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The Effects of Gun Control on the People of America
Guns in American soil have not always been an issue to be regulated because of danger to a human being or the society in general. In the beginning of the U.S guns were used as a necessary tool for hunting as well as for self-defense. Many colonists were very dependable of a gun to defend themselves against native Indian, wi...
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Gun-Related Crimes in the United States and the Issue on Gun Control
Gun Control Vs. Gun Rights Elementary and middle schools ban innocent children from even creating a figure of a gun with their mere fingers, yet mentally unstable adults are allowed to carry guns around as they please. In a nation where even Wal-Mart is selling guns, it is no wonder why these dangerous machines of des...
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The Controversies Surrounding the Real Culprit in the Mass Shooting in America: Gun Control or Gun Ownership?
In wake of the numerous massacres that have occurred more and more frequently in the United States, the intensity of public demand for gun control reform continues to rise. Past tragedies such as Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aurora Colorado, and the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre have many people questioning whether gun...
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Gun Control and the Consequences of Gun Ownership in America
The gun control laws are a very controversial topic. To solve this issue there is no right or wrong answer. Not everyone will ever be happy with the rules and regulations of this country. Honestly, I am indifferent. First, I don't care and second I think it's too late. Guns have become and shaped our culture as America...
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The Disagreements Between the Presidential Candidates, Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton on Gun Control and Same-Sex Marriage
Article 1: Article 2: In both articles, there was a lot of disagreement between Trump and Clinton on different topics. In article one, they argued on guns. Trumps wants t...
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The Call for Stricter Gun Control Laws, Comfort in a Time of Distress, and Eulogy to the Victims of the SAndy Hook Shooting in the Emotional Speech of President Barack Obama
On December 14, 2012, a mass shooting occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut. This resulted in the death of 20 school children (age 6 to 7), 6 teachers, the perpetrators mother, and the perpetrator himself who committed suicide when police arrived at the scene. The murder of young children and innoc...
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An Analysis of Nicholas Kristof's Articles on Gun Control and Violence
In the United States, the topic of gun control and violence is very controversial. In the past, guns have caused several negative repercussions in the general public. The author, Nicholas Kristof, talks about this issue in detail in his article “Kristof: Lessons from the Virginia Shooting”. Kristof argues for further protec...
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A Critique of Gun Control Campaigns in America
Rich Lowry in “Ignorant Crusade-Gun Control Campaigns Stemming from the San Bernardino Shooting Aren’t Based in Fact” describes the irrational mindset of rampant gun control campaigns in America. Through the utilization of a ridiculing tone, Lowry conveys gun control supporters’ lack of knowledge regarding the issue of gun...
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The Pros and Cons of a Stricter Gun Control Laws in the United States
Gun Control Crime happens everyday all around the United States. Have you ever wondered if there was a reliable way to cut down the amount of crime that is done. A lot of citizens say that guns play a big part in the amount of crime that takes place and some argue against them. Before anyone argues that point, they sh...
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The Importance of Stricter Gun Control Laws in America
Do these dates strike a chord? They were America’s and the world’s worst massacres. The Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre which killed 20 innocent children and 6 staff members, and the Virginia Tech massacre which killed 32 people definitely brings to light America’s loose (or I should say non-existent) gun policy. In m...
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