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A History of the 2008 Olympic Games in China
China and the Games The Olympic Games have stood the test of time. Over the centuries, countries around the world hope to win the bid to get to have the chance to host the Olympic Games. This chance is a perfect opportunity to show off whatever host nations offer. The Games put a country on international display to host th...
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The Golden Journey of Michael Phelps
Michael Phelps’ Golden Journey Michael Phelps is known as the greatest Olympian of all time, but not just for his numerous world records or medals. Michael Phelps has struggled through substance abuse for over twenty years and has overcome for the sake of defining a better, more meaningful future for himself. After being c...
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A Study of the Effectiveness of a New Visualization Technique for Olympic Divers
Prompt: Imagine that you are a sports psychologist interested in the usefulness of a new visualization technique that has been developed for Olympic divers. You have decided to conduct an experiment to determine if the technique is effective. ---- Discuss the importance of each of the following in regard to the experiment y...
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An Analysis of Dave Zirin's Argument Against Ultimate Frisbee Becoming an Olympic Sport
Recently, Ultimate Frisbee was recognized by the International
Olympic Committee. Due to it originating in the counterculture era in the
1960s, it is often not recognized as a legitimate sport. In this
discussion, people debate whether or not Ultimate Frisbee should become an
Olympic sport. Dave Zirin argues that Ultimate F...
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The Life and Olympic Success of the Athlete Simone Biles'
TEXAS is the place where Simone Biles’ memories started. It is where she toddled her first hesitant steps, where she spoke her first words. Where she first attended a day-care, and where she first made a friend. Where she first visited a gymnasium and arrived home with a note for her parents that said she had talent and sug...
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The Importance of the Special Olympics to Athletes with Disabilities
The traditional rules for badminton are similar but also different to the rules of the Special Olympics. In the Special Olympics, wheelchair athletes have the option of serving an overhead serve from either the left or right serving area. In addition the serving area is shortened to half the distance for the wheelchair athl...
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The Career of William Wynn, the Most Famous Skeleton Racers in the World
“So we drove on toward death through the cooling twilight.” (Fitzgerald, 136) The first time I saw him perform, I knew William Wynn would become the most famous skeleton racer in the world. I used to be the world champion and now I can see myself in him. Will had been in two Olympics and had gotten a bronze for the first...
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The First Ancient Olympics and Its Significance Today
The Ancient Olympics: Religion and Cultural Significance The Ancient Olympics was one of the most important cultural
forums of the Greeks and allowed them to display all their achievements and
accomplishments in the full view of Mediterranean civilization. The most
vital and integral part of the Olympics throu...
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The Reggie Lewis Track and Athletics Center Should Be Preserved for It's Legacy
Keeping Reggie Alive Boston is home to one of the fastest and most used tracks in the whole country. Track and Field has been increasingly growing over the years and the need for a quick and local track has increased (Minihan, 2011). In 2014, Governor Patrick granted a major 4-Million-dollar investment for the track’s imp...
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How the 1980 Men's Olympic Hockey Team Was More Than Just a Team
Miracle: How the 1980 Men’s Olympic Hockey Team Was More Than Just a Team Do you believe in miracles? Well twenty college kids pulled off the impossible during the winter Olympics in 1980. They were a light of hope in a time of great disappointment in the United States of America. Many things were going wrong in America...
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