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Parents Should Not Be Allowed to Exploit Their Kids on TV Shows
Eight-year-old girls dancing for six hours a day to perfect their routines, five year old beauty queens screaming and refusing to practice, and children throwing temper tantrums not wanting the “Super Nanny” to interfere. These are all examples of shows on TV that are deemed “reality”, but why should their parents be allowe...
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A Response to Slavoj Zizek's Opinions on Democracy in Looking Awry: An Introduction to Jacques Lacan through Popular Culture
Zizek Response Paper I found Zizek’s final chapter in Looking Awry helpful in that it brought his previous comments on fantasy space and the intrusion of “the other” together to deal with the inescapable yet necessary “stain of enjoyment” that actually allow democracies to function. Zizek’s opening story refers to Patric...
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An Assessment of the Issues Surrounding the Restriction of Free Speech on Campus in the Article Feigning Free Speech on Campus by Greg Lukianoff
Op Ed Analysis In the article “Feigning Free Speech on Campus” by Greg Lukianoff, the author argues that colleges are restricting free speech on campus using various examples from different schools to support his assertion. While the title of the article suggests the article is about all schools, the article provides exam...
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The Issues of Identity Crisis and Mass Consumerism Affecting the Middle Class in America in the Essay Chosen People by Stewart Ewen
The concept of the ‘American Dream’ has drawn people from all across the world to the United States, expecting that the democratic-capitalist society would make good on its promise of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. However, nothing in life is perfect, and this holds true for the ‘American Dream’ as well. Stewa...
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The Impact of the Oppression of Personal Biography, Cultural Context and the Level of Social Institutions on the Formation of Identity
Every human has two identities, an interior and exterior, an identity that you hold, and an identity that society holds upon you. You create your interior identity, but your exterior identity is created by oppression. The dilemma is that we are all oppressed in different ways, and in some cases the word “oppressed” may seem...
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A Comprehensive Analysis of White Weddings, a Book by Chrys Ingraham
White Weddings: Romancing Heterosexuality in Popular Culture Chrys Ingraham's book "White Weddings," focuses on societies obsession with weddings and how they influence capitalism, heterosexuality and white supremacy. The authors purpose for writing this book as she states early on is to further understand why weddings ar...
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The Consequences of Being Famous
Fame and fortune has its perks and downfalls; it’s not right to have everything in the world. To be able to live a luxurious life isn’t like the characters in movies. Celebrities do not have the same right to privacy enjoyed by ordinary citizens. Sources A, C, and F supports that celebrities don’t receive what middle class...
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Private Companies and the Government Should Not Track Our Data
Government Surveillance and Cyber Security In today’s modern era people use smartphones, smartwatches, laptops, and other electronic devices to help us complete our jobs or just use them for fun. Behind the scenes, millions of terabytes of data are being tracked and data mined from private companies. And behind these scene...
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The Factors Affecting the Deliverance of World Peace
There are many problems and questions to which the great minds of our civilizations have pondered and found answers. One question today is if world peace is possible. The sad fact is that world peace is not possible because of the constant presence of disputes over territory and religious differences, and the fact that the...
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The Decent of Vaslav Nijinsky to Madness in the Secrets of Nijinsky by Joan Acocella
Dancing Mad: Critiquing “Secrets of Nijinsky” by Joan Acocella There is an aura that’s undeniably sexy when it comes to scandal. Public consciousness is drawn to the celebrity train-wrecks, sex tapes and tabloids that prevail through pop culture and surround our favorite stars. It has almost always been this way, too. Even...
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