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Alcohol and Drug Use Related to Mental Illness
Alcohol and Drug Use Related to Mental Illness Alcohol and tobacco are the most widely consumed and abused drugs worldwide. They are greatly consumed by the general population of individuals but also by those with mental disorders and illnesses as well, arguably in larger amounts. The Washington School of Medicine has cond...
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An Analysis of the National Minimum Drinking Age Act in the United States
Laws concerning alcohol have been around since the 1920s; during Prohibition, consumption, transportation, and storage of alcohol was considered illegal. This era of “high morality” was ended with the 21st amendment in 1933. The 21st specifically gave each individual state the right to establish its own drinking age, indepe...
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Increasing the Drinking Age in Argentina Is Not a Solution to Teenagers' Over-Consumption of Alcohol
“How to Get Away with Drinking in Argentina” The official drinking age in Argentina is eighteen, but like as in many other countries in the world, most establishments will serve drinks to anyone who even appears sixteen years old or younger, that is why raising the legal age to twenty-one may not to be the correct solution...
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The Social Impact of Immigration and Prohibition during the 1920's
Immigration and Prohibition During the 1920s The Roaring Twenties were characterized by both extreme social reform and political unrest. Social reform such as temperance, suffrage, and the separation of church and state, had been growing and gaining momentum since the mid 1800s, and many hotly contested issues reached bo...
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The Financial Consequences of the War on Drugs in the United States
The War On Drugs is Too Expensive As the second decade of the 21st century is coming to a close, the United States’ policies on many drugs are shifting. While it appears this country is slowly moving towards more reasonable laws surrounding the possession and use of drugs like marijuana and cocaine, there are still many po...
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Opium and the Urbanization of America
The nineteenth century marked a transitional period for America. The country became increasingly urbanized. Population in the cities became increasingly more dense as these urban centers became more and more industrialized. The advent of the skyscrapers, arrival of a coast to coast train system, and the invention of stea...
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The Factors Affecting the Temperance Movement in America
The Temperance Movement The Progressive Era was a time of reform. Political reform in the form of women’s suffrage and labor issues was a crucial facet of the Progressive agenda. However, a large portion of Progressives were concerned with rectifying moral issues as well. Many members of society made it their duty to fight...
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A Study of the Consequences of Heavy Drinking during College
Argumentative Paper Abstract: Excessive drinking in college has lifelong consequences that can greatly affect college students. While it is common knowledge that drinking can be a problem on college campuses, I wanted to understand the scope of the problem. Binge and heavy drinking lead to poor academic performance, vio...
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A Discussion on the Behaviors and Attitudes of Fraternity and Sorority Leaders and Members on the Use of Alcohol
Academic Summary 1: In the article “Fraternity And Sorority Leaders And Members: A Comparison Of Alcohol Use, Attitudes, And Policy Awareness,” written by Anne M. Fairlie, William DeJong, John F. Stevenson, Andrea M. Lavigne, and Mark D. Wood, the authors discuss their studies on attitude and behaviors of Greek leaders fro...
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A Discussion on the Impact Alcohol Has on Society
In the modern world of 2013, alcohol is all around us. It’s advertised in mass media, there are bars all over the cities, and even convenience stores carry the massively consumed substance. With the widespread availability of this legal drug, it inevitably falls into the hands of minors, the one group of people that alcohol...
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