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A College Freshman Essay Examples

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Application to Columbia University
When I was six years old, I was diagnosed with Chronic Migraines. It has now been thirteen years that I have dealt with getting migraines more than fifteen times per month. Because of this, my life revolves around avoiding a migraine for a day or two and pushing through the ones I get. Yet, when I dance and hear music, that...
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Expectations of College
I know beginning college would be a start of a new life .Coming here to Alcorn is the life I expected. Be size the parties and organization college is exactly what I thought it would be in college I expected things such as becoming my own man, staying up late studying , and having to work harder than I done in high school....
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Counseling for Student Financial Assistance
The nation is suffering from a sever financial decline affecting the live of many students and educators. School districts are providing students with fewer choices and they are not giving the necessary consideration for student’s education. Instead they are charging students with higher tuition forcing students to stop th...
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An Insight on How Memorable Life in College
College is known to be an experience whose memories last a lifetime. For some, this is where the future Mr. and Mrs. are found and where once in a lifetime opportunities are given and received. If deciding to attend college, many choose a college near home, while other choose college away from home. As a freshman student at...
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Expectations of English Class
The sound of typing ticks as a clock with unregularly beat, reflecting not time but the swiftness of a thought. It lies down onto a virtual paper in form of words. Another paper for my school class is appearing; the screen of computer turns into a battle field where lines of black letters fight against the untouched white...
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Questions in Freshman English Class
During my freshman year I decided to participate in the club called Appalachia, and so my spring break was spent in Pearisburg, Virginia, doing volunteer work for the community. After each workday my group and I would sit in a circle with our journals at hand and reflect upon the work we were taking part in and the overall...
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What I Learned in Freshman English
When I hear about English class what the first thing that comes to mind is reading books and writing 6 to 10 pages essays. Since English isn’t my first language it gets under my skin when I have to go to English class. What am I going to do; the first question I ask myself most of the time. But English 131 has been a great...
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Going to College as a Parent
Ever since I was young I always knew I wanted to go to college; things don't always go according to plan. I dropped out during my freshman year after failing some online classes. I took a very long four year break; during this time I worked at a job that I hated and had a baby boy. I then knew that I had to provide a be...
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Why I'm Applying to Eastern Illinois University
College is very important subject in high school and getting into college is also a very important topic. I’ve applied to 20 colleges in total; however there is only one college that I am hoping to get into. Eastern Illinois University is my top college that I want to get into. If I attend Eastern Illinois University I thin...
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Personal Statement for College Application
My past jobs may seem surprising at first glance but these jobs have aided me significantly in reaching my career goals. Through these selective jobs and my community I’ve begun to forge myself into the confident, client oriented, team based leader that I aspire to be. Post MBA I plan to become a socially responsible leader...
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Overcoming Challenges of College Freshman Year
All students when they start to go at college, they always face with some problems as a freshman. I’m going to tell you three problems that I had to face in my first semester as a freshman in college. My first problem was that I am come from Mexico to El Paso, so I never had been before studying here in U.S. All was strang...
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The Pressures of College
 In many people’s imaginations, college is an easy time in life for students to have fun and to be unworried. In reality, the majority of students have pressure from many causes. According to William Zinsser’s article, “College Pressures”, there are four major kinds of pressure that students may have. First of all, parental...
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My New Life as a College Student
Life as a high school student was always enjoyable. From the vigorous teachers to the troublesome freshmen running throughout the halls, it was all so memorable. The four years rushed by putting an end to a significant time in my life. College would be the next step for me, but that’s a scary thought. Every teenager thinks...
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Creative Writing College Application
The Committee on Admission is interested in getting to know each candidate as well as possible through the application process. The following essay question is designed to demonstrate your writing skills and facilitate our full appreciation of your unique perspective. The quality of Rice's academic life and the Residential...
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Why I Chose Psychology
Throughout school, I was never sure of myself or what I wanted to do with my life, or what I would study once I graduated. I always believed that time would help me decide what I should do. I also believed that my interests will guide me in my journey to success. We've heard it over and over that we need to have interests i...
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The Issues of the Freshmen College Students in a New Environment
Strangers Among Us One of the scariest things about coming to college is the thought of living with strangers. Any first-year who's beginning to think that her roommate is a rube and who misses friends from home is far from unique. Learning to get along with a new roommate is often the first big hurdle of college life. Fr...
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Trying out for Tennis
Sports have never exactly been my strong suit but, as sports go, I have
enjoyed tennis the most. Trying out for the team I knew I would be
putting myself in a situation outside my comfort zone. But in the end, I decided to go for it. This brings me to the spring of my freshman year, on the first day of
tennis tryouts....
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Freshman Year of College
I knew beginning college would be the start of a new life. Coming here to Alcorn is all that I expected it to be and more. Besides the parties and the many organizations, college life here at Alcorn has so much to offer. In college, I expected to acquire and deal with new things. Such as, becoming more independent, staying...
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My Experience as a Freshman
As I type away on my computer at my desk made out of some wooden composite in my tranquil room, I discern several things. I know what I know, I feel what I feel, I believe what I believe & I view what I view. When I situate myself in front of a reflection of Alaina Talbot, I observe carefully. What do I look for? Most o...
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An Analysis of the Freshman Seminar on Relationships
Freshman seminar Wellness paper 101 Ways of doing It With Out Actually doing it This program totally wasn’t what I expected it to be. To my surprise the whole thing was actually about relationships, and what to do on dates without having sex, and or sexual influence. Attending college is a very different experience. It’...
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Leaving for College
Getting out of high school, it was not as easy as I thought it would be. I was feeling lost and confused,. My parents was not able to afford college for me. At home I was this quiet kid that never questioned my parents about my future and about money. One of our quiet...
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Going to College
All of us will go through it or have gone through it already. Spending hours filling out college applications, scholarship applications, visiting colleges, and taking the dreaded tests or whether it was the PSAT, SAT, ACT, or other college entrance exams, it was a big hassle. I applied at Presentation College in Fairmont, M...
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Studying Media Arts in College
My high school life is coming to an end but anew adventure as yet to await me. After high school I know I will have to face many decisions. The most difficult part is to make the wisest choices. Through my high school years I came down with two things I wanted study which were filming and media arts. I struggled to choose o...
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First Day of Freshman Year
College life is a completely different world. Forrest Gump was spot on when he said “Life’s like a box of chocolate, you never know whatcha gonna get.” The University of South Alabama is a typical college campus. The cafeteria’s only edible food is pizza. No one knows where to go their first day of classes. The parking is h...
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An Analysis of the Essay The Speech the Graduates Didn't Hear
As a freshman in college it can be very stressful being in a new environment, in a new school, with new teachers, and new classmates. As you walk into classes the first day the question of “Did high school truly prepare me for college?” might arise. This question can be answered within the first week of attending classes....
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