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Inclusion of Elements of Traditions and Culture in the Treatment of Substance and Drug Addiction Produces Positive Outcomes
Introduction For an extended time, the world has been grappling with various
challenges, but one that stands out is drug and substance addiction. Drug
and substance addiction is a problem that influences virtually all sectors
and facets of the society. Substance -dependent society may not function to
its limits to s...
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An Evaluation of the Situation in Chile Where Mothers Grow Marijuana to Prevent Their Children From Constantly Having Violent, Epileptic Seizures
This news article from China Daily talks about a situation in Santiago, Chile where moms are growing marijuana (used to make psychotropic drugs) to prevent their children from constantly having violent, epileptic seizures. These mothers grow the marijuana plant in their own homes so they can use the special oil that comes f...
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The Effects of the Decline of Federal Funding for the Treatment and Prevention of Substance Abuse
Drug addiction is one of the fundamental problems the US is facing today and a vital priority area it ought to address to reduce the heavy spending it does on correctional services. The state-funded rehabilitation programs are also vital in helping individuals with hopes of recovery from addiction but cannot afford admissio...
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Tobacco: Why We Should Put a Ban on the Smoking of Tobacco in America
Goodin The purpose of Goodin’s argument is to provide reasoning on why we should ban the smoking of tobacco. He uses to main methods to support his argument. The main purpose of these two arguments is to refute the argument that smokers make a choice to smoke and therefore, prohibiting smoking would take away their rights....
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Marijuana Use Should Not Be Legalized
One of the basic founding principles of our country is that mankind has the unalienable right to the pursuit of happiness1. While every individual should be assured the right to pursue his or her own path to happiness, the government balances individual interests with the interests of the greater community, so as to ensure...
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An Argument Against Drug Enforcement Administration's Classification of Marijuana as a Schedule 1 Drug
Marijuana advocates often cite the lack of deaths attributable to the
use of marijuana as a reason to legalize the drug. Saying "lack of deaths"
would be understated, it is claimed that not a single human being has ever
died from a marijuana overdose. Any doubts about this claim were squashed
when the Drug Enforcement Admin...
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A Study on the Effects of Drug Addiction on Adolescents
Drug Addiction Comparison The purpose of the study was to figure out why adolescents were more prone to becoming addicted to certain drugs (in this case nicotine) than adults and if there is a possibility of finding a treatment for the addictive behavior. The participants were adolescent mice that were around 5 weeks old a...
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Crack Cocaine, Its Ease of Making It, and Its Effects to Society
Crack cocaine is the smokable free base form of cocaine and the
chemical composition is essentially identical. Once crack reached U.S.
communities, the low cost of crack made it extremely popular in poor
communities. It was cheap, readily available, highly profitable for
dealers, and gave consumers quicker highs. As expecte...
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The Reality of Drug Addiction Based on Different Studies Conducted on Rats
Drug addiction and drug abuse are clearly negatively impacting today's society. It is not a secret that drugs kill brain cells and that addiction is hard to get rid of. Study after study has shown that drugs are addictive. There have been several studies done to address the drug abuse as well as addiction in the United Stat...
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The History of the Banning of Marijuana in the United States
Marijuana Marijuana… would that be considered a bad thing? To be honest with you, Marijuana is not very bad. There are many multiple uses that It may have. The many things we hear about it are from word of mouth to ear and it’s just a cycle that never stops. In fact, Marijuana was banned for a stupid reason…well that’s jus...
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Marijuana Needs to Be Legalized Universally
Marijuana needs to be Legalized Universally Many people seem to still believe that marijuana is bad for you. Many people, especially those from the time of Nixon, believe that marijuana (AKA weed) causes "insanity, criminality, and death". Not only are the claims incredibly untrue, they were actually provoked by racism. Ye...
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The Benefits of the Proposition 64 in California on the Legalization of the Recreational Use of Marijuana
Summary The news media I watched was abc Eyewitness News on Wednesday November ninth. This program dealt with the passage of proposition 64 in California in which the use of recreational use of marijuana passed. With the passage of this legislature, consumption of marijuana will be limited to people over the age of twenty...
