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The Importance of the Special Olympics to Athletes with Disabilities
The traditional rules for badminton are similar but also different to the rules of the Special Olympics. In the Special Olympics, wheelchair athletes have the option of serving an overhead serve from either the left or right serving area. In addition the serving area is shortened to half the distance for the wheelchair athl...
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The Career of William Wynn, the Most Famous Skeleton Racers in the World
“So we drove on toward death through the cooling twilight.” (Fitzgerald, 136) The first time I saw him perform, I knew William Wynn would become the most famous skeleton racer in the world. I used to be the world champion and now I can see myself in him. Will had been in two Olympics and had gotten a bronze for the first...
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The First Ancient Olympics and Its Significance Today
The Ancient Olympics: Religion and Cultural Significance The Ancient Olympics was one of the most important cultural
forums of the Greeks and allowed them to display all their achievements and
accomplishments in the full view of Mediterranean civilization. The most
vital and integral part of the Olympics throu...
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The Reggie Lewis Track and Athletics Center Should Be Preserved for It's Legacy
Keeping Reggie Alive Boston is home to one of the fastest and most used tracks in the whole country. Track and Field has been increasingly growing over the years and the need for a quick and local track has increased (Minihan, 2011). In 2014, Governor Patrick granted a major 4-Million-dollar investment for the track’s imp...
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How the 1980 Men's Olympic Hockey Team Was More Than Just a Team
Miracle: How the 1980 Men’s Olympic Hockey Team Was More Than Just a Team Do you believe in miracles? Well twenty college kids pulled off the impossible during the winter Olympics in 1980. They were a light of hope in a time of great disappointment in the United States of America. Many things were going wrong in America...
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The Modern Olympic Movement
The modern Olympic Movement was shaped by multiple social, economic, and political factors. The modern Olympic movement was influenced socially by the presence of female athletes in the games. A British female Olympian, Sybil Newall, is depicted in a picture of the 1908 Olympics completely covered in clothing that would i...
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The Origins and History of the Olympics Games
The United States has been very successful in international competition in the sport of track and field since before the revival of the modern Olympics. Sprinters and jumpers, such as Jim Thorpe and Jessie Owens, became American heroes due to their exploits. American sprinting and field events have always been strong in in...
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The Benefits of Hosting an Olympic Event
Abstract The issue on whether hosting an Olympic event is beneficial for a city depends on many factors. If a city can do it successfully, it would make a huge statement worldwide. From the global standpoint, the Olympic events are one of the biggest events that will happen every four years. However, many cities go into bi...
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The Risk of Terrorism at Big Sporting Events
Article Review #2 This article begins with an analysis making sure the reader understands each part of its topic before explaining the research involving risk and terrorism at big sporting events like the Olympic Games. First the author dissects what terrorism is and its threat implications on big events. "There is still...
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A Look at the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece
A Look at the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece Since its cultivation in the 8th century B.C., the Olympic games have been an influence to many cultures around the world. The history and origin of the games are said to be complex. A look into the history of the Olympic games will allow curious minds to untangle information r...
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