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2000 Elections In The United States Essay Examples

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A Comparison of the 1912 and 2000 United States Presidential Elections
Woodrow Wilson and William Howard Taft in nineteen-twelve were counterparts to Al Gore and George W. Bush in two thousand. There were others running for presidency as well, just as there are today, but for the purpose of this paper, we shall compare and contrast only these four. First, let us look at the issues of ninete...
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Election 2000: What Went Wrong and What's Being Done About It
Election 2000: What Went Wrong and What's Being Done About it The United States is the backbone of the technology age. We are responsible for the first use of weapons of mass destruction. We are the worlds greatest economic powerhouse. All this, and yet we were counting presidential ballots by hand. Bush was sure he had w...
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An Overview of the 2000 US Presidential Elections
Election 2000 overview Presidential election cycles are always three-ring circuses, and the 2000 election has become one of the biggest circuses ever. With a two-term president unable to seek re-election, the House of Representatives clearly up for grabs, and Democrats counting on major Senate gains -- even hoping to win c...
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Voters Turnout Declining in Recent Years
Voter Turnout in Federal Elections In the past half of the twentieth century, researchers observed a decline in the voter turnout in federal elections. It has also been observed that the voter turnout has been higher in presidential elections than in midterm elections. The main factors of the declines are the citizens' nega...
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The Elections in the USA in 2000: Geography as the Key of Clinton's Success
Michelle Tilly Political Science 101 Thursday December 6, 2001 The Election of 2000 Bill Clinton, as a president was a major paradox in and of himself. People loved him, yet they hated him. Americans, as a whole loved the prosperity, and capitalist growth that was brought by Clintons years in the Oval Offi...
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The Case of the State of Florida and the 2000 Elections
The election of 2000 is one that we will all remember, not because the candidates but because of the state of Florida. The chaos of the 2000 election in Florida has shown that our electoral system is in definite need of immediate reform. Not necessarily our voting system but more the means that we cast our votes. Some of th...
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A Report on the 2000 Election Campaign in United States
Campaign 2000 Report Albert (AL) Gore Jr. The life of Al Gore on his way to the presidential candidate was a long and fulfilling path leading from his beginnings as a young man working on his families farm in Tennessee to his strong leadership as a congressman and Vice Presidency to Bill Clinton. The man that many people...
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The Year 2000 Bug: Fiction, Fantasy and Fact
Year 2000 Fiction, Fantasy, and Fact "The Mad Scramble for the Elusive Silver Bullet . . . and the Clock Ticks Away." Wayne Anderson November 7, 1996 The year 2000 is practically around the corner, promising a new era of greatness and wonder . . . as long as you don't own a computer or work with one. The...
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America's Government after 1998 Election
type: Term Paperbody:The biannual Congressional elections offer a number of insights into the principles and practices that guide our democratic system. They are a major barometer of the attitude that the American people have toward the government. The level of confidence that people have in the system and the stance that t...
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The 2000 Presidential Election in the United States
The 2000 Presidential election has brought much attention to itself. While a slew of lawyers try to cheat their respective political figurehead into the White House, the topics discussed during the debates have been put aside. Affirmative action and education touch upon a delicate subject, which hinders the fundamental prog...
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