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The Pros and Cons of Legalizing Marijuana
Legalizing Marijuana As with any issue, there are pros and cons to making the decision to legalize marijuana for medical use. Every person will make their own judgments about the decision, but my mind has been made up already. There are some illnesses and diseases that respond better to marijuana than they do to prescripti...
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Drug Laws and the Debates on the Legalization of Drugs
Position Statement - Against Drug Legalization Why are drug laws in place now? Why have they been a part of American history since our beginning stages? If The United States is the land of the free, why should we limit Americans’ freedom of choice by keeping drug laws around? The laws currently in place that explicit...
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A Research on Drug and Alcohol Abuse During Pregnancy: Mandatory Treatment is a Must
Abstract The goal of this paper, “Drug and Alcohol Abuse During Pregnancy: Mandatory Treatment Program is a Must,” is to prove that women who drink alcohol or take teratogenic drugs during pregnancy should be in a mandatory treatment program for the remainder of their pregnancies. First, the paper will define teratogenic...
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The Impact of Neuroenhancing Drugs on College Students Today
Talbot introduces a new way to look at the craze among college students, which are “Neuroenhancing” drugs. As she interviews a young man named Alex, we can see through the eyes of a busy student just how influential these drugs have been. She also interviews an older man named Nicholas Seltzer. His perspective is slightly d...
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The Positive Aspects of Neuroenhancing Drugs According to Margaret Talbot
The story that is being referencedis called “Brain Gain: The Underground World of ‘Neuroenhancing’ Drugs,” by Margaret Talbot. Talbot writes this article to show the many positive aspects of Neuroenhancing drugs. She does this by interviewing two users of this drug and attempts to show the readers a new viewpoint on the top...
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The Consequences of the War on Drugs in the United States
The Impact of the War on Drugs Drug addiction is an illness. It is caused by a variety of factors and enabled by illicit drug traders as well as pharmaceutical companies. Like any illness, it will only be solved through treatment. Like any epidemic, it can be reduced by making resources more available and by providing caut...
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Stefanie Stolz Addresses the Dangers of Adderall in Her Article Chalk Talks
With the overwhelming increase in the abuse of Adderall and other ADHD medications among college students in recent years, online blogs and forums as well as elite academic journals have been storming with discussion and debate over possible solutions to this dangerous and immoral problem. In an article posted in Chalk Talk...
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Performance Enhancing Drugs Should Not Be Allowed in Sports
Performance-enhancing drugs are drugs that help athletes enhance their performance because for many athletes wining is not enough. Many people share different views on whether performance-enhancing drugs should be banned or not. Although these drugs may help some athletes gain better skill they should be banned because they...
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The Benefits of Quitting Smoking at an Early Stage
I've smoked for so long; the damage is already done. I'm the only one who is hurt by my smoking. My only option is to quit cold turkey. People start smoking for many reasons. Many continue to puff away because they buy into certain persistent myths about tobacco use like the ones just listed. How is any headway in curbing t...
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The Influence of a Person's Biology, Social Environment, and Other Factors to Drug Addiction
People have been using drugs since the beginning of time when the
Greeks and Romans dabbled with heroin. It's always been the curiosity of a
civilization to wonder what the rooted cause of drug addiction is in order
to understand how to help a drug user. With there being no one factor
contributing to a person's addiction, a...
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