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An Interview to Understand the Deployment Cycle and Its Effects on the Family Members of the Deployed Military Member
Combat deployments to hostile areas are a fact of life for many U.S. service members, especially with the continuing war on terror and involvement in the Middle East. These deployments include potential danger in combat, adverse living conditions, and risk for long lasting psychological damage. They also place a strain on t...
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Happiness and Knowledge: Charlie Gordon in Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes
Our society has created the illusion that nothing fulfilling ever happens. The constant focus on pessimistic topics in the press and the media has instilled a haze of negativity over all of us, and it seems as though we have lost the ability for optimism. However, that is not the case for Charlie Gordon in Flowers for Alger...
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The Challenges of Finding a Good Child-Care Provider
One of the hardest choices every working parent must make is deciding who to choose as a caretaker for their children while they are at work. While some parents have the ability to stay home or ask a family member to watch their children, this is not a viable option for many. Deciding a child care agency or provider that is...
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The Changes in the American Family Structure: From Extended Families, through Nuclear Families, towards Family Dissolution
Though, when asked, a large majority of the population of America would understand what the “perfect American family” is: a nuclear family. A nuclear family is made up of a mother, father, and children. However, has this idea of the perfect American family ever been more than just that- an idea? Nuclear families are fairly...
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A Review of Supporting Transnational Families, an Article by Cho, Chen, and Shin
Article Summary 2: Supporting Transnational Families Summary The article begins by explaining what transnational families are- families from another country with some members living in the United States and other living back in the homeland. Because transnational families often consist of only one parent, teachers must be...
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The Influence of Parenting Styles on a Child's Attachment to Parents
Attachment is how the children bond with their parents. Bolby did an experiment where he brought a mom and infant/toddler into a room, had the mom leave the room for a short time, and then had the mom return to the child; he observed the child’s reaction to the mom’s departure and return. He concluded that there are three t...
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The Psychological, Legal, and Ethical Questions Regarding the Practice of Surrogate Pregnancy.
“A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.” ~ Charles Dickens This case study presents interesting psychological, legal, and even ethical questions regarding the practice of surrogate pregnancy. In the case described, the issues i...
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The Influence of Parenting on Work Potential
To the End of Potentiality Society’s infinite amount of unspoken rules and expectations are constantly changing. In the past, one parent would stay at home to watch the children while the other went to work to provide for the entire family. Nowadays, both parents are usually working full-time jobs. Because this is still so...
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A Discussion on Marriage Decline in The Marriage Crisis by Aja Gabel and Could Temporary Marriages Reduce the Alarming Rate of Divorce
Marriage Decline When reading "The Marriage Crisis" by Aja Gabel and "Could Temporary Marriages Reduce the Alarming Rate of Divorce?" by Natalie Rivera both gave great points on the discussion of marriage decline. Gabel discusses what may have caused the decline in marriages and how not getting married affects people parti...
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The Correlation Between the Individual and Social Functions of Families in Different Cultures and Locations
Sociologists over time have come to the conclusion that families around the world, differentiating in culture and location, in fact, show significant correlations between their individual social functions. Through this, they have also been able to make similar observations about the diversity of religious practice. Accordin...
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