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Enumeration of the Effects, Group, and Resolution of Conflicts
Introduction Conflicts are looked as having a confusion or misunderstanding between two or more parties. Most conflict start with a break in communication and the understanding of what an individual is saying or has said to the other individual. I feel that effective communication between any relationship will keep reduce...
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The Hindrances in Achieving the American Dream
The American Dream is the idea that all citizens have the freedom to be successful and upward social mobility, with few barriers. Americans strive to have an occupation with a high salary, luxurious vehicles, and lavish home with a white picket fence. Immigrants perceive the United States of America as the “land of equalit...
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A Study on Sociology
What is sociology? What is being a sociologist? Sociologists think a lot, but what about? Thinking like a sociologist means applying analytical ideas to something you have always done without much thought. For us to think outside the box, we have to use our sociological imagination, or the ability to see the connections bet...
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US Troops Should Be Withdrawn from Afghanistan Immediately
The United States should immediately remove all of its troops from
Afghanistan. First of all, the war has been going on for 10 years (2001-
2011), without much success or change. The U.S. lives lost are not worth
the outcome. The United States is also in a recession and a rough $393
billion has been spent on the war in Afgh...
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A Comparison of Positive and Negative Stereotyping
Stereotypes are overgeneralized, over simplified qualities assigned to groups of people related to their race, nationality, sexual orientation etc. When a stereotype is implemented, it groups individuals into a certain category based on a few characteristics or assumptions. This poses a difficult standard because most peopl...
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A Reflection on Discrimination in Boys Beware, a Clip by Mike Wallace
For the Boys Beware clip, I honestly believe it’s a good video to warn young boys of the dangers that could come from strangers. Young boys could be duped into having a relationship with an adult. Young boys could get killed if they got into a car with a stranger. If the video hasn’t mentioned anything about homosexuality o...
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The Lessons and Precautions Learned from the Virginia Tech Shooting
How Not to Respond to Virginia Tech- II School shootings. It’s a shame that they are part of our lives as we know it and they have happened and will continue to occur unless we do something about it. Different groups and universities within our great nation have expressed their concerns and ideas on how to counter this...
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A Critical View on Gandhi's Nonviolent Direct Action
Is Nonviolent Direct Action Viable? According to Gandhi, “The law which is most in harmony with human nature is that of winning over others by the power of love- by soul-force. When, therefore, a man, wins over an enemy through love, he simply follows the law of his nature.” This quote is a part of Gandhi’s philosophy of...
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Violence Should Not Be Used to Resolved a Dispute
When Violence is the Answer Violence is a physical form of aggression that alarms many and is embraced by others. Unfortunately, there are times where violence is necessary but to a legal extent. To make the distinction of what is deemed justifiable acts of violence is based on an individual’s moral structure. It can be pa...
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The Contributions of K-Mart to the Columbine School Shooting in the Movie Bowling for Columbine
Bowling for Columbine In the movie Bowling for Columbine, Michael Moore tries to get to the route as to why the shooting happened in the first place. There is a bank in Michigan that gives customers a free gun when they open an account with a certain amount of money. Right before Michael leaves, he asks “Don’t you think...
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