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A Report on the History and Characteristics of Touch Rugby, a Sport
History of Touch Rugby Touch Rugby began in Australia in 1963 and was not immediately recognized as a sport. Touch rugby is not actually called touch rugby in many parts of the world, but is actually called touch football. Touch Rugby or touch football began as a training exercise and wasn't made an official sport till a...
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The Influence of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo on Young Athletes
Exploratory Essay Summary of the Issue: Since the creation of The Fédération Internationale de Football Association, also known as FIFA in 1904, soccer has been the most watched and the most practicing sports in the world. In recent years before the technology, TV’s live soccer streaming, and the internet, sports fans wer...
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The Rising Popularity, Profits, and Costs of the Super Bowl and the National Football League
The National Football League, also known as the NFL, is the most popular sport in the United States, passing Major League Baseball (MLB) over a decade ago. The Super Bowl is a football game played each year to determine the championship of the National Football League. This championship game is the single the most watched...
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The Basics of the Sport, Softball
              When playing softball you need to know the basics. When playing softball the ball itself is larger than what most people are used to when throwing a baseball. When throwing a softball you throw underhanded verses in baseball where you would throw overhanded. Softball fields are typically smaller than baseball...
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Different Annotated Articles in the Effects of Sabermetrics in Baseball
Sabermetrics Is Killing Bad Dugout Decisions By: Ben Lindbergh This article discuses how sabermetrics has changed the way managers manage the game in the dugout—specifically how managers have decreased certain plays that require you to do something bad initially, to increase your odds of success later on. The plays incl...
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A Study of Baseball Hit Data in 1992
This article analyzes hitting data published in 1992, specifically how baseball batters fare in different situations. While there is no comparison of teams before and after employing sabermetrics in their front office, this article offers valuable insight into how players fare in specific situations. For example, Albert had...
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The Sabermetrics and Steroid Use in Baseball
Over the last couple of decades, Baseball has transitioned from a “gut-feeling” sport to a more statistical field. An Examination of the Moneyball Theory: A Baseball Statistical Analysistouches on this fact by stating the divide between scouting and analytics. Scouting is the art of ascertaining a player’s skill through num...
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What it Takes to Become a Star in Soccer
More than just a game. Alex Morgan is one of the most popular players in USA women's soccer. Along with other young soccer players around the world, I wanted to understand the controversial experience that Alex Morgan had to go through to become the professional that she is. FIFA states that Alex Morgan is a talented goals...
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A Description of the Atmosphere at a Football Game
The atmosphere of a football game would be the big crowds cheering for their favorite team or their home team, football players playing tackle football out in the football field , and cheerleaders cheering for their home team on the side lines. This is all an example of the Dallas Cowboys against the Pittsburgh Steelers. W...
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The Significance of Respiratory and Circulatory Systems for Athletes
No matter what sport we are playing, our body is always receiving a workout. That is why nearly all of our athletes are considered to be fit. If we were to train our body into being able to support itself by providing oxygen at a higher rate level, people with asthma could even do sports. And it is possible . A numerous amo...
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