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Academic Performance Essay Examples

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An Analysis of Alfie Kohn's Views on Grading
Alfie Kohn is an American author and lecturer who has explored a number of topics in education, parenting, and human behavior. He touches a controversy topic which suggests that teachers should stop academic grading. Some people believe that grading is meaningless and capricious Alfie Kohn offers an argument towards shif...
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The Impact of Sports on Academic Achievement
The area that is played by the sports for students in their learning
processes has been and still is a subject of serious interest and debate
for several decades now. According to the observations of various
critics, students who are significantly involved in various sports
activities, deflect away from their classroom time...
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What I Learned from Boarding School
When people think of boarding school, they usually think of unruly children being sent off to learn some discipline. But I will share my experience of spending my Junior and Senior year of high school in a Christian boarding school in the hills of Asheville, North Carolina learning just how tough it is to take care of yours...
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A Study to Determine the How Stress Levels Affects Performance in Schools
Stress and Academic Performance The objective of this study is to determine if students stress levels are related to an increase or decrease in overall performance. It was assumed that a student who is under minimal stress conditions would outperform a student under severe stress conditions both in and outside of school,...
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Performance Measurement of an Internal Service Team
Abstract: In 1992, Kaplan and Norton developed the balanced scorecard framework, which has become one of the most influencal performance measurement systems available. This concept has been successfully adopted by various businesses to overcome the shortcomings of classical performance evaluation tools. This paper addresse...
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An Analysis of Four Principles in Creating a High Risk Performance Work System
There are four principles in creating a high performance work system. When all four principles are practiced, you may have good performance in a team. The four principles are:1. Shared information2. Knowledge development3. Performance reward linkage4. Egalitarianism Within these four principles there are three of them that...
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Statement of Purpose for MBA Program
Learning never Stops When I first come over in United States from east Africa age 17 then, School was the last thing on my mind and did not even finish high school at time. Every time I begin to tell this story to my younger siblings they think I am bluffing. But it is true story I thought I was going to work work and...
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Writing an Academic Essay
We are used to write in a very academic way, I believe is because we have learned that in school we require certain rules, structures, and appropriate language in order to express our ideas and opinions with the reader. In my previous years in school I still remember the time when I could not even write a sentence when my E...
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Creating a Wonderful Thesis Statement: An Analysis of the Points Presented in the Book from Inquiry to Academic Writing
While writing an essay you should feel free. You write with joy. The main point of your essay abides by the thesis. However, coming up with ideas for a strong thesis statement can be challenging in some cases. The body of the essay revolves around the thesis statement. Struggling with ideas, grabbing different situations,...
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An Analysis of the Standards in the Areas of the Academic Study
In the past few years, the New York State Board of Regents has upped the standards in all areas of academic study. While some of the standards are good for top notch students, other students who struggle, get the bitter end of the stick. This means that not all students are regents material, and may have a hard...
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An Essay on Cheating in Schools
Chandler Nichol Mrs. Keltz English 111 19 Nov. 2013 Only Cheating Yourself Although, some feel that cheating in sports and academics can help in getting ahead and avoiding confrontation, it also leads to dishonor and hinders one from being truly successful. Cheating used to be considered an unmentionable sin. Howe...
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A Description of My Junior Year's Academic Morning
As it did every school day of my junior year, 11:12 AM had come
once more to mark the end of my academic morning, and the beginning of my
lunch period. After paying my one dollar for a small cherry vita-pup slush
drink and a strawberry fruit roll-up, I would take my place at the usual
lunch table. The next forty-five minute...
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An Analysis of the Ethical Standards in an Academic Environment
Ethical Standards in AcademiaEthical Standards in AcademiaUniversity of PhoenixSeptember 10, 2006GEN300AbstractUniversities have “zero tolerance” for plagiarism, but students continue to break academic standards. This paper examines ethical standards in an academic environment where student diversity is a unique charact...
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A Research on Cheating in an Academic Environment
Running head: CHEAING IN AN ACADEMIC ENVIRONMENTCheating in an Academic Environment Pressures from society to obtain a successful career require achieving an education in most cases. In today’s economy having a thriving career could depend on our educational background as part of the ingredient to fuel our lifestyles. Stu...
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Evaluating the Reputation and Excellence of Kean University
ESSAY I look to Kean University as the next step in my academic journey. Over the last year, I have finally realized the importance of academic success in achieving my goals. This realization has made me a mature individual, and I feel capable of handling the challenges of a rigorous academic career. As my application sh...
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A Comparison of American Dream and Student's Academic Success
It is not uncommon for one to pursue their dreams. For example, students incessantly work with the objective of academic success. Frequently, these students have set certain goals for themselves and strive to reach them. The American dream can be compared to a grade that a student works relentlessly to obtain. This is ev...
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An Introduction to the One Experience That Significantly Influenced Your Academic Interest
The prompt is: Describe and evaluate one experience that significantly influenced your academic interests. Be sure to explain how this experience ledto your setting the goals you know have for yourself and why you think theacademic program for which you are applying will help you to reach thesegoals. He Opened the Door to...
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An Analysis of My Academic Interests in the State of Texas
The prompt is: Describe and evaluate one experience that significantly influenced your academic interests. Be sure to explain how this experience led to your setting the goals you know have for yourself and why you think the academic program for which you are applying will help you to reach these goals. He Opened the Door...
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Science and Scientific Research as a Class in Academic Life
Throughout recent history creationists and evolutionists have argued whether evolution should be a part of America's public education. Whether evolution is science fact, or science fiction. Evolution being a science based on statistics has some faults, although many concepts in science or math do. The process of learning ab...
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The Choice and Motivation in Seeking Education
What motivates me to seek a college education? In addition, why Berea College is a good choice for me. December 16, 2000 The last couple of years have been a long bumpy ride for me, as they have for everyone my age. No matter what, everyone has experienced many of the same “teenage” circumstances as I have and has deal...
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Working While Attending School
This year I ended up getting a job at a bank. Where I worked around fifty hours a week, I was also attending college as a full-time student. I found it very difficult to manage my time and have the energy to do two things at once. Attending college and working at the same time might have many disadvantages.   The disadvan...
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Life Lessons I Have Learned
I have learned that taking advice, and following up is one of the key points of succeeding in life. I have failed to take advice about my relationships, and also failed to listen to everybody about my academic performance. I’m working on taking advice toward my passion to become a productive writer and an early childhood te...
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Students and Teachers' Perceptions about the Causes of Poor Academic Performance in Lagos State Primary Schools
What are the methods of teaching? What are the Teachers’ perceptions on poor academic performance? What are the Students’ perceptions on their environment and poor academic performance? Methods that could be used to carry out this research: Sampling method : Teachers and students will be taken from different primary sch...
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Severe Consequences of Stress on Students in Academic, Physical and Emotional Ways
We live in a time when the pace of people’s life is quite fast. There is practically no time to do things. Tasks, papers, exams, meetings, interviews, and appointments, are some of the many events that a student constantly performs throughout their learning process. However, when a student starts to have an overload of all...
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Did the Enactment of the No Child Left Behind Act Succeed in Improving the American Education System?
The American education system is failing to adequately educate its students in comparison to other nations. While they have made attempts and changes throughout the past few decades they have not had any success in finding a sound solution. On January 8th, 2002 the Bush administration enacted the No Child Left Behind Act in...
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