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The Moral Questions Regarding Death with Dignity in the United States
Death With Dignity     When you think of the words, “right to die,” what do you think of? How about death of the terminally ill? You see, when death is the topic of conversation, there comes alot of controversy, and whether or not states should allow it. And what that means is, when a person who is terminally ill chooses...
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The Lack of Resources to Educate, Advance and Support the Average Citizens as the Greatest Problem in the United States
The Lack of Resources for the Oppressed in the U.S. From research and statistics, the greatest problem that we face in the United States is the lack of resources to educate, advance and ultimately support the average U.S. citizen.  Those essential elements needed to survive begin with money (financial resources), making...
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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as the Beacon of Light in the Darkness
Beacon of Light Historians have documented Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to be one of the most influential human rights activists due to his impactful speeches and marches all towards the final goal of equality. Dr. King joined others who believed in his cause and through their efforts, they were able to push towards...
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An Analysis of What Causes Individuals to Become Serial Killers
Serial killings are a different concept than instances of homicide. They are often more violent, brutal, and complicated. Serial killings do not just happen once; theyare murders of two or more people, by the same individualin separate events, over a period of time, and the motive is not precisely clear or rational. That is...
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The Steps to Achieve a Fair and Just Society
In a just and fair society there ought to be systems in place that allow for its citizens to express their true nature. A specific example of this natural expression is gender. People should not be confined to one definition of sexuality or their gender. Many will claim that gender is based off of chromosomal structuring, b...
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Civil Disobedience as a Tool Against Injustice in Society
During the American Revolution, when America was still under British rule,
the people rebelled in order to achieve the rights and justice that they
believed they deserved. Agreeing to avoid the oppression that the British
monarchy created, the politicians of America transformed America into a
democratic society, promising f...
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The Right for Every Citizen to Vote
You may ask yourself should non American citizens be able to vote in the presidential election, my personal opinion is yes but with some exceptions. I find nothing wrong with non citizens voting if they are planning on live in America and possibly raising a family here however with me saying that I would like them to have a...
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Be the Change: The Characteristics of Activists
Reading “Be The Change” inspired me to go out and do something to change the world. From the very first sentence, “Every acorn is a potential oak.”(paragraph 1) I felt like I could do something bigger and better than myself. This writing is filled with inspiration and important quotes. Gandhi himself is even quoted later in...
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The Opinions and Controversy of Malcolm X, an African-American Rights Activist and Muslim Minister
Malcolm X declined to comply with this guideline and made unsympathetic remarks about Kennedy's homicide, stating that his death was “chickens coming home to roost”. Elijah Muhammad banned him from talking openly for 90 days and Malcolm X held fast to this. Be that as it may, it was an indication of the strain inside NOI. N...
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The Invasion of Privacy Issue Concerning the Terms of Use and Privacy Agreement
At the beginning of the interview “It’s Not OK Cupid: Co-Founder Defends User Experiments”, interviewer Todd Zwillich introduces app co-founder Christian Rudder and begins connecting his privacy concern with one previously: Facebook’s experiments on its users. When questioned on how his experiments were an invasion of priva...
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