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The Whole of Europe Says No to Capital Punishment
Starting in October of 2011, a selection of European nations made a choice to demonstrate their opposition to the use of capital punishment within the United States. These nations accomplished this by refusing to sell certain pharmaceutical properties (traditionally grown/manufactured in Europe) which are used in the making...
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The Fall of Civil Liberties in the 20th Century
To What extent have Civil Liberties been eroded in Recent Years? A Civil Liberty is a right that the state gives to the public which helps to ensure their human rights. In recent years there has been an argument to say that they have been eroded. This is especially true in connection to anti-terrorist legisla...
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The Cruelty of Humans in the Rwandan Genocide, the Human Rights Broken, and Its Impact on Rwanda and the World
Something I know is how cruel people in this world can be. Like how
can human dare to kill human, torture, play with them as if they were less?
Once again I'm just a young man and this is my speech on Human Rights and
the act of genocide putting its main focuses in the mass murder genocide of
Rwandan. Genocide and not follo...
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An Annotated Bibliography on the American Presidential Elections, Voter Support, and Voting Rights
Ward-Smith, Peggy. "It's an Election Year." Urologic Nursing. Jan 2016. Academic Search Complete. Accessed 23 Oct. 2016. In this editorial written by Peggy Ward-Smith with a PhD and RN degree, she discusses the history of presidential voting and how it differs from how a president is elected into office today. Our country...
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The Evident Violation of Human Rights in the Tobacco Harvesting Industry
Child Labor in Tobacco Harvesting: Human rights Violation Children of the ages between 7 to 18 are found at the field working on tobacco harvesting. This is a legal practice under the laws and regulations in the U.S. currently (“A Ban”). Children work an average of 12 hours exposed to dangerous chemicals and tools (Greenho...
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Race Do Not Define the Intelligence of an Individual
What defines intelligence? Does you race defines intelligence? Do where you come from define your intelligence? There are many questions in regards to what determines a person’s intelligence. Many people who put forth the effort, have different genetics, or who have been exposed to many things, can all determine a person’s...
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The Concept of Intersectionality in Sociology
Intersectionality is probably one of the most complex concepts in sociology. This is because it can always be examined on increasing levels, each person’s individual story adding to the collective. In a subject that tends to look at the macro-level intersectionality forces at least some examination of the micro. Because...
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The Right of Privacy and Ways to Prevent Cyber-Attacks
Although privacy is not a modern-day idea, so far it has proven to be too complex to simply define (Tavani, 1999). According to Schoeman (1984), privacy is the right or ability of an individual to control information about themselves. The internet has presented a policy vacuum as lawmakers were unsure how to apply legislati...
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A Biography of the Famous Indian Leader Mahatma Gandhi
Gandhi was a famous leader who helped inspire the people of India to fight for their independence from the British in non-violent ways. Among that he is also given credit for helping motivate Martin Luther King Jr. to stand up for the civil rights of African Americans, and bringing peace to the world today. Mohandas Karamc...
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An Argument in Favor of Choosing and Preserving National Security over Personal Privacy
There are issues with Americans nowadays on privacy due to national security. Privacy is very important but not illegal when invaded by government personell. Americans have issues with invasion of privacy but we also have a range of crimes that happen due to privacy, so everyday we have a conflict of either or. Without the...
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