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A History of the Scandals That Served as a Basis for Russian Adoption Ban
Multiple Scandals Serve as Basis for Russian Adoption Ban The average adoption of Russian children by Americans drops from 970 to 0 in one day. This drastic change was due to a ban the Russian government put on Russian adoptions from America The recently banned process Americans underwent to adopt Russian children was co...
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What Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Taught Us
Throughout the decades since King’s death in 1968, much has been said about the almost universally respected Nobel Peace Prize-winning activist, pastor and humanitarian leader. Prayer services have been held, documentaries have been filmed, quotes have been spouted from various sources, and the idea of a man long dead have...
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An Essay in Favor of Public Shaming as a Form of Punishment
Public Shaming The idea of public embarrassment, or shaming has been a way to inflict a lasting impact on a wrong-doer so that they may no longer enact wrong-doing again. From the Puritan days of stockades and scarlet letters, to the songs and shameful celebrity feuds today, public shaming has always seemed to be a way f...
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A Discussion on the Validity of the Insanity Defense Plea
The insanity defense plea is a petitionused in trials when a defendant
claims that they are legally insane and were not capable of differentiating
right from wrong at the time of the crime. A good case is the Aurora
Theater Shooting,where the preliminary hearing for James Eagan Holmes, the
supposed shooter who murdered 12 a...
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A Discussion on the Case of a Government Law From 2005 Banning the Sale of Certain Violent Video Games to Children Without Parental Supervision
Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association The Constitution of the United States is the supreme law of the country and it is up to the Supreme Court to interpret it. Several cases force the court to interpret the first amendment which is one of the more controversial amendments. In a more recent case regarding the 2005 l...
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A Biography of Martin Luther King, an American Clergyman, Minister, Activist, and Leader
Martin Luther King was an American clergyman, minister, activist, and leader in the African-American Civil Rights Movement. Martin Luther King Was born on January 15, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia. He was one of the four children in his household. Martin Luther King skipped both the 9th and 12th grade. He attended Morehouse...
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The Factors That Play a Role in Determining Whether or Not a Social Movement is Successful
Several different factors play a role in determining whether or not a social movement is successful. Social movements are typically aimed at raising awareness about an issue in society, and encouraging people to make some form of change. The government plays a major role in whether or not a social movement is successful (Ta...
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An Analysis of a Presentation by Secretary Kathleen Sebelius
The talk was supposed to be about women leadership and women in office, but this was not to clear to me. From what I witnessed Secretary Sebelius was questioned about her own success, which wasn’t a bad thing. Being a democrat I really enjoyed her on stage. The presentation was named women for president, I believe the speec...
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The Definition of Justice and Injustice Through the Works of Martin Luther King, Jr.
Justice Defined Everyone knows that injustice is one of the most dangerous things in our society today. It is a fact that we learn when we are very young, and it is drilled into our heads throughout our life. Why is injustice something that we fear so much? It is because it doesn’t just hurt the people where they occu...
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What It Means to Intervene in a Global Humanitarian Crisis
What it Means to Intervene Where does responsibility for crimes against humanity end and unnecessary intervention begin? The road there is almost indistinguishable. It seems that every day the news media criticizes some country somewhere for not intervening at this time, or doing too much elsewhere. For the average person,...
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