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People's Obsession with Make-up and Plastic Surgery for Cosmetic Reasons
We live in a world where a lot of our interactions are made on virtual platforms, mainly social media and television. A lot of the things we see, hear and witness are not physical experiences or interactions. According to a report by CNN, last year, the average teen in a developed nation spends approximately nine hours a da...
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The Negative Effects of Making Mistakes
Actions Lead to Personal Effects In today's society having a child before marriage is all too common.
People just don't understand that having children in middle, high school,
or even college isn't a good idea. The parents of said child should be more
adamant in their child's education. When a pregnancy is unplanned b...
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Can Violent Video Games Serve as an Outlet for Aggression and Reduce Social Violence?
Video game violence has been blamed for shootings in schools, increases in the level of bullying, and violent behavior towards women. Critics say that violent video games desensitize their players and teach children that violent behavior is a reasonable way to solve conflict. Violent video game supporters argue that a major...
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The Importance of Safety Regulations and Policies for Our Children's Outdoor Safety
Being outside and enjoying nature is something we all love to do,but like most activities,it does comes with plenty of safety regulations and policies that we must all follow to ensure the safety and protection of our children and/or someone else’s.Unintentional accidents are more likely to happen outside than inside.While...
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An Overview of the 1960's Pop Culture and Its Influence
Introduction When envisioning a time in our society’s history when the world was rebellious, free spirited, and mindful – the 1960’s comes to mind. Radio, film, television, and music are media which affect and contribute to the known identity of a society at a point in time. In fact, these media establish popular culture...
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The Detrimental Effects of Public Statement of Opinions
As a society, it is often in our nature to express our opinion. The first amendment gives us the right to do so. Whether it be through television shows, magazines, or online blogs, people want to be heard and many are not afraid to hold back. The opinions that are expressed through the media are often detrimental and underm...
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Parents Should Not Be Allowed to Exploit Their Kids on TV Shows
Eight-year-old girls dancing for six hours a day to perfect their routines, five year old beauty queens screaming and refusing to practice, and children throwing temper tantrums not wanting the “Super Nanny” to interfere. These are all examples of shows on TV that are deemed “reality”, but why should their parents be allowe...
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A Response to Slavoj Zizek's Opinions on Democracy in Looking Awry: An Introduction to Jacques Lacan through Popular Culture
Zizek Response Paper I found Zizek’s final chapter in Looking Awry helpful in that it brought his previous comments on fantasy space and the intrusion of “the other” together to deal with the inescapable yet necessary “stain of enjoyment” that actually allow democracies to function. Zizek’s opening story refers to Patric...
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The Differences in Starting Point, Wealth, and Lifestyle between Jessica Alba and Paris Hilton
Hilton. They are famous actresses, models and businesswomen. They are both talent, rich and beautiful but they have completely opposite personalities. At the same ages 34, they have so many differences from each other. The first difference is their starting point. Jessica is an American actress. She began her television an...
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An Assessment of the Issues Surrounding the Restriction of Free Speech on Campus in the Article Feigning Free Speech on Campus by Greg Lukianoff
Op Ed Analysis In the article “Feigning Free Speech on Campus” by Greg Lukianoff, the author argues that colleges are restricting free speech on campus using various examples from different schools to support his assertion. While the title of the article suggests the article is about all schools, the article provides exam...
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