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A Research on the Fit and Fun Sports Complex
Fit and Fun Sports Complex’s mission is to develop a fitness routine that ensures whole body fitness while at the same time remaining fun and interactive. Fit and Fun Sports Complex will offer training that looks to enhance ones speed, strength and agility. This will allow building self-assurance among the trainees. The Spo...
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What Should Be the True Definition of Sports?
Pitts, Fielding & Miller define sports as an activity that involves
the process of bringing in business opportunities and experiences which
enhance the physical growth of the athletes, recreation, and leisure
activities (Pedersen, 2014). The definition that is given by the authors'
conflicts with a lot of activities that ar...
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An Overview of Golfing and the Sport of Golf
Everybody has heard of the sport of golf. Most of us have probably seen it on TV too. But, what you don’t know is how much skill is needed to play this sport. A game of golf is a lot more involving than you think. From swinging a club to carrying your golf bag, golf is a hardcore sport. Golf is harder than you think. When...
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The Prominence and Impact of Black Athletes in the 1960's and 1970's
1960's and 1970's - Black Athletes Black athletes during the 1960's and 1970's very much helped to
advance the cause of integration for all. Just like the blacks before them,
and the blacks that followed. Each individual in some way shape or form, no
matter how big or small the contribution helped. Activist or not, t...
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The Technological Impact of the Invention of the Incandescent Light Bulb on Sports
I think Thomas Edison’s invention of the incandescent light bulb has had the most significant technological impact on sports. Since being invented in 1879 the light bulb gave sports suddenly the ability to be done at night. The time period for playing or teaching sports gained many just by this invention. This allowed sport...
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The Life and Hall of Fame Career of Barry Bonds
SHOULD BARRY BONDS BE IN THE HALL OF FAME? From Mark McGwire to Sammy Sosa, the Major League Baseball players that I grew up watching crush home runs, made me love the game. But were all of them “clean” players? The MLB PED (performance enhancing drug) hearings ruined a lot of the role model images that we had for ou...
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Women Should Be Given Equal Opportunities in Sports
Men are better than women, stronger than women, smarter than women and more important than women. This has been the mindset of people all around the world for far too long. Now it's not being said that women are completely getting the short end of the equality stick but inequity between men and women is still a big problem....
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Analyzing a Sports Team with the Use of the Edgar Schein's Model of Organization Culture
Sports teams function as a unit of competition on the field and, at face value, a team may seem like a dimensionless sea of jerseys running up and down a field every week. Upon further examination of the individuals on the team and how they interact with one another, a complex and unique meshing of culture can be found with...
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The Benefits of Legalizing Sports Betting in America
The Case for Legalized Sports Betting In 2015, American bettors placed $4.2 billion in bets at legal
bookmakers in Nevada. Nevada is one of only four states in America that
allows legal sports wagering. It is estimated that Nevada only comprises
10% of the American sports betting market. The other 90% is taken by
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A History of the Basketball in the United States
Basketball 101 Basketball has been a popular sport in modern society for decades. Although some rules and regulations in basketball today differ from the original game, it is still very similar as well. Basketball has morphed from the once simple-minded sport into a vital part of the sports community worldwide. Basketball...
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A Report on the Articles on the Effects of Compression Garments on Sports Performance
Introduction to Kinesiology Topic: Compression garments affect on performance Born, D., Sperlich, B., & Holmberg, H. (2013). Bringing Light Into the Dark: Effects of Compression Clothing on Performance and Recovery. International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, 4-5, 13-15. In this article, three r...
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A Review of the Article A Fan's Farewell Note by Steve Almond
Speaking Out Against the Beloved American Game Watching Sunday night football is an American pastime so beloved and so cherished that to speak out against it would seem absurd, offensive, and ultimately distasteful. For decades, men, women, and families have spent Sundays gathered around their televisions with chicken wing...
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The Pros and Cons of Golf Courses in the United States
Golf Course Sustainability The draw for many golf courses is not only the enjoyment of playing the game, but the beauty of the courses. I wondered, at what cost does the beauty of these courses come? Golf is a sport that dates back to 1400’s. Even with its historical prowess it continues to gain popularity amon...
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A History of the Speed Sport Competitions, Triathlons
Triathalons        Triathlons are speed competitions in which athletes, or in this case triathletes, must swim a particular length transition to bike a designated length and then finally transition and run a certain length.  This physically difficult feat is mad even more difficult when longer lengths are required.  To ful...
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The History and Changes in the Purpose of Sports
Throughout the years 1450-1920 European sports changed from having no rules and being dangerous to being organized and with specific guidelines. Rules did not always exist and changed often. Sports served as a way for people to let out anger, toughen up and have fun. At many times different sports were banned by the governm...
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