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Marriage Equality Is a Question of Personal Identity and Personal Freedoms
People often point to our founding fathers and our country’s founding documents to make one point or another. Politicians and pundits on both sides of the aisle hail the Second Amendment, the Preamble, the division of powers, Jefferson’s letter regarding the separation of church and state to drive their particular ideologic...
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The Social Impact of Bruce Jenner's Transition to Caitlyn Jenner Concerning the Olympic Games of 1976
The Bruce Jenner gold metal scandal was a popular topic in the summer of 2015. After 66 years of hiding behind a public façade that masked private despair, Caitlyn Jenner, born as William Bruce Jenner, underwent her full transition into her true identity. Regarding the Olympic Games of 1976, some argued that Jenner should...
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A Research on the Effects of Gay and Lesbian Parenting on Children
Gay and Lesbian Parenting Throughout all the research done investigating the effects of gay and lesbian parenting, the research concludes that the children in gay and lesbian households are no more likely to be homosexual, are not at risk from the mental health status of their parents, and the children do not need a mother...
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The Moral and Ethical Stance of Being Gay
So is being gay wrong or is it ok? Society never can agree on this
issue, you have the biblical view, you have the law , and people that just
plain think its gross all against you. Some say that " you're born that
way" , some think you should be able to live as freely as you please being
that this is "America home of the f...
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The Disturbing Issue of Homosexuality in Our Society
Throughout our U.S. history, homosexuality has been a negative issue in society. Over time, gay rights have changed slowly due to those with different moral issues. In a democratic society, gay rights should not even be an issue, but disturbingly it is. Equality is a liberty that homosexuals desire, and “…as people get to k...
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A Personal Reflection on the Socratic Circle Performance on Homosexuality
Vocabulary: Ominous is an adjective. According to, ominous is when a person gives an impression that something unpleasant or bad is going to happen. It’s kind of like a premonition. I never hear of the word before so I was confused about what it meant. After discussing our different opinions on describing...
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The Controversial Battle for Homosexuality
One concern that is sweeping the nation is the controversy of
homosexuality. Homosexually is an event that has been seen near equally as
a negative and a positive ordeal. There are many people who support the
cause of absolute equal rights, and those that find it is an abomination
that should not b...
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The Stonewall Hill and the History of the Gay Rights Movement in the United States
The true start of the Gay rights movement, which is referred to as the “Rose Parks moment,” was at the Stonewall Inn. Stonewall Inn was one of the most popular gay bars in New York City which got raided often. In every state expect Illinois homosexual sex was illegal, and the American Psychiatric Association was still clas...
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Transgender Rights and Surviving Hate Crimes in the Case of CeCe McDonald
In June 2011 CeCe McDonald, a transgendered woman, went for a walk to her local grocery store in Minnesota. It was late and on this walk her, and her friends were accosted by Dean Schmitz outside of a bar. Schmitz began to harass McDonald by using a series of racial and transphobic slurs. According to testimony, Schmitz had...
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An Examination of Trans Rights to Health Care in the United States
Trans* healthcare rights are becoming more and more prominent in the United States; not only is there a push for coverage of hormones and surgery but also is pushing for an overhaul of how we approach our health care in general. “Transgender people face massive and systemic discrimination within the health care system. Fr...
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