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The Baltimore Riots and the Death of Freddie Gray
Deindividuation: The Baltimore Riots In a recent and apparent string of brutality cases and unarmed-victim-cases with the police, the Baltimore Police Department was found responsible for the death of Freddie Gray, who suffered severe spinal trauma after being brutalized by multiple officers, and died painfully after being...
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The Positive Impact of Social Change
Social change can have positive effects on race relations with a
keener understanding of prejudice and ethnocentrism. With social change,
all people will begin to feel as one when they began to be treated the same
as others. Also, it can help reduce stereotypic thinking. In the article
From Presidency to Pop to supermarket:...
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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Pornography
Pornography The porn industry has been around for ages and has evolved over the years into a phenomenon that generates billions of dollars every year. Nowadays you can find it on the Internet, in books, in magazines, and on TV. Recently, it has become evident that access to pornography is by no means limited, except for...
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An Analysis of British Rock Culture and Its Impact on Popular Culture
Since its genesis in the early 1960s, British Rock n’ Roll has been one of the most influential movements of contemporary music worldwide. Britain has successfully introduced some of the most significant rock musicians to ever grace the stage worldwide. Included in this group are bands like The Who, Led Zeppelin, The Beatle...
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Understanding Popular Culture, Trendsetters, and the Spread of Culture
Culture: What is it, Who Creates Trends, And Who Decides What is Popular?                    Throughout time, humans have developed new trends in styles, habits, and ways of life that eventually became defined as culture. Music is one just one element affected by all individuals of a society; not just by one class. Radios,...
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The Criticism of the American Hypocrisy in Jennifer Price's Essay on Pink Flamingos
Author Jennifer Price, a critic of United States culture, upbraids the flamboyant and extravagant style of modern US culture in her 1999 essay on the popularity of the pink flamingo throughout the 1950s. Price’s antithetical ridicule, alliterative diction, and use of hypophera establish her opinion that the US is a largely...
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Malcolm Gladwell's Theories of Success as Applied to Public Figures
You Have Arrived: Why We Don’t Have to Listen to Gladwell Society is the greatest weapon of all. The social opinion or definition of a person or thing is either its greatest strength or its most detrimental weakness. The definition of the word success has evolved so frequently and so drastically that each variation of the...
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An Argument in Favor of Selfie, as a New Trend
The Ultimate Picture of Independence The selfie is becoming an important thing in society, whether we like
it or not. A selfie, to me, is basically trying to make sure you look good
so you can post it on a social media site. The odds of taking good pictures
with other people and the pictures actually being posted, is...
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A Discussion on the Trend of Wearing Necklaces
Statement necklaces have been a trend for a while now and I believe that this style is still trending today because these bold necklaces are an easy way to dress up any outfit, formal or casual. Everyone knows the struggle of getting ready so early in the morning, and while most people will work through that struggle to mak...
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The Unrealistic Beauty Standards of the Fashion Industry
The Fashion Industry’s Unrealistic Beauty Standards It is not hard to see that American society is very driven by the fashion industry. Young girls and middle-aged women alike constantly fashion themselves after models and celebrities, making them into role models of how they should look and how they should achieve...
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A Discussion on the Freedom of Career Choice Becoming a Moral Issue
Fight for Freedom, but Get Judged in the Process All people deserve to change their life whenever they choose. The freedom of choice has not disappeared just because someone goes from making minimum wage to thousands of dollars a week. Teens are vulnerable at this time in their lives and can be influenced greatly, but thei...
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The Three Main Reasons for Body Modification: Enhancing Attractiveness, Religious Beliefs, and Self-Expression
Body Modification Body modifications have been around for thousands of year. The oldest documented tattoo is from Otzi the iceman from 3300 BC ,states Since then, many more body modifications have evolved, such as; scarification, skin stretching, forked tongue. “Body modification is the deliberate alterin...
