels of analysis (macro and micro), as well as the motives for acting which they ascribe to th...
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A Study on UAE's Perspective on Child Car Safety
According to Maslow's Hierarchy of needs, Safety is one of the basic needs
for survival (Maslow & Stephens, 2000).Children being the most fragile,
parents or guardians, the government and non-governmental bodies should
ensure that safety for children is always met. In the recent years; there has been a gr...
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A Comparison of Goldman's Liberal and Scruton's Conservative Views on Human Sexuality
Scruton and Goldman advocate for opposite views when it comes to human sexuality. While Goldman argues for a fairly liberal view, Scruton is more conservative in his approach. Goldman’s main argument is that “the desire for another's body is, principally among other things, the desire for the pleasure that physical contact...
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The Impact of Texting While Driving to the Society
Things that interest me: pets, exercise, football, history, knowledge on human rights and law Things that bother me: texting while driving, lack of adherence to traffic laws, loud music, animal cruelty, sweaty palms, bad breath, nosy neighbors and slow internet connection. Things I would like to see change; commercializa...
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The Damaging Effects of Stereotypes in West Virginia
Stereotypes Stereotypes have been an issue for West Virginia long before the area ever achieved its statehood. Ever since its settlement, western Virginia has been viewed by some as backwards and somehow fundamentally different than other areas across the country. These stereotypes have been humiliating and even damaging t...
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The Causes of Teen Suicide and the Ways to Prevent It by Monitoring Teenage Social Behavior
Teenage suicide is an issue of concern in many countries, in this current generation. Many cases are being reported concerning teenagers killing themselves. The causes range from a variety of causes. Some take their lives due to misunderstandings with their fellow teens, others because of depression as a result of the lifes...
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The Social Influences to Conformity and Personality Traits
Abstract The social influences in many aspects shape a person, practice, change of believes or beliefs and personal judgment to issues. In a social setting, people tend to behave in a similar way; a group of people can easily influence the personality of the individual groups. Group pressure tends to take different forms f...
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Understanding Social Behaviors and Their Relationship with Observation and Imitation in Bobo Doll Experiment, an Article by Saul McLeod
As stated in the Bobo Doll Experiment article by Saul Mcleod, the main point for the experiment was to get a deeper understanding at social behaviors such as aggression and their correlation with observation and imitation. These researchers were essentially trying to understand if perhaps behaviors are acquired. Through the...
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The Influence and Ability of Society to Correct the Incorrect Conclusions
We are more likely to be mistaken in our general conclusions than in our specific observation. To what extent does this claim apply to two (or more) real life situations? One can argue that our senses are what tell us about the world, but our minds are what allow us to really know and think about what we as people perceive...
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Invasion of Privacy in the Boston Photographs
Privacy of Space: Boston Photographs The last few moments of life being captured by still images for the whole world to see; the final breaths of a living soul, the look on their face as they plummet towards the concrete floor. Although she did not pick her own fate, she seems to accepted it and embrace for what is to happ...
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A Visual Analysis of the I Am a Witness Campaign by the Ad Council to Stop Bullying on Social Media
The “I am a Witness” Campaign by the Ad Council, helps prevent bullying on social media through the use of an eye emoji. The eye emoji’s visual design serves two purposes: as a protector and a friend. With a stern, wide-eyed look, the eye emoji scares off the bullies and makes them feel watched. One problem with cyber bully...
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American Society Can Only Move Forward if its Citizens Learn How to Make Informed Decisions
Uniformed activism Uncivil, unjust, un-American and uninformed are a few words that expand on a larger, negative scale that has surrounded the public sphere since the President elect, Donald Trump won the majority of electoral votes. Susan Herbst, who has a Ph. D in communication theory, states that informed advocacy can b...
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The Ethical Issues in Killing Plants and Animals
“Is it just to kill plants and animals for food, clothing, shelter, etc.?” I am going to start answering this question by first breaking it down. Is it just to kill plants for food, clothing, shelter, etc.? According to Plato in Republic, “Justice is the greatest good and injustice is the greatest evil.” So, killing pla...
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The History of Prostitution, Social Stigma, and Moral Uncertainty of the Oldest Profession
The Moral Ambivalence of Prostitution Prostitution has been a part of every society since the beginning of organized culture. It is one factor that remains constant across cultures and centuries, despite the stigma that that it may or may not have, depending on the culture in which it is practiced in. In Japan, Geishas w...
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The Stigma and Negative Effects of the Labeling Theory in Society
Abstract In today's society, everything is tagged with a label. Food, clothes
and more importantly, people are labeled. In the early 1960s and late
1970s, Howard Becker and Edwin Lemert introduced labeling theory, or
societal reaction theory, as it is sometimes called. Labeling theory
attempts to explain and focus...
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The Central Idea of Stereotype Threat in A Threat in the Air, an Article by Claude M. Steele
The central idea in Claude M. Steele’s “A Threat in the Air” is that of stereotype threat and how it shapes academic identity and performance outcomes of large sectors of society. Stereotype threat, according to Steele, is the negative stereotype about a group to which one belongs becoming self-relevant usually as a plausib...
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The Negative Effects of Incarcerated Mothers on Children's Behavior
In the past decade, the incarceration rate within the United States has exploded, ripping apart thousands of families in its wake (Travis & Western 2014). Among these families, over 1.7 million minor children have suffered the loss of at least one parent due to incarceration (Arditti 2012). For some of these children, this...
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Gambling Addiction and Its Impact on the Individual and the Members of the Family
Chapter 8 Project Many countries have either outlawed or allowed online gambling, with many regulations and laws surrounding it of course. One country that allows online gambling is France, who passed new regulations and laws March, 5th 2009. They believe that rather than banning 2,500 websites, it would be more innovative...
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A History, Overview, and Impact of Social Media
Social Media Project Historical Perspective Social media has become a vital element of our culture in today’s age. There is evidence of the uses of social media no matter where one goes, whether it is online or in person. This explosion in social media use has come around due to several integral aspects of our culture t...
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An Argument in Favor of the Sanctuary for Animals
"What is a fish without a river? What is a bird without a tree to nest in? What is an Endangered Species Act without any enforcement mechanism to ensure their habitat is protected? It is nothing." -Jay Inslee- Today many animals are classified as endangered species, meaning the population of the species are showing drama...
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An Analysis of the Stereotype Threat
At the high end of eleven, I took a class trip to the local science museum; sixteen kids with shiny shoes and shiny hair elbowed each other for a chance to try steer the simulator, to appropriate the feeling of a fall, but the instructor insisted on leading us to another area; today, we will learn the laws of color. We co...
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How Far is It True That Animals are Man's Best Friends?
Man’s best friends –animals. How far is this true? During a lifetime, men befriend numerous people in all parts of the world. However, this does not stop them from befriending animals as well. Besides, the common saying “Animals are man’s best friend”, gives a picture of how men are more attached to animals rather than peo...
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A Discussion on Lying to and Why People Lie
“Does this make me look fat?” she asked, with self conscious wariness. In that moment, I had a big decision to make.Do I tell her the truth,that Christmas has been unkind to her waistline and crush her already minimal self confidence? Do I tell her a small lie, tell her that she looks gorgeous as always? The answer was obvi...
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A Discussion on the Process of Socialization and Its Examples
Socialization is something that every human being on earth has been through. Throughout a person’s lifetime, he continues to learn the beliefs and values of his culture and how to be a successful member of his social world. Especially in childhood, we mostly learn how to socialize through our interactions with other people,...
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