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The Importance of Injury and Illness Surveillance in Sports Management
Sports Management Research Summary Often times, professionals ask athletes to undergo what is known as injury and illness surveillance. Such a process is critical to regulating and protecting the health of the athletes. Surveillance allows athletes to know the number of issues they have, the symptoms and potential symptoms...
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The Causes and Common Types of Traumatic Brain Injuries
Traumatic brain injuries happen when a bump, blow, jolt or other damage happens to the head causing damage to the brain. Millions of people are affected each year from car accidents, sports injuries, and falls. A common side effect of a traumatic brain injury are epileptic seizures. Studies have shown that there is increase...
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The Significance of Sport Psychology for the Performance and Personal Growth of Athletes
Introduction Sport Psychology concentrates on the use of psychological theories and techniques in order to enhance the performance and personal growth of athletes in their sport. Psychological Skills Training, or PST, can be just as critical as physical training and can also provide a large boost in an athlete’s performan...
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An Examination of the History of Performance Drugs in Sports
Over the course of the twentieth century there came a marked change in the way that professional sports were viewed, attended, managed, and participated in. As the century progressed, the country became more and more technologically advanced. The advent of new forms of communication meant that sports were viewed in a comp...
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A Discussion on the Self-Determination Aspect of Sport Psychology
The aspect of sport psychology I am going to talk about is self-determination, coping and goal attainment in sports. All of these aspects are related to each other and in order to be successful you need to be strong in each area. The purpose of this paper is to show that being positive when facing adversity will help you...
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Drugs and Steroids Used Within Sports
Drugs and Steroids Used Within Sports In a huge investigation in 2007 major league baseball took a major blow, the investigation found over 80 players from all 30 clubs for using performance enhancing substances. In sports you’re able to to gain millions of dollars can ride on an athlete having the smallest edge, this is w...
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My View on the Issue of Injuries and Ethics at the NFL
The NFL, Injuries, and I Ethics comes as the one true grey are for almost everyone because people see things in their own way. Very few times do two people look at a topic and see it is just something that is good or bad and it being very black and white. Nothing ever can be as simple as a yes or no answer with no further...
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A Discussion on the Danger of Injuries in Football
Football is a dangerous sport especially when its contact football. While parents of teens would not have to worry about allowing teens to play contact football since teens are more experienced, mature, and able to play football the safe way; the parents of children are asked that question. Because of the injuries in footba...
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The Prevention of Sudden Cardiac Death in Young Athletes
This paper is an overview of the correlation between obstructive hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which will be referred to as HCM for the purpose of this paper, and sudden cardiac death (SCD) in athletes. The goal of this research is to find an appropriate method of preventing SCD in young athletes by using a mixture of differ...
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A History of the Use of Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sports
Performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) have been highly scrutinized in
the world of sports. Athletes today are highly competitive and would look
for any way to get an advantage. Since 776 BC, athletes have been turning
to PEDs to improve their game. In society today, athletes who take PEDs are
looked at as cheaters....
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The Dangers of Injuries in Youth Soccer
Youth soccer players start to build their skills at an early age, not knowing the risk of injuries that come with the sport. My brother and I, started practicing soccer at an early age and later understood that injuries can happen when we least expect it. As we got older, we felt unstoppable, took hard tackles and kept goi...
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An Introduction to the Issue of Hip Dislocation in Sports
Hip Dislocation Not very common injury, hip dislocations are mainly a repercussion of auto accidents because of the seatbelt. Hip dislocations can occur in sports, most commonly football and rugby. Hip dislocations are more common amongst men because of their risk-taking behavior. Every race is just as likely and it most...
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