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The Impact of Doping on Athletes
The Impact of Doping It has long been an argument in my family when it comes to the Olympics how far back you can really compare athletes. One side of my family believes that an Olympian anytime before the 1970’s is incomparable to now, because the statistics of times and the athletes continued improvement makes athletes...
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An Essay Supporting the Argument of William Moller on the Use of Performance Enhancing Drugs
William Moller, a regular sports blog contributor, discusses the use of performance enhancing drugs while under pressure in his essay “We, the Public, Place the Best Athletes on Pedestals”. Moller describes his own personal experience with performance enhancing drugs and connects it to that of Alex Rodriguez, a professional...
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The Importance of High Fat and Protein and Carbs on an Athlete's Diet
With fad diets always coming in and out, it becomes hard to know which one actually works and especially which one works best for you. In all theyears I competed in college wrestling, we were always told what to eat, and when to eat. Often times it consisted of simply eating as much as possible – especially in the peak of t...
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An Analysis of the Diets of Endurance Athletes
In this discussion, I choose to analyze endurance athletes. Endurance athletes are those who participate in events that call for staying in power and pushing beyond the physical and mental frontiers of oneself without having to fatigue(Fink, Mikesky, & Burgoon, 2012). Endurance events are either long in duration or are mult...
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The Use of Steroids in Sports and How it Can Lead to Disqualification in a Sports Event
When athletes compete for excellence in sports, the use of steroids or other supplements often times may be a cause for disqualification in a sports event. Steroids have been a phenomenon for decades on mostly body builders, and people who want to see how big and fast their body can become. But since it is a performance-enh...
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The Risk of Rapid Weight Loss in Competitive Sporting
In weight-standardized sports, such as rowing and wrestling, athletes are subjected to spending much of their time monitoring body weight. While some may argue this is simply another variable in training for a sport, severe physical and psychological implications can arise from an athlete’s determination to gain a competit...
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An Analysis of the Moral Dilemma in Using Performance Enhancing Drugs
Is The Use of Performance Enhancing Drugs Morally Permissible?PhilosophyWord Count: 3,618 Abstract The research question in this essay is “Is it morally permissible to use performance enhancing drugs in sporting events?”This essay presents the investigation taken in order to answer this question by utilizing multi...
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The Truth Behind the Dietary Supplements
With the recent boom in the health industry, dietary supplements have become increasingly common. Whey protein supplements, casein protein, vitamin A, C, D, pre-workout supplements, post-workout supplements, late night protein supplements, creatine, branched chain amino acids, and the list is endless. There is a plethora of...
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Drug Testing in High School Sports
Drug Testing in High school sports: Is it needed? As time has gone on, the sport of Track and Field has progressed
tremendously and performances by athletes have become more extraordinary
then ever before. Consequently, drug testing at the professional and
collegiate levels has improved which has led to more athletes...
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The Importance of the Issue of Anabolic Steroids in Sports
Anabolic Steroids in Sports Anabolic-androgenic steroids are man-made substances identified with male sex hormones. Anabolic by and large identifies with muscle-building while androgenic alludes to expanded manly qualities. Steroids are accessible legitimately, yet in specific situations. They are lawfully accessible just...
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An Analysis of the Proper Nutrition and Recovery for Athletes
Title: Proper Nutrition and Recovery for Athletes Abstract: Proper nutrition before, as well as a good recovery after, is essential for all athletes. Athletes need to diet properly in order to get the right nutrients and optimize their training and competition. Athletes also need to know how the food and drink that they...
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An Introduction to the History and the Issue of Using Anabolic Steroids in the United States
Anabolic Steroids Anabolic Steroids were first introduced into the United States in the 1940’s, but have been around since 1849. The first account of steroids used in athletics was during the world weightlifting championship when the Soviets swept the podium, but their team doctor spilled the beans and admitted to giving t...
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