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Al-Qaeda, a Terrorist Group Made Up of Islamic Political Parties
Al-Qaeda is a term used by Islamic radicals to describe the terrorist organization to which they belong. The term is not used to describe a single group or even a combination of multiple groups. Al-Qaeda is made up of several main bases in Afghanistan, Islamic political parties and it also has many remote locations worldwid...
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An Argument Against Hunting Animals as a Form of Sport
For thousands of years, hunting has been looked at as a way to survive. Whether someone is hungry with no way to buy food or just prefers to eat their own killing, hunting for food is a necessity in many people’s lives. However, nowadays people look at killing animals as a sport, rather than a method of survival. People hav...
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Recent Study Disproves Negative Effects of Violent Video Games
Violent Video Games Discourage Violence Many people these days assume that violent video games contribute to violent behaviors. Bruce Bartholow, professor of psychology at the University of Missouri, was quoted saying “More than any other media, these video games encourage active participation in violence.” However, t...
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The Treatment of Ethics in Precarious Life by Judith Butler and Never Let Me Go
Before I dive into the treatment of ethics that Precarious Life plays in Never Let Me Go, here’s some food for thought: what ethical demand does a person who has a precarious life make on you? Could the individual be asking for help or do you feel for that person? In Judith Butler’s Precarious Life, she thoughtfully writes...
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The Relationship of Patriarchy to Society and Its Representation in Literature and Popular Culture
What is patriarchy? Patriarchy is the term used to refer to male domination in a society or in the household. In a patriarchal society, the man holds more power and usually makes all decision. This essay will discuss patriarchy in relation to society and to its representation in literature and popular culture. As mention...
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The Viewpoint of Colin McGinn on Modern Agricultural Methods and Meat Consumption and the Utilitarian Refutation to His Argument from R. M. Hare
The ethics surrounding the killing and eating of animals has become a popular topic of debate and discussion in the modern world, as lifestyles of vegetarianism and veganism become more accepted and supported. Many philosophers try to pin down the widely disputed answer to what is morally permissible in terms of eating meat...
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The Impact of Barbie on Teenage Body Perception
Body dissatisfaction is a huge problem in today’s world, and the Barbie dolls are adding to the problem. Nowadays, the celebrities are pushing different products that are supposed to make you skinnier, which also adds to the body dissatisfaction problem. The article by Dittmar, Halliwell, and Ives studies if, how and why Ba...
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The Negative Effects of Making Mistakes
Actions Lead to Personal Effects In today's society having a child before marriage is all too common.
People just don't understand that having children in middle, high school,
or even college isn't a good idea. The parents of said child should be more
adamant in their child's education. When a pregnancy is unplanned b...
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Can Violent Video Games Serve as an Outlet for Aggression and Reduce Social Violence?
Video game violence has been blamed for shootings in schools, increases in the level of bullying, and violent behavior towards women. Critics say that violent video games desensitize their players and teach children that violent behavior is a reasonable way to solve conflict. Violent video game supporters argue that a major...
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The Importance of Safety Regulations and Policies for Our Children's Outdoor Safety
Being outside and enjoying nature is something we all love to do,but like most activities,it does comes with plenty of safety regulations and policies that we must all follow to ensure the safety and protection of our children and/or someone else’s.Unintentional accidents are more likely to happen outside than inside.While...
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An Overview of the 1960's Pop Culture and Its Influence
Introduction When envisioning a time in our society’s history when the world was rebellious, free spirited, and mindful – the 1960’s comes to mind. Radio, film, television, and music are media which affect and contribute to the known identity of a society at a point in time. In fact, these media establish popular culture...
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The Issues of Political Corruption in Our Modern Society
Political Corruption in Today’s Society The issues that Lincoln Steffens, and many other reformers fought for, are still around today. There never was a solution found to end political corruption, and most still view politics in general as a business rather than anything else. Many politicians today still look for the pe...
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The Detrimental Effects of Public Statement of Opinions
As a society, it is often in our nature to express our opinion. The first amendment gives us the right to do so. Whether it be through television shows, magazines, or online blogs, people want to be heard and many are not afraid to hold back. The opinions that are expressed through the media are often detrimental and underm...
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