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How Extreme Inequality Makes the American Dream Inaccessible
How Extreme Inequality Makes the American Dream Inaccessible Since the creation of the American Dream in America’s early history, it has remained an abstract symbol of growth, wealth, and prosperity. However, in recent history, it can be seen that the American Dream is not necessarily attainable by all Americans. F. Scot...
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The Consequences of Social Stratification Based on Gender and Race
Gender refers to the unequal treatment of individuals in society basing on their gender and sex. It occurs mainly in women who are treated unfairly when compared to men. Thus, it results in unequal opportunities to all regarding education, jobs and wealth inheritance. Gender inequality occurs majorly due to beliefs and trad...
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An Examination of the Rankings of People in Society Through the Economic, Social, and Political Lens
In both of the renaissances people had pre-determined place in society, there was no class scaling, really. There were some key differences between the Northern and Italian renaissances, and how people were treated. This essay will look at people’s rankings in society through an economic, social, and political lens.The Ital...
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A Study to Compare the Unethical Nature of People Based on Their Socioeconomic Status
Social Class, Power, and Selfishness is an empirical study to compare the unethical nature of people based on their socioeconomic status. Examples of unethical behavior in the study are cheating on your spouse, tax evasion, lying, falsifying expense reports, and so on. The study’s findings find anecdotal evidence of rich pe...
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The Measure of an Ethical Act in Society Today
I went home for the first time in two years during this Winter break. Although I am an international student, two years is still long enough to get my family super excited for my return. I remember, when I walked out the train station, my family were waving at me with clear happiness on their faces. My cousin, who is 10 yea...
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Understanding the Serious Issues of Unemployment
After reading “Promise” by C. Wright Mills I understand the relationship between a trouble, and a social issue. A trouble is personal; it affects and is based around an individual and his/her actions/environment. While a social issue is how a group is affected by the same trouble, and is based around flaws in the society, w...
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Bystanders and Indifference to People in Need in Sarah's Key and Old Nothing
Indifference Imagine a scene of a group of people attacking someone, while you and others watch on. You want to help, but others seem to not care. They are indifferent to what is happening around them. People respond to injustice when they feel the need to act, or when it can benefit them. Some examples of how people are b...
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My Portfolio on the Gender Wage Gap
At first, I was rather intimidated when I was presented with the portfolio. It was about to be the largest and most extensive writing project I had ever been tasked to do. My professor recommended that I choose a topic I was interested in learning more about. Eventually, I decided on the gender wage gap. It was a pretty eas...
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An Examination of the Issues of the Possible Flow of Money Between Social Classes in Jerome Karabel's Grand Illusion: Mobility, Inequality, and the American Dream
Grand Illusion: Mobility, Inequality, and the American Dream “Grand Illusion: Mobility, Inequality, and the American Dream” by Jerome Karabel elaborates upon the issue of the possible flow of money between classes. He explains that all Americans, both republicans and democrats, focus on and preach the idea of the America...
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The Truth behind the Social Classes in America
In this article you will find shocking and disturbing information, information that reveals the truth behind the golden doors of America. Muck racking is the term use to describe learning the truth of America’s demons and broadcasting it to the world. In this article you will find out all about the tragic and unbearable liv...
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