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American Literature Essay Examples

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Analysis of The Scarlet Letter
Mahatma Gandhi- lawyer and peace keeper- once said “Hate the sin, love the sinner.” In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlett Letter, The antagonizing story a woman who committed sin in Puritan community and live in the shadow of her sin with her daughter Pearl. Despite Hester and Pearl had to live in the shadow of sin, Dimmes...
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Analysis of Lord of the Flies
In William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, he uses the character of Roger to show that lack of civilization can cause an individual to become savage like. Roger is a sadist who thrives in the pain of others. When the boys first get to the island he spends his time kicking the littluns’ sand castles over, the acts of hate get w...
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Analysis of Charles Chesnutt
1. Why does Uncle Julius tell the white narrator the story of the
"goophered" vineyard? What effect does the story have on the narrator? Uncle Julius tells the white narrator the story of the ``goophered''
vineyard because he already makes a just living from the vineyard
himself. He is only willing to sell his vineyard t...
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Analysis of Beowulf
Throughout Beowulf, Beowulf's acts of courage are what make him an epic
hero. From fighting Grendel, to his swimming match with Brecca, Beowulf
is proven to be a heroic figure. In the end however, it is his courage
that leads to his ultimate downfall. Beowulf's first display of courage is when he meets Hrothgar and the
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Comparing Female Characters
Edna from, “The Awakening”, and Esther from, “The Bell Jar”, are
very similar and different in many ways, and if they metthey
would have many good discussions. Both Edna and Esther are the
protagonists in their stories, but Esther is the narrator in
hers. They both are very into sexual thing it seems like,
because Edna chea...
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Christianity in Beowulf
The epic poem Beowulf translated by Burton Raffel is a tale of a young warrior, named Beowulf, and the many events and adventures that lead to his mourned death. Beowulf shows a couple of different Christianity related ideas, it shows who He is to them, how monsters had to do with and are related to Cain, and about the floo...
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Analysis of Julius Caesar
The Strong Marcus Brutus was a tragic hero with great stoicism emotion in the play "The Tragedy of Julius Caesar," by William Shakespeare. Stoicism is an endurance of pain or hardship without a display of feelings and complaint. This is something the noble Brutus has shown throughout the tragic story, with his bravery if be...
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Analysis of Beowulf
From the beginning, Beowulf does not follow the traditional model of an epic. It starts with the story of Scyld Scefing, an old Danish king. From here, the story traces the lineage of the Danish royal family until it reaches the reign of the current king, Hrothgar. After giving a little background information on the state o...
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Literature's Now and Then
Literature as we know it today is completely different than that of 400 years ago. During the time when Moliere was being criticized by the church for writing Tartuffe, nobody would have ever thought that such grotesque stories such as O'Connor's A Good Man Is Hard To Find would ever be socially accepted. Not only do people...
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The Elements of Style
Foreshadowing, symbolism, and imagery are all elements, which compose style. All are very important; foreshadowing adds suspense, and symbolism contributes to interpretation. Imagery contributes "visual aids" which, also, aid interpretation. In this classic short story, "The Scarlet Ibis," by James Hurst...
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