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American Graffiti Essay Examples

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Understanding What Constitutes a Graffiti
Douglas Barmore What constitutes as graffiti? Grafiti is defined as any type of writing on a surface of any type. If that is the case, then would a cave mans drawings be considered graffiti? If it is considered graffiti, then what is different about then and now that would change the worlds views about graffiti. Why is gra...
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The Description of the Graffiti and Its Use in Passing on Messages
GRAFFITI: A VISUAL DIALOUGE Graffiti: term applied to the arrangement of institutionally illicit marks in which there has been an attempt by an individual or group of individuals (usually not professional artists) to display upon a wall or surface that is usually visually accessible to the public. Even if one has never see...
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Evolution of the Graffiti Art and the History of Its Origins
Graffiti was used primarily by political activists to make statements and street gangs to mark territory. It wasn't till the late 1960s that writing's current identity started to form. The history of the underground art movement known by many names, most commonly termed graffiti begins in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania during...
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Graffiti as a Form of Art
“A wall has always been the best place to publish your work.” -Banksy Walls and Piece There is no denying graffiti has become a highly influential art movement in the late 20th century. It is both rebellious in nature and illegal in practice however this does not necessarily disqualify it as a form of art. In this paper...
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A Debate on whether Graffiti Is a Form of Art or an Act of Vandalism
When discussing the topic of graffiti, the main question most people have is whether graffiti is art or vandalism. Before we can answer this, there are many more questions that must be answered. What is art? What is graffiti? What is vandalism? Is there a point at which graffiti becomes vandalism, and if so, who decides whe...
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A Discussion on Graffiti and Its Forms
In the late 1960's, graffiti became more than just a political statement or gang mark, it became a hobby and an art to some. But this past time required breaking the law and vandalizing others property. It was widely seen by society as a nuisance and problem. However, to the youth behind this movement, it was the only way o...
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The Art of Graffiti
Art comes in many different forms. Art has lots of different forms. However, its evaluation has become especially problematic since the twentieth century when controversial art forms such as graffiti became popular. Although graffiti is often regarded as a new form of art worthy of display in galleries, its value is still h...
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The Different Purposes that Graffiti Serve in the Society
The value of any message or work of art, whether it is hanging on the wall of a gallery or a subway, lies on the intensity of the artist’s or vandal’s beliefs. Graffiti is an uncertain issue in respect to its virtue. While the voice of the individual must never be lost in a society of shouts growing larger and louder every...
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The Life of George Lucas and His First 1973 Film 'American Graffiti'
George Lucas Unless you have lived in a cave all your life, you have probably heard the name George Lucas. Lucas, the man behind the Force, totally renovated special effects in movies. He is known for such movies as Indiana Jones, American Graffiti, and his most famous achievement is the Stars Was Saga. George Lucas J...
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An Analysis of the Film "American Graffiti"
American Graffiti Can you recall the very last night that you spent with your high school buddies before packing your bags up and leaving for college? The film American Graffiti can help you revisit this night by recreating both the terrible and great times you once experienced. The film is based around a closely kn...
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An Analysis of Gangs Becoming a Growing Problem in American Society
Gangs are becoming a growing problem in American society. More young
people are turning to gangs to solve problems in there lives. When youths join
gangs they drop social activities with family, friends and school. Members fall
behind their classmates in school and do not try. A study shows that less than
1% of gang bangers...
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An Analysis of Various Films Written, Produced and Directed by Lucas
THX 1138, American Graffiti, Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back…the list goes on and on. Although many have not heard of each of these films, everyone certainly has to know the man behind them. has, in many cases, written, produced, and directed, not to mention edit, his own films. His vision was the driving force that ima...
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The Man Behind Star Wars: George Lucas
Part I, Summary: THX 1138, American Graffiti, Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back the list goes on and on. Although many have not heard of each of these films, everyone certainly has to know the man behind them. George Lucas has, in many cases, written, produced, and directed, not to mention edit, his own films. His vision...
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An Introduction to the Analysis of the Movie American Graffiti
The movie, American Graffiti, has many values to it including being cool, having fun, school (parents), and dating. It is a movie where teens can relate to. How teen life is really like in those days. American Graffiti is a movie that shows the American youth culture and its values is the early 1960 s. Even though American...
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A Debate on Graffiti as an Artistic Expression as Opposed to Vandalism
My views on Graffiti is it Art or Vandalism that is the question many people want to know there are two sides to this debate the people who feels graffiti is art and also a form of self expression and the others who feels it is nothing but ruthless out of the way vandalism. Both sides have a very good argument but only one...
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The Commercialization of Graffiti
Graffiti is an art form born of the handcuffed hands of a community of
rebels fighting for social justice. A ragtag group of urban dwellers,
claiming the city for themselves, shouting their existence to a world
that would prefer to ignore them. Graffiti is free, both literally and
spiritually. In the shroud of night, hiding...
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Graffiti is Vandalism, Not Art
“Ruthless destruction or spoiling of anything beautiful or venerable; in weakened sense barbarous, ignorant or inartistic treatment” is what is defined as vandalism in the Oxford English Dictionary (fourth edition). The definition of vandalism, to me, ties in with the thought of graffiti. Graffiti is the kind of “art” we en...
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An Analysis of the Works of Candy Chang
Art can be subjective and today everything that is painted,
photographed, or even created is considered art. The graffiti on the
side of buildings and trains is considered art to some and vandalizing
to others. Candy Chang saw the graffiti and decided she can make art on
the side of a building as well. This art is more than...
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Injustice in Our County
I am standing here before you today, to tell you about an injustice that exists in our very county. This injustice instills pain and discontent into the citizens of our county. This injustice is graffiti. Graffiti is the act of painting/scribbling on a surface without permission. This problem has been spreading around our c...
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What Is German Hip Hop
German hip Hop (Dynamite Deluxe) Hip hop in general: Developed between 1973 and 1979. Founded by a man called Kool DJ Herc (he created most of the mixing-technics) he also organised some open air festivals (the so called Blockparties) with Djs, Graffiti artists and breakdancers. On this early New Yorker beatparties he...
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Graffiti and Vandalism
Introduction Graffiti and vandalism are a major blight on communities. Vandalism can lead to important services, such as public telephones, being damaged so that they don't work, or removed, for example bus shelters, to protect from further harm. Vandalism can make the environment untidy, and graffiti can be offensive. A...
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A Comparison of the Street Art and Vandalism
There is a very thick line between a writer and a vandal. Many people confuse those who write "FUCK OFF" or "BEN RULES" with those that truly spend hours on walls, perfecting every last line for those who travel the route, letting them admire the urban art. For those of you that just feel like grabbing t...
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An Argument in Favor of Graffiti as a Valid Art Form
I believe that Graffiti is most certainly a valid art form. The question as to whether any forms of graffiti can be considered art is a controversial area. Is it vandalism when it is placed on the side of a building or a car and art when it is on a canvas on someone's wall or in a gallery- what is the difference? Graffiti,...
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The Development of the Hip Hop Culture During the Seventies
Hip hop culture developed during the seventies. Throughout its formation, the various elements were at some time or another, deemed unacceptable. Graffiti artists faced jail sentences, break dancing became illegal in some areas, and rap music has been severely criticized for various reasons. These elements were never analyz...
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An Introduction to the Creative Essay on the Topic of Playboy Gangster Crips
Los Angeles; By 10 a.m., the Playboy Gangster Crips are hanging down on Corning Street, calling each other "Cuz," sipping quarts of Old English 800 Malt Liquor. The graffiti on the building behind them is theirs. So is the broken beer bottle glass on the piece of dirt front yard. They're listening to rap tunes bl...
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