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The Road to Becoming a Better Athlete
Each individual has their ultimate goals but minority of the majority refuse to work towards those goals. In other words, aren’t you as thirsty as I am to become better in athletics? Yes, no. well in order to achieve your full potential in athletics you have to be arousal to each given task and most importantly change you...
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What It Takes to Dive In
Dive In Stepping onto the board, I take a deep breath. This moment could change everything. I do my standard routine: look up at the wall and down to the tip of the board three times, look at the tip and count to three twice, another deep breath, and count the three steps I take into my hurdle. I know, I count a lot. After...
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An Analysis of Mental Preparation in the Mental Games, a Video by Professor Martin Hagger
To start off, what does it actually mean to mentally prepare for something? Mental preparation is the practice of getting one’s mind ready for a task. You will know that you are mentally prepared when you have confidence for the activity you are about to do. No trace of nervousness can be found on your image. Not only will...
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NFL: The New England's Patriots Undefeated Season
C.J. Anderson scampered into the endzone untouched to finish off a 30-24 victory, and the New England Patriots’ undefeated season. Fans will gloat about how well Brock Osweiler led his Denver Broncos back from a 21-7 defeat. Other fans will point out that no comeback would have been made without the help of the referees m...
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The Issue of Athlete Abuse Inflicted by Coaches
Final Annotated Bibliography Farrey, Tom. “Torture.” IRE Journal 26.3 (2003): 34. Academic Search Premier. Web. 5 Oct. 2014. Athlete abuse inflicted by coaches has been an issue around the world for many years. Although, as the competition between countries has intensified, so has the amount of abuse cases. This article...
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An Examination of John Wooden's Pyramid of Success
In looking at each level of John Wooden’s pyramid of success you are able to see how each block is similar and essential to a sports organization. The first highlights attributes which include level industriousness, friendship, loyalty, cooperation, and enthusiasm. In making a sports management company you need to have a de...
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Is There a Place for Carson Wentz in The Los Angeles Rams?
With the first pick in the NFL Draft, The Los Angeles Rams select their quarterback of the future, Carson Wentz. Here we go Rams fans, finally a quarterback! I am very proud to say I predicted this was the pick the moment I found out the Rams traded up to the number one overall pick. It seemed like the world was against my...
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A Recreation and Leisure Career of a Ski Instructor
There are many career paths that an individual can take in recreation and leisure. Recreation is an “activity, as in participation in recreation or a recreation activity” (5, Intro. To Rec) . Leisure is an “unobligated time, state of being, and consumption patterns” (5, Intro to Rec). Many individuals have a “wide range of...
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An Analysis of Herb Brooks' Speech during the Hockey Game between the United States and the Soviet Union on February 22nd, 1980
Friday February 22, 1980, all of America is silent, people cuddle up to their radios, othermore fortunate ones turn to their televisions, everywhere people are anxious, after all this only takes place once every four years. This year was different from the others, somehow people just knew, this year was special. The one w...
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The Essential Management and Operational Factors for Sports Agents
Introduction A sports agent refers to a professional businessperson who focuses on
assisting athletes to manage their careers. The individual is responsible
for many tasks including marketing the athletes, advising them, and
planning for meetings with managers and team owners. Networking is an
essential factor among s...
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An Analysis of the Advanced Training Methods
Weight training and training methods have been around for centuries. Since the beginning of time man has had to rely on physical prowess, strength, and power to be able to survive. They had to be able to be strong enough to hunt and fight of predators in order to live and then eventually as civilizations started forming the...
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A Discussion on the Issues Related to Coaching Styles and Techniques
There have been many issues and questions about certain coaching styles and techniques. Some good, but most of the controversy surrounds the questionable nature of how some of these coaches choose to go about teaching their athletes. The question of right or wrong lies in the moral and ethical realm of how a person should c...
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An Analysis of the Qualities of a Successful Coach in Athletic Teams
To be successful as a coach, the coach must want to win but the coach must also need to understand that he is an educator, before anything else. A successful coach must make the development of his players his first priority. He must avoid thinking that the game is about himself and start to think of the game for and abou...
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