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Comparing the Benefits and Negatives of Drug Legalization and Decriminalization
Drug Legalization vs. Decriminalization: Is Decriminalization viable option? Drug use has been around for many years. Many drugs have become popular over a considerable amount of time and have been abused at the same time. When we hit the topic on whether legalizing a drug or decriminalization we first need to go over thei...
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The D.A.R.E. Program, Its Benefits, Downfalls and Influence on the Prevention of Drug Use in Juveniles
The D.A.R.E. Program has done a successful job in helping with the prevention of drug use in juveniles as well as assisting in the rehabilitation of those that have already walked down that path. The program has also been developed to help with the drug crime statistics amongst juveniles. This following pages will provide...
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A Study on the Impact of Marijuana Use and Abuse on Cognitive Functioning
Marijuana Use: Focused or Frantic? Marijuana is currently the most used “street drug” in the United States and has been for many years (NIDA, 2016). As the public continues to push for legalization of medical and recreational marijuana, researchers have begun exploring the psychological effects such a substance may have. S...
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The Controversial Debate on Smoking Cigarettes and Marijuana
Squares vs. Blunts Cigarettes were discovered in the early 1900’s while marijuana was discovered later on in the century, and the two have both changed society in its own unique way. Arguments between national and state governments about cigarettes and marijuana has been happening for the last few decades, about which one...
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Marijuana Should Be Legalized for Both Recreational and Medical Use
Marijuana has been an illegal substance in the United States for over 75 years. Since this time, there has been endless argument on whether it should stay illegal or become legal. Whether it is for medical use, or recreational use, there are supporters as well as people who are in opposition. Despite the controversy over th...
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Welfare Recipients Should Undergo Drug Testing before Receiving Cash Benefits
Welfare Recipients Should Be Drug Tested Before Receiving Their Cash Benefits Over 167,000 residents of Minnesota are receiving welfare and other cash benefits. (Serres 1)  Welfare recipients in the United States should be required to pass a random drug test to qualify for welfare and other cash benefits from the state....
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Drugs Can Help You or Destroy You
Chris Herren was not someone you would look up to, but he is now. He travels the world to different high schools, middle schools, and colleges to talk about his story and how it impacted not only him, but the people around him, the people who cared about him. He’s not the usual druggie you would imagine him to be, drugs did...
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The Benefits and Abuse of Marijuana
Cannabis sativa is one of the oldest cultivated plants and has been used for various purposes. The plants are known for their resin production by glandular trichomes, with the maximum amount of resin coating the unfertilized carpellate flowers and adjacent leaves (Levetin and McMahon 2012). Marijuana today is used in illega...
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The Potential of Marijuana as Medicine If Legalized in the United States
Legalization of Marijuana “Marijuana has been ranked since 1970 as having no medical use and high potential for abuse. It’s ranked higher than cocaine and oxycodone.” (David Downs) Marijuana has been looked at a dangerous drug, and those who use the drug are looked at as a drug addict. The American government has strict la...
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The Typical Lifestyles and Behaviors of People Who Sell or Use Drugs
People who sell and/or use drugs typically follow a particular set of behaviors and similar lifestyles. Drug users are usually people who are trying to fit in in social settings, trying to alleviate loneliness, they spiral into drug use or because they grew up around it they perceive it as normal behavior. Drug dealers pri...
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The War on Drugs is Just a Waste of Time and Money
Ever since the 20’s people have been using substances to get inebriated. Some substances legal others not. And the government has taken it upon themselves to decided what people can and cannot partake of. Earlier in the 1920s the government made alcoholic beverages illegal but this action backfired greatly so they took off...
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An Overview of Alcohol, Its History and Drinking as a Norm in Societies
Why Do People Drink? Since the Neolithic times (about 4000 BC), humans have made use of intoxicating substances, alcohol being by far the most common in all societies. Alcohol has integrated into our culture and it seems that it is here to stay. We see it everywhere: in all countries, customs, backgrounds, ages, and eras....
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The Persistent Spread of Marijuana in Rhode Island
Marijuana; Making its way into Rhode Island For many years’ marijuana in Rhode Island has been thought of as a bad thing or something that will later introduce our children to harder drugs such as cocaine, heroin, etc. However, marijuana is becoming more and more common; in Rhode Island alone, there are many groups that ha...
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