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An Annotated Bibliography on the Participation in the Mixed Martial Arts Subculture
Green, K.(2011). It hurts so it is real: sensing the seduction of mixed martial arts. Social & Culture Geography 4th ser, Vol.12, 378-96. Ebscohost. Retrieved from In the article “It hurts so it Ii real: sensing the seduction of mixed m...
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The Stories and Fighting Styles of Dominant Fighters in the Ultimate Fighting Championship
Today we are going to talk about the three most dominate fighters in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Because who doesn’t love watching people beat the crap out of each other?! Just in case you don’t know, Mixed Martial Arts is the combination of five main fighting styles into one sport. Those include boxing and kickbox...
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Andre the Giant’s Act of Humility
Andre the Giant’s Act of Humility One of the biggest responsibilities of the human race is to pass down the knowledge and leadership from the old and failing to the young and fresh. To pass along the “torch” is for the better of the whole of humanity, rather than to hold one generation in the spotlight. Similarly Andre the...
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The Reasons Why We Take Up Martial Arts Training
Reasons People Train in the Martial Arts There are many things one can learn from training in the martial arts, emotional, physical, and psychological things. The reasons a person trains in the martial arts could encompass many of these things, or just a few of them. One of the reasons someone may choose to train is to bu...
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The Journey to the Ultimate Belt in Taekwondo
A clean slate: the beginning of a Taekwondo student’s quest is marked by a white belt. With no prior knowledge of the art, the journey ahead seems foreign, unknown, and challenging; this marks the start of the absorption of technique as well as marking the beginning of the struggle towards the ultimate end: black. As the t...
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The Key Attributes of the Boxing Champion Joe Frazier
In the boxing world there are key attributes that make a fighter who they are. For Smokin’ Joe Frazier, it was his powerful left hook that was responsible for most of his knockouts. He bobbed and weaved through his opponents, wearing them down with relentless pressure. However, he was very one-dimensional and often had tr...
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A Study of Russian Sambo: The Evolution of Hand-to-Hand Combat
How Russian Sambo Changed Hand-to-Hand Combat Russian Sambo, also called Combat Sambo, was first introduced into the Red Army in 1933; when Vasili Oshchepkov and K. Voroshilov finalized the hand-to-hand combat system. It is a form of martial arts and consists of close quarters combat techniques designed to disarm an oppon...
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The Correlation Between Capoeira and MMA
Capoeira: A Knockout in Today’s Society Over the years, Black Atlantic culture has continuously played a significant role in the development of many cultural practices and tradition’s. One might make the claim, Black Atlantic tradition has died off and isn’t prevalent in today’s society. In fact, this ancient tradition...
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