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How to Swim a 500-yard Freestyle in a Competitive Race
How to swim a 500-yard Freestyle in a Competitive Race In high school many athletes who swim do not look forward to competing in a 500-yard freestyle race. As a swimmer myself, I would love to have known how to make my first 500 better than it could have been. Knowing how to swim a middle distance race is important because...
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A Personal Narrative About a Sports Injury
A Black Hole Sometimes in this life you do not know how much something is important until you actually lose it or it happens to you. It’s been 16 years since I started being an athlete playing the sports I love the most which are soccer, track and football. I have been playing sports since I was 3 years old, I ran track a...
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The Importance of Organized Sports for Kids
Title: Organized Sports for Kids Purpose: To persuade the class to give their children the opportunity to be involved in an organized sports. I. Introduction A. My Childhood 1. No vacations 2. No family diners 3. Hockey (early mornings, smell of rink) B. The impact of playing an organized sport changed my life in...
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A Brand New World for Athletes
The New World of Athletics Imagine if we were training to become professional wrestlers, spending day after day to perfect our moves and strategies, while maintaining a balance between academics and sports in life. Then imagine being told that we are not eligible because of a course not being considered part of the “core c...
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An Analysis of the Topic of the Student Athlete
English 110 The Student Athlete A student athlete is one who exceeds both on the field and in the classroom. One without the other would just be a normal athlete or a normal student. It is pretty difficult to be a student athlete. One must perform a certain level on the field wile also following the rules and keeping the...
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An Introduction to the Life and History of Katie Sire
For Katie Sire, Lack of Spotlight Never an Issue Katie Sire could have made a name for herself at one of the Shore Conference’s top programs. The country’s best high school girls’ basketball conference, Sire could have been a standout basketball player in New Jersey at Holmdel’s Saint John Vianney or Red Bank’s prestigious...